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Chapter 15: Probing
Su Qi Qi sat down beside Mo Wen Chen without looking at Su Meng Ru.
“Who exactly was it, to have the nerve to harm my imperial younger brother.” After three rounds of wine, Mo Wen Xuan spoke in a furious manner and looked straight at Mo Wen Chen.
“We’re currently investigating who it was that had such nerve. How does imperial older brother think we should take care of this?” In contrast, Mo Wen Chen was composed and relaxed. His eyes, carrying a hint of a sneer, leisurely met Mo Wen Xuan’s.
Mo Wen Xuan was stunned for a moment when he was confronted by Mo Wen Chen’s question.
“My dear consort, what do you think? How should we take care of it?” Seeing that Mo Wen Xuan didn’t have an answer, Mo Wen Chen actually turned to Su Qi Qi.
“To plot against the pride of the great Yan nation, the great Yan nation’s guardian saint, is to be an enemy of all the citizens of the great Yan nation, and should be punished by being hunted to death1.” Su Qi Qi also understood. She was being brought out as a chess piece.

(1) 人人得而诛之 – “being hunted to death” It’s not that gruesome, I think. It’s basically a death sentence, except they let it be known that anyone is allowed to kill him.

She must offend one side.
There was no choice.
Su Meng Ru’s complexion darkened some more. She bit her lips and even her charming lotus face turned cold.
She stared at Su Qi Qi with resentful eyes.
After Su Qi Qi spoke, she turned to mind her own business and continued eating, not looking at anyone’s reaction at all.
There was no need to look afterall.
“Good idea, to be hunted to death.” Mo Wen Xuan clenched his teeth. The Imperial Palace had lost the list of ingredients that was used to make the poison, he knew this was Mo Wen Chen’s doing. Right now, everyone was well aware.
Su Qi Qi, this sentence of hers, was clearly showing that she didn’t put any importance on Mo Wen Xuan in her eyes.
“Jie jie, the men are discussing the issues of the kingdom, these things have nothing to do with us. We haven’t seen each other for so long, why don’t we take a walk together.”
Sensing that the atmosphere was off, Su Meng Ru walked to Su Qi Qi’s side and intimately grabbed her arm with a gentle smile.
After slightly glancing at Mo Wen Chen who was besides her, she saw that he didn’t have any particular reactions and understood that she could leave now.
Even though this wasn’t a confrontation on the battlefield, it felt even more frightening than if both sides were waging war.
Leaving with Su Meng Ru, neither of the two spoke a word.
“Is jie jie blaming mei mei2 for s.n.a.t.c.hing the position of Empress.” Su Meng Ru actually opened her mouth first. Her wide glittering eyes that were gazing at Su Qi Qi looked lovely. Her facial features were like a painting, seeming exceptionally enchanting.

(2) 姐姐 – “jie jie” Older sister, can be used to address people not blood related
妹妹 – “mei mei” same except younger sister

This face, there probably doesn’t exist a man in the world that wouldn’t admire it.
“Mei mei is overthinking it, w.a.n.g ye treats jie jie really well.” What could Su Qi Qi say? Blame? Who could she blame.
“Then that’s great.” A streak of light flashed through the depths of Su Meng Ru’s eyes, following which she lowered her head and smiled: “It has been a while since you’ve been married here, are you missing da niang?”
Hearing this, Su Qi Qi didn’t feel that Su Meng Ru was truly concerned about her, because she knew, whatever Su Meng Ru did, there was always a motive behind it.
She didn’t reply. She couldn’t say she missed her, but also couldn’t say that she didn’t miss her.
“Don’t worry, mei mei will, in the presence of His Majesty, put in some good words for you, and have w.a.n.g ye accompany you to Xiang fu to see da niang3. Da niang really misses you……” Su Meng Ru slightly tugged the corners of her mouth into a smile which exuded hints of n.o.bleness and self-confidence.

(3) 大娘 – “da niang” it’s defined as aunt (polite address) but I think in ancient China, it was what the concubine’s children had to call the main wife of a family. As the ‘big mother’.

From childhood till now, she had always been this way.
“Many thanks, mei mei, for taking the trouble.” Su Qi Qi smiled and replied as she deliberated.
Looks like, this is Mo Wen Xuan’s idea.
He’s definitely trying to drive Mo Wen Chen to death.
Here, the sisters walked freely in the w.a.n.g fu. Today, Su Qi Qi was wearing a perfectly red fox fur coat, contrasted against her delicate and pretty face it was much more lovely and even more graceful and elegant.
But it was still incomparable with Su Meng Ru’s white mink fur cloak.
In the Lotus Courtyard.
Mo Wen Xuan held a cup of wine, calmly toasting for the first time towards Mo Wen Chen.
There were no outsiders after all, and they were brothers. Mo Wen Chen also didn’t mind it much.
Not to mention this was the Magnetic Capital, a dragon cannot crush a snake in its own haunt. Even if Mo Wen Xuan wanted to do something, he still must carefully think it over.
Just that the wine Mo Wen Xuan pa.s.sed over spilled all over Mo Wen Chen’s clothes.
Having already antic.i.p.ated this scenario, Mo Wen Chen simply lifted his hands to softly brush it off. Though a trace of a cold light flashed through the depths of his eyes, he soon returned to normal.
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The first attempt at probing left Mo Wen Xuan extremely satisfied.
If it was the past Mo Wen Chen, he definitely would have became agitated already……


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