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Chapter 737: The Secrets from the Ancient Times

Translator: Noodletown Translations  Editor: Noodletown Translations

At the border of the Lianshan Princ.i.p.ality, more than half of the masters from all over the Nora Continent gathered.

Yes, perhaps it was the first time in the history of the whole continent that they had gathered together so orderly.

Of course, so many masters of the continent could gather here so fast since they had been prepared for this moment.

Despite the suddenness of the attack, the influential figures on this continent were not completely caught off guard.

There were altogether 13 saint-level masters, including Sword Saint Clause who was sent here by the Radiant Light G.o.dly Nation, the Nation-Protecting Sword Saint of the Morning Light Empire Wilson, and World Mage Hematon.

Nation-Protecting Sword Saint Wilson was a grey-haired middle-aged man with dignity and aristocratic elegance. He was probably the saint-level master living closest to Mr. Fang; Canglan City was in his territory. He would occasionally read and handle official doc.u.ments in the quiet study room in the castle in Canglan City. As the most talented genius in the Morning Light Empire, he was married into the Hymia Family, which was regarded as a shame on his knightly honor by many people. Therefore, few people knew that the empire’s sword saint had a daughter in the Golden Griffin Knight Legion, a second or even third-tier knight legion.

As the top masters on the whole continent, they seldom paid attention to information about workshops or mystical realms since those things were meaningless on this level.

Standing on the right of these people was a middle-aged man dressed in a dark brown mage’s robe, and his beard was short and unshaven. No one would think that this disheveled middle-aged mage was in fact the current leader of the World Magic Union.

On his right stood a woman dressed in a robe with dark golden patterns. Under the hood of her cloak revealed fiery red lips and an exquisite chin. On her chest of her robe was an exquisite embroidered logo of the Alchemist Union.

Or course, there were also people from places believing in other G.o.ds. For example, the Frost Nation believed in the G.o.d of Ice of the Bitterwinter G.o.dly Palace. The imposing man dressed in the thick fur coat and holding a scepter inlaid with a precious gem came from this place.

Although they were not as famous as the Judgement G.o.dly Palace, there were still saint-level masters in these places.

Apart from them, there were other people with dignified middle-aged faces or ancient weathered faces. They stood proudly on the city wall, casting deep or proud gazes into the distance while their robes flapped in the wind. They had enough reasons to be proud since each of them was among the ultimate pride of the humans in this world.

They formed the strongest line of defense.

These masters had the best magic legions at their command, and they had the most elite knights charging for them while lifting swords high in the air.

On the opposite side of them.

In the distant sky, a figure moved closer and closer. Dressed in a black cloak, it looked extremely tall and thin. Inside the cloak, there seemed to be a deep vortex which could suck in people’s souls.

“What did you find?” The existence sitting on the Shadow Demon Dragon finally spoke, and its voice sounded dry and hoa.r.s.e as if rocks were grating on the ground.

“No.” They seemed to be searching for something and didn’t spare much attention to the ultimate masters among humans who were before them.

Meanwhile, in the high broken cliff at Heavenly Abyss Sea in another world.

Cold rain kept falling, and ocean waves surged up and crashed onto the reefs on the sh.o.r.e.

In the chilly rain, a tall figure enveloped in a black robe slowly pulled up the hood which covered his face all-year round.

It revealed a face that seemed to be as dry as that of a zombie, but this man’s face didn’t rot. Instead, it had gradually turned black and began to fill up.

Also, this man’s forehead bulged a little as if demonic horns were growing out.

“Have you confirmed?” He asked.

Behind him was a slim and curvy figure. The hem of the long black silk dress fluttered in the gusts like the waves in the Heavenly Abyss Sea. Her face was white as if there wasn’t a drop of blood in it, but the demonic presence in her body felt more powerful and more contained.

“I’ve confirmed it. The person who possesses the pair of Dao-pupils is now working in Half City…”

“They have a reason to call the Dao-pupils the divinity fragments… what a pity.”

“It’s a pity that we don’t need this pair of pupils now,” the woman said mildly.

They couldn’t afford to have them anyway.

“I meant it is a pity that I have a fine demonic bloodline, but others call me ‘Uncle Black’ and ‘Sea Urchin Warrior’…”

Their faces twitched. “It’s indeed a problem.”

Several figures hovered in the dark high sky. The figure standing on the left of the Shadow Demon Dragon had a weird twisted face, which showed that it was definitely not a human.

The huge figure hovering on the right had strange hooves, and its robust body contained a force so terrifying that it couldn’t be suppressed and spilled out uncontrollably. Black storms and lightning flashes could be seen around its body.

Then, the figure sitting on the demon dragon lifted its huge sword and let out a soundless roar.

The sky and the land, even the whole world, seemed to have been plunged into dark shadow.

“Fire!” With a hoa.r.s.e roar, several horrifying light beams tore open the sky and pulled open the curtain of the war. From the sky and the ground, a black flood crashed onto the protective magic s.h.i.+eld around the fortress-like city.

Meanwhile, the ultimate existences on the continent, the Royal Palace of the Elf Clan, the Sky Fortress of the Dwarf Clan, the Radiant Light G.o.dly Nation, and the Judgement G.o.dly Palace were all watching the war closely.

Even some magic forums were flooded with comments about this war.

After all, this wasn’t a war that everyone could partic.i.p.ate in.

It was why the discussions on some magic forum were even more heated.

For example, on the biggest magic forum named ‘Eye of Mystical Realms’, there were over 100,000 posts about this war.

[Don’t worry. We have masters to defend us. Even if the sky falls, they will be the first to bear its weight.]

[I’ve moved to the south; I’m sure that the war can’t come this far.]

[Hehe. I’m now in the Radiant Light G.o.dly Nation as a manager of the Crystal Workshop. The Workshop sent me to work in the Capital of Radiant Light G.o.dly Empire. Yesterday, I even visited Master Lywood.] The mage dressed in a mage’s robe with star patterns was active in the discussions while sitting in his alchemy room.

Then, he posted a spiritual spell visual image, showing magnificent buildings in the aristocratic zone. On the wide and clean street, a luxurious carriage drove forward swiftly. [I even saw Her Highness the Princess on an outing.]


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