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Chapter 754 Mr. Fang Got Seen Through?!

“What’s happening?!” Sword Saint Claus and the others looked horrified.

In the Spiritual Spell Visual Projection, the previous level 7 young man now seemed to have changed into another person under the black sword that was engulfed with blazing flames.

This person had a tough body, and the vast amount of blinding platinum energy was so full that it seemed like it was leaking out from his chest. Also, the red windbreaker seemed to have grown into his body like scales, the orange glints flashed in his eyes behind the crimson mask.

“This… this?!” Even the arrogant World Mage Hematon was so astonished that he was at a loss for words.

Elf Queen Kellybel covered her wide-open mouth with her snow-white and slender hand; her chin almost hit the ground.

At this moment, Dwarf King Saladin’s eyes almost popped out of their sockets.

“What’s this?” As the second-in-command of the Judgement G.o.dly Palace, St. Dulan asked in a chilly voice.

If players in the Continent of Immortal Relic were here, they would recognize that this figure was the demonified Dante from Devil May Cry!

At this moment, everyone who was staring at the Spiritual Spell Visual Projection at the Nations Summit saw a black figure appearing behind Fang Qi.

One edge of the black cloak flew up in the howling gusts, revealing the demonic and distorted face of the Master of Sorrow Mark under the hood.

A black sickle that contained endless hatred and furious roars of dead spirits slashed at Fang Qi’s neck silently.

Containing an extremely inauspicious presence, this blade seemed to be able to harvest people’s souls. Without question, anyone who was struck by this blade wouldn’t be able to enter the next life cycle.


However, in the next instant, a crisp noise sounded; it seemed like two pieces of metal collided. Fang Qi’s other hand sheathed in another gauntlet blocked the attack steadily.

It looked as if this strike was an attack from an average person!

The second strike came less than one second after the first one, and everything happened in a flash. On the vast snow mountain, the Death Lord and the Master of Sorrow, two ultimate masters, fought against one opponent but couldn’t put a scratch on the latter!

“Did you see it clearly?!” World Mage Hematon tightly gripped his staff.

“A special energy formed a huge energy impulse on the surface of his body when the strikes touched him. The attacks were countered, and the energy got absorbed…” Princess Isabella stared at the Spiritual Spell Visual Projection intently while she explained, “This all happened in the instant when the attacks made contact with his body.”

Sword Saint Claus swallowed his saliva with difficulty while a drop of cold sweat slid to the ground.

Is this something that a human can achieve?!

The Death Lord and the Master of Sorrow’s faces instantly turned stiff and cold.

These two retreated, and the remaining saint-level masters of the Shadow Legion charged at Fang Qi, trying to overwhelm him with powerful attacks and not giving him the chance to breathe.

Figures transformed into pitch-black shadows one by one while their weapons struck down like black lightning bolts.

Then, the viewers at the Nations Summit saw this figure before them flas.h.i.+ng strangely like a ghost.

All the attacks narrowly missed him!

Sword Saint Claus rubbed his eyes subconsciously, afraid that he saw it wrong.

“How could it be?!”

“What the heck just happened?!”

“Did they miss the target?” Sword Saint Claus said while different expressions flashed on his face.

“Using extremely high speed, he s.h.i.+fted his body and dodged all the attacks at the last moment before they touched his body…!” Princess Isabella tightened her grip on the armrests of her throne, and she didn’t notice that she had shattered the exquisite crystal-like armrests into dust.

Before the first wave of attacks finished, another way of attacks appeared. The few remaining mages gathered tremendous magic energy before them, and it looked to be able to destroy anything and shot toward Fang Qi like a cannon ball.

“Let’s see how you dodge that!”

Suddenly, they saw a blinding white light beam shooting out from the destructive magic light!

It let out an ear-grating metal sound!

Death Lord Dras only had time to hold its huge sword before its body to block.


The audience stared at the Spiritual Spell Visual Projection without blinking. They weren’t sure when, but the powerful mages and warriors of the Shadow Legion all lost half of their bodies before instantly dropping to the ground.

Even the powerful Dras was instantly sent flying! Deadly silence permeated the s.p.a.ce.

It was silent both in the place where Fang Qi stood and at the Nations Summit.

How could such a person exist in the world?!

Even though only a few elites are left in the Shadow Legion, he had handled all of them by himself? Is he… really a human?!

At this moment, only Fang Qi’s voice could be heard. “You want to kill your hostage after the failed kidnap attempt?”

“!!??” Hearing his voice, St. Dulan, World Mage Hematon, and Sword Saint Claus exchange a look of alarm.

They had a faint feeling that they had heard of this voice and tone somewhere before!

While they were thinking, the last few beginning stage saint-level warriors charged at Fang Qi.

The battle was not over yet.

A huge dark purple sword suddenly appeared in Fang Qi’s hands. The sword was heavy, and it had a weird vertical eye on the ridge of the sword.

At this moment, everyone was astonished to find that he seemed to cast out another figure.

The moment that these enemies were about ten meters from Fang Qi – Tombstone


[TL Note: Tombstone Triangle is a high-level skill of the Soul Bender in Dungeon Fighter Online.]

Three ancient dark-purple tombstones with inscriptions on them suddenly fell from the sky, and a strange dark-purple array spread around the warriors’ feet.

A chilly and desolate sensation from the ancient times engulfed them.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The purple shadow energy instantly swallowed everything it touched!


In the thick dust, the audience saw Fang Qi suddenly making a move of drawing his saber.

With a deep sword cry, a sword beam swept across the whole s.p.a.ce with a whistling sound.

The distant mountain peak was instantly chopped off, and a flat ground appeared!



A series of noises resonated in the area, and it sounded like many things dropped to the ground. Everyone except the Death Lord and the Master of Sorrow dropped onto the battleground when Fang Qi returned to his previous state.

Only a mere ten seconds had pa.s.sed since the battle began!

At the Nations Summit, St. Dulan and others had a strange horrifying expression flas.h.i.+ng across their faces while they watched the young man, who appeared to be lower than level 8, on the Spiritual Spell Visual Projection!

“Is he from the East Continent…? The East Continent… has such a master?!” At the Nations Summit, a saint-level master gasped.

Meanwhile, the people who had watched the battle at the Continent of Immortal Relic in St. Heinz’s palace suddenly s.h.i.+vered.

The East Continent…!? “Is it him?!”

“The synchronization time has reached the limit…” Mr. Fang looked at his synchronization time and then at the Death Lord and the Master of Sorrow while deeply inhaling.

He had never synchronized with several characters repeatedly before.

“Has he reached the limit?” With chilliness in his eyes, St. Dulan thought that he had seen through this young man’s tricks.

If things were as he had expected, then this young man’s abilities were not too high.

Meanwhile, the Death Lord and the Master of Sorrow also seemed to see it.

“What a pity,” the Death Lord said in a cold voice as he walked out from the shambles created by the distant collapsed mountain.

“No wonder you didn’t attack during the whole war. You were just bluffing.” The Master of Sorrow’s face became even more twisted. “You are just an ant! You even made me afraid a moment ago. Do you know what crime you’ve committed?!

“When I catch you, I’ll slowly burn your soul in the Flames of Pain for 1,000, no, 10,000 years. You’ll forever feel the pain of your burning soul.”

“Uh-um.” Mr. Fang inhaled deeply and lit a cigarette.

On the System Interface, it showed the G.o.dly weapon fragment – Kusanagi Sword.

[Synchronization Character: Orochi]


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