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Read Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite The Bait Please Chapter 320.2 – Long Awaited Embrace

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite The Bait Please is a web novel made by 木子以栖.
This webnovel is right now ongoing.

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Chapter 320.2: Long Awaited Embrace

The body of the man clad in all black seemed to be engulfed in an evil menacing aura straight out of h.e.l.l, striking inexplicable fear into people who saw it.

Yan Po’s heart constricted and she berated: “Have you lost your mind? You would dare to strike me! ?”

It would be a lie to say she was not frightened.

Because she knew deep down inside that she would not be Lian Shi’s match, and it was impossible to measure the man’s depth in cultivation.

But everyone throughout the entire Mind Free Peak knew that this man was a person not to be trifled with, and even Sovereign herself was careful with the guy.

Under that genteel sh.e.l.l, was a hidden ferocious beast that had laid dormant for a very long time, but was ready to pounce whenever the opportunity arose.

Seeing the expression on the woman that betrayed the fear she was feeling inside, black clothed Lian Shi laughed scoffingly, his gaze fixed unblinkingly upon the woman as he said: “So what if I do?”

The instant his voice fell, he did not even give Yan Po the chance to take another breath. His voluminous black clothes billowed out as he shot forward at great speed, hurtling over the white blinding snow, like a black demon who suddenly sprouted wings on its back.

“What happened to him?” The expression on Qing Yu’s face was a little surprised.

Why has that man suddenly turned to become hostile against the enemy?

Just a moment ago, hadn’t he acted like it did not concern him whether she was to live or die? But now….. is he standing up for her instead! ?

She was not about to be so full of herself to think he was doing it because of her.

It would seem like that woman’s words just now had agitated him in some way instead.

Seeing that, the white clothed Lian Shi however just laughed softly and then said in a slowly voice: “That man, back when he was still a human, had very strong pride and self esteem. Despite his weak powers, his personality was obstinate, unyielding like a rock, and was extremely vengeful.”

Speaking up till that point, his voice then paused for a moment before he turned towards the panic stricken Yan Po and curved his lips up to say: “That woman must have some kind of a feud with him before, and he had wanted to strike at her for a very long time.”

“But, it looked like he had no intentions of helping me at all just now.” Qing Yu’s hand involuntarily came up to rub at her chin thoughtfully, trying to make sense of the situation. “Moreover, isn’t that woman on the same side as him? Is he really thinking of betraying Ming Yue? ?”

“I don’t think he is thinking that much into it. You see…..” The white clothed Lian Shi said as he cast a thoughtful glance towards the two people battling. “I fear the demonic heart in him would have mutated even more and even if he wanted to hold himself back, it has become something impossible for him to do.”


“The heart in his body was once originally one with me, but exists now in another person’s body. As both of us have appeared at the same time, that demonic heart which originally belonged to me is spiraling out of control and a mere human body will not be able to contain it, which is why it is affecting him like this.”


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