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Read Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite The Bait Please Chapter 305.4 – Lian Shi’s Origins (3)

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite The Bait Please is a web novel produced by 木子以栖.
This lightnovel is presently ongoing.

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Chapter 305.4: Lian Shi’s Origins (3)

But only she herself knew the best what she held in her own heart.

Isn’t he absolutely disgusted with her? Why then…..

“Why not we execute her with death by a thousand cuts? Using an unbelievably sharp blade to slice the flesh of a person piece by piece should be absolutely fascinating!” The man’s handsome countenance looked so harmless, as his mouth spouted those brutal and cruel blood filled words.

“Death by a thousand cuts. Do you know how painful it would be? Every single slice onto the flesh would make you wish you would die in that instant but can only feel that insufferable and excruciating pain that is so much worse than dying, the sweet release of death coming to you only when the last drop of blood drips out from your body.”

“It is said that only the most exceptional among executors will be able to carry out such a high level form of execution, causing his victim to suffer the most intolerable pain and not die from the torment. Coincidentally, we happen to have people of such capabilities here within the demon race, so why don’t we let everyone here have a chance to widen our horizons today? How about that everyone?”

Just hearing the man describe it was enough for people to imagine just how unimaginably cruel it was, not to mention that it would be inflicted onto a live person. She was such a weak and pet.i.te sized woman, how could she possibly endure that kind of a torment?

“You must be the devil himself!”

“Do you think that you will be able to strike at the G.o.ds race like this? That will just be pure wishful thinking!”

“When one heir dies, the G.o.ds race can very well just groom a second one. All it takes will just be a little more time. Do not think for a moment that by doing this, the G.o.ds race will be humiliated by this!”

“Rest a.s.sured Princess, we will definitely make them pay for all the aggrievement you’ve suffered so you can go in peace as the G.o.ds race will forever remember you!”

….. …..

She could no longer hear all the voices filling up her ears as she had already grown numb to all of it.

“Do you see? It’s just laughable that not a single one among them is sincerely seeking to save you. People of the G.o.ds race are able to proclaim themselves as G.o.ds only because they are better at pretending than the demon race, and are able to hide the filthy rotting hearts under the saintly and holy flesh they cloak themselves with so well.”

The man said softly to the woman beside her.

She really did not know why he would say those words to her. Didn’t he say he would kill her? Why has he still not made any move?

And just as her mind was caught in a chaotic turmoil of thoughts, she suddenly sensed a terrifying power that was filled with unbridled bloodl.u.s.t and resolute and unswerving murder lunging straight towards her, so ferociously quick that she did not even have time to dodge away at all.

And her body just stood there still and unmoving, frozen stiff in place without giving off the slightest bit of temperature.

Because the power she sensed….. was one that felt so highly familiar.


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