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Read Black Tech Internet Cafe System 435 Playing With The Communication Jade Firs

Black Tech Internet Cafe System is a web novel completed by The Leaf That Goes Against Water, 逆水之叶.
This lightnovel is currently Ongoing.

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On the Heavenly Academy’s huge Sky-Patrolling Spiritual s.h.i.+p stood all the young cultivators and warriors from all over the place who were here to partic.i.p.ate in the academy exam.

Yes, there were some warriors among them.

In the long history of the continent, a few ultimate warrior masters had appeared, and their names were engraved in the history books. Once, an ultimate genius turned from a cultivator to a warrior and finally became the Lord of Emperor Warriors—he had come from Heavenly Academy.

Besides Jiang Xiaoyue, there were other demons who looked unlike normal humans; they traveled here from distant places to seek Dao.

All kinds of people could be seen here.

This was the Heavenly Academy.

A middle-aged man wearing a black robe stood on the deck in front of the crowd. His grey hair was coiled into a bun at the top of his head, pinned by a wooden pin, and he looked like a disheveled Daoist.

The other was a silver-haired middle-aged woman wearing a white robe; she looked to be about 40 years old.

“I think you all understand the rules of this academy exam!” the middle-aged man said, “If you have no objections, you can now fly off the spiritual s.h.i.+p and enter the spiritual mountains. You must reach the academy gate by the end of the seventh day. You will be disqualified if you can’t reach the gate by that time even if you obtained many treasures!”

“How difficult can it be?!” A voice sounded, and the person jumped off the spiritual s.h.i.+p.

Then, spiritual lights shot out of the spiritual s.h.i.+p like flower petals scattered down the sky by a fairy.

“Let’s land on Cloud-Hacking Mountain over there!”

“Here! It’s said that the Ethereal Summit has lots of good stuff!”

“Junior Master Xun, shall we go to the White Cloud Hill?”


In Mr. Fang’s shop, a big white deer finished its milk tea and lounged on a couch, feeling aimless after losing the job as a mount.

Suddenly, shadows appeared before the entrance.

For the first time, the shop was graced by new players.

“Where’s Xiaoyue?” Jiang Xuan strode into the shop followed by a group of people; some looked tough and wore armor while others had furry ears. Jiang Xuan looked around. “Where’s the shop owner?”

The big white deer who had been calmly lounging on a couch s.h.i.+vered in fear and dropped onto the ground. “Your… Highness?! Princess Her Highness has gone to take the academy exam!”

“Please get up!” Jiang Xuan waved his hand casually. “You don’t have to be so formal in the shop. It’s inconvenient!”

“Ugh… Boss…” Li Wuya walked up. “Boss is out. What do you want to play? We have the Legend of the Sword and Fairy 3; it’s super fun!”

Then, he immediately corrected himself, “It’s super helpful for cultivation!”

“I understand!” Jiang Xuan thought for a moment, remembering that all the old players expressed themselves this way in the internet café.

“I’m an old driver! Get me milk tea and instant noodles!” Jiang Xuan yelled.

“!!??” Li Wuya and Li Xin’er froze.

What is an old driver?!

“Zhen Yan! Xue Ming! Go and pour a few cups of milk tea!” Seeing the puzzlement on the clerks’ faces, Jiang Xuan was a bit embarra.s.sed, wondering if he had got the wrong words.


He had only gotten to the part of Jade Dynasty where Biyao died and was eager to watch the rest!

He took a seat and put on the virtual reality headset before clicking open Jade Dynasty and beginning to watch intently.

“Sir…” Li Wujia’s face twitched while he said, “Don’t you want to try our new game, the Legend of the Sword and Fairy 3?”

“I… I want to try it!” A big white deer walked over with a handful of crystals in its mouth.

“Are… Are they enough?!” It yelled like a toddler who was just learning how to speak and shook the storage bag on its back. “If not, I… I have more!”

It sounded as if it was still practicing the human language.

“…” It had drank milk tea, and now it even wanted to play the game?!

The two employees exchanged a look, wondering what kind of demons had come to visit the shop while the shop owner was out!

As members of a small family, they were shocked by the strange developments.

“Yohahahaha! This is so fun! It’s very helpful for my transformation into the human form!” Since the princess didn’t need her to be the mount today, the deer decided to take the opportunity to play the game.

The two shop clerks felt like crying, wondering what was happening.

Boss! Please come back! Can we really let this thing play?

However, Mr. Fang was quite busy now.

Meanwhile, the cultivators in Jiuhua City and Half City widened their eyes when they saw the message in the group chat. “F*ck! Where’s this place?!”

A photo was posted in the group, showing a dense forest with an abundance of spiritual essence. Obviously, someone had taken a selfie, and there was also a pretty girl wearing a blue long dress beside her.

“Look at the bottom on the right! They are seven-leaf flowers!”

“Look at the left! That’s a thousand-year-old Moonlight Gra.s.s!”

“Dang! Dang! Dang!” Smug, Jiang Xiaoyue pulled out QQ Interface on her new communication jade. The new communication jade newly developed by the Wuwei Daoist Alliance couldn’t contain things that were too complicated, but it contained QQ. After downloading QQ, they could transfer the QQ messages into data supported by spiritual essence on the communication jade. 

In this way, the users just needed to connect QQ on the communication jade to the internet café in Yuanyang City.

Of course, it would take the cultivators many years to develop their own APPs as in the real smartphones.

She took a picture of herself with a victory hand and posted, [Now, I’m on Cloud-Hacking Mountain outside the Heavenly Academy!]

Soon, a picture of the cute Jiang Xiaoyue appeared in the Legend of the Sword and Fairy Communication Group.

“Sister Lanruo, let’s take a selfie and send it to the group chat, okay?” 

Li Lanruo was dazed. You promised that you would bring me to victory! But now?! You are playing with the communication jade and taking selfies?!

If the Old Academy Master knew about it, he might become so angry that he would forbid playing with communication jade during the exam.

The big white deer was still playing games.

Without any knowledge about games, it just played blindly; it played an online game instead of a single-player game.

On the screen, a female wizard wearing cotton clothes stood there with a small wooden sword in her hand.

Several warriors stood in front of her.

A tough voice came from the Jiuhua Army Channel, “Guys, what are you doing in the newbie village?”

“We’re teaching a girl how to play the game! You know what? This girl is super cute! She speaks like a toddler and is cuter than my own little sister!”

“What?! There are girls in the game?!” A warrior hacked the monster before him and said in excitement.

“Yohahahaha! You guys are so awesome!” A little wizard named Lu Xiaoxian looked pleased with a wooden sword in her hand.



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