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Chapter 671: I Control My Destiny and Not the Heavens! The Grandest Eulogy of Humans!

Translator: Noodletown Translations  Editor: Noodletown Translations

From the perspective of the Ninth Heaven Mystic Fairy, the Qionghua Faction had turned evil in their minds, and the Heavenly Dao wouldn’t allow such evil people to ascend and become immortals.

However, Xuan Xiao thought that the Heavenly Dao was only an excuse of the G.o.d Realm. How could one word from the G.o.d Realm decide the fate of mortals?

“Heaven is above me, so I respect it. However, if the G.o.d Realm wants to push me around, you can keep on dreaming!”

The Ninth Heaven Mystic Fairy’s voice remained mild, “Ignorant mortals think that their lives are as tiny as weeds and regard the G.o.ds and immortals as lofty beings. However, you don’t understand the rules of the Heavenly Dao. Even G.o.ds and immortals have to follow the Mandate of Heaven.”

The Qionghua Faction Chief Su Yao murmured, “Mandate of Heaven. Do you mean that the dream which the Qionghua Faction had pursued for generations is just a fabricated fantasy?!”

“But… our faction removed demons and protected the humans in the world. All our deeds are evil instead of virtuous?”

The Ninth Heaven Mystic Fairy answered her in a cold voice, “Humans and demons are not born with goodness or evilness in them. If the demons don’t do evil things, why should you kill them? The Qionghua Faction slaughtered the demon realm due to greediness, which makes it no different from the evil devils!”

Su Yao’s heart turned cold. On top of her, everyone in the Qionghua Faction including Murong Ziying also turned cold inside.

Eliminating devils and killing demons. The faith that the members of the Qionghua Faction had held for generations was a joke in others’ eyes!

However, they had stuck to and fought for their goal with self-righteousness for generations.

Humans were tiny and ignorant. The Qionghua Faction had explored and advanced in the darkness for generations and finally came to this stage where they could ascend as a whole; they were only one step away from becoming an immortal faction!

However, everything fell apart at this moment.

Seeing this scene, everyone was touched by an inexplicable feeling.

20 years ago, Yun Tianqing and Su Yu stopped the process of ascendance and blocked the mission.

If this mission wasn’t stopped, the ascendance would have failed anyway, and the whole faction would have been destroyed.

20 years later, Yun Tianhe tried to stop the ascendance. If he succeeded, the faction would continue its pursuit in another cycle of 19 years.

However, if Yun Tianhe failed, the Qionghua Faction would still be destroyed.

It seemed like an invisible force in the world had been leading Qionghua to its destruction. The two earth-shaking artifacts were the ultimate products of the artifact-making for cultivators, and the ascendance of a whole faction was probably the most glorious thing in human history.

Even the players had looked awed and envious when they heard about this great faction at the beginning of the game.

Many generations of people of the Qionghua Faction poured all their energies and efforts in this dream, but no one had known that it would be the cause of the faction’s destruction since the beginning!

Perhaps this was the vague and ethereal fate and destiny.

In the Legend of Sword and Fairy 4, the final enemy was neither Xuan Xiao nor anyone else. The enemy was the unfathomable Mandate of Heaven!

The heavenly fire was about to fall.

“When the heavenly fire falls, it will strike down the Qionghua Faction. But what about the people at the foot of the mountain? Will they all die…?” Yun Tianhe yelled out his question on the screen.

“I… I want to save them,” Yun Tianhe said.

There were too many powerless moments in one’s destiny. Perhaps just as Murong Ziying said, “Everything in life including birth, aging, sickness, and death has been prearranged by the Heavens… We’re humans; how can we fight with the Heavens?”

Along the way, Yun Tianhe had experienced many things and found that he could do nothing to stop Liu Mengli’s departure or Han Lingsha’s imminent demise. Now he couldn’t even save the lives of the people in Crescent Village.

“Perhaps you haven’t seen enough suffering in the world and think that everyone can solve their problems with their own power.” The G.o.dly dragon’s words replayed by Yun Tianhe’s ears, and he suddenly understood that there were so many regrets and powerlessness in life.

This was destiny.

“You can’t work against the Heaven’s will,” the Ninth Heaven Mystic Fairy said.

Xuan Xiao laughed in anger. “‘No wonder people say that ‘the Heavenly Dao is indifferent to all, and all creatures are considered straw dogs’. You are indeed merciless and cold and would kill without caring if it’s fair.”

The Ninth Heaven Mystic Fairy’s voice still sounded cold, “The Heavenly Dao is indifferent means that the G.o.ds and Heavenly Dao regard everything fairly. However, you misunderstood its meaning by so much.”

“It’s shameful that the Heavenly Dao acts in such a way!” Xuan Xiao laughed wildly as if he was a maniac. “I, Xuan Xiao, swear today with my life that since the Heaven Dao rejected me, I’d rather become a devil!”

Everyone saw the ice and fire elemental murderous energy around Xuan Xiao growing even darker and gloomier until they turned into a chilly and horrifying devilish energy!

Thunders boomed and lightning bolts flashed in the sky as if they were venting endless fury.

The lightning bolts danced like snakes in the sky, and the stars fell down, shaking the earth as if the Heavenly Dao was eager to instantly kill this devil.

Xuan Xiao’s determination and madness deeply shocked everyone.

They saw him turning into a devil under the tremendous pressure of destiny.

The stunning despair that Xuan Xiao showed stirred and saddened everyone, creating the most tragic song.

When Xuan Xiao was stuck in the bottleneck of cultivation with the dual swords, he didn’t give up. When he obtained some progress and mutated his meridians, he didn’t give up. When he lost w.a.n.gshu Sword and suffered from being burned by flames day and night, he didn’t give up. He had borne all the pain just for today.

The maniac figure under the gloomy sky and the flas.h.i.+ng lightning bolts was printed into everyone’s mind as if he was the only person to do so.

This was the Mandate of Heaven.

Xuan Xiao’s roars which stated that he would one day kill his way to the G.o.dly Realm and his howls that contained endless fury hammered on everyone’s heart with vicious force.

As a new-born devil, Xuan Xiao was naturally no match for the Ninth Heaven Mystic Fairy. What he got was endless imprisonment in the East Ocean Whirlpool.

20 years of burning in fire was nothing compared with the terrifying fate that awaited him.

No one made a sound. Everyone watching the scene was deadly silent and terrifyingly pale.

The Ninth Heaven Mystic Fairy was about to leave when Yun Tianhe yelled, “Wait! You haven’t told me how to save those people at the foot of the mountain yet!”

Was it truly impossible to disobey the Mandate of Heaven? Could he make a small change? A tiny small change?

“You said that everything in the world is part of the Heavenly Dao, then humans are part of the Heavenly Dao too, right? Then, why can’t humans decide our own destiny?” Yun Tianhe was ignorant of the worldly things due to his young age and inexperience, but he was more intelligent than ordinary people. “Then… I control my destiny and not the Heavens!”

What was the purpose of cultivation? What were cultivators? The elves and knights in the Nora Continent didn’t understand it.

Even the cultivators and warriors on the Continent of Immortal Relics only had vague answers to these questions.

The Shu Mountain Faction only cared only about the humans in the world and didn’t pursue for Immortal Dao.

Jing Tian was the reincarnation of an immortal general and didn’t care to ascend or become an immortal.

Under the strike of the blazing heavenly fire, Qionghua fell from the sky like a burning sun. At this moment, the whole world seemed to be roasting by this sun as if it was the end of the world!

At the foot of the mountain, people saw Yun Tianhe pulling out the arrow and drawing the bow, and they felt like they had gone back to the distant ancient time and saw the figure who shot down nine suns.

Here, a group of mortals wanted to control their own destinies!

Being born as immortals and G.o.ds with special gifts and talents wasn’t something to be proud of.

In contrast, these mortals, the dust in the six realms as called by the G.o.dly dragon, and the weak ants in Gou Mang’s eyes, were admirable and touching since they dared to do the impossible.

Everyone in the audience was also mortals and knew that many things were out of their control.

At this moment, they began to understand the true meaning of being a cultivator.

Cultivators were a group of people who tried to control their own destinies.

Then, they watched as Yun Tianhe drew the bow and shot the arrow toward the blazing heavenly fire and the Qionghua Faction which were falling from the sky.

At this moment, a mortal issued a brave challenge to destiny and the Mandate of Heaven!

At this moment, everyone stood up from their seats subconsciously.

Now, all the elves and knights felt their eyes turning moist as sudden understanding dawned on them. There are such people!

They felt like a voice was yelling in their minds, and their hearts trembled; they had never felt so stunned and thrilled before.

This spirit and this courage of challenging things beyond one’s power formed the most epic tale in human history!


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