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Bleach System Within Bleach is a web novel made by Seion.
This lightnovel is presently ongoing.

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at 21st of April 2020 11:20:09 AM

Chapter 689
Just as Sora and Ichigo were having their little chat while casually walking towards the Soul Society as if nothing happens or more like as if everything happening around them was of no concern to them, in Hueco Mundo a door opened in the dark sky while four figures pa.s.sed through . . .

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They didn’t even manage to utter a word as the sight that got in their views was beyond what they could imagine . . .

The endless desert was filled with nothing but holes, burned areas and countless dead bodies that started crumbling away slowly . . .

Yukio: “What the h.e.l.l happened here??”

Jackie: “It’s completely different from the Human World . . . “

Giriko: “It looks like as if an army crossed here killing everything in their path . . . “

C . Sora remained silent as he gazed towards the far Horizon where could of smoke could barely be seen . . .

If he remembers correctly from the Letters that came through in this expedition of conquering this time were the following . . .

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“L – The Love . . . PePe Waccabrada, M – The Miracle . . . Gerard Valkyrie, N – The Needle . . . Robert, O – The Overkill . . . Driscoll Berci, P – The Power . . . Meninas McAllon, Q – The Question . . . Berenice Gabrielli, R – The Roar which was Riruka and finally the S – The Superstar . . . Mask De Masculine . “

From those Pepe could control others with his Love creating an army, Berci could power up himself through constant killing and of course, Riruka could create monsters with her Fullbring . . .

Add all those in factors, it wasn’t wrong to a.s.sume that they did raise an army that had the elements of friendly fire, as hollows attacked their own kind . . .

It suddenly crossed his mind what would happen if Pepe took control of Grimmjaw or Harribel or her goons possible those three . . .

Wouldn’t that make the fight that much harder??

Without wasting any more time he used his flash step and started moving forward towards Las Noches where Harribel was staying . . .

Yukio and co followed him after they realised he rushed ahead and noticed that while he was moving he was also killing hidden enemies through the sand . . .

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As he was flash stepping forward, Sora noticed many small hollows waiting to ambush him as they tried to fire Ceros at him . . .

Unfortunately, they only ended up getting split in half as he had summoned his blades and made them invincible around him so that no one could see them . . .

On the currently rebuild castle that was the territory of Harribel as she was officially the N . 1 Espada with Gr.i.m.j.a.w following behind her as the N . 2 sounds of clashing weapons could be heard . . .

Both of them were in their release first form as they were fighting against a horde of small fries mixed with attacks of their own calibre . . .

Grimmjow: “This is getting annoying . . . “

Grimmjow: “Oh Harribel, how long are you going to fight with your goons . . . “

Harribel: “And how long are you gonna take to defeat that bald ugly man that forced us into this situation . . . “

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Mila Rose: “Harribel-sama, dodge!!!!”

??? : “Hmmm . . . It seems like my love is not strong enough as they can still worry for their previous owner . . . “

??? : “Hahahaha, Pepe this is a disgrace to you . . . “

Pepe: “Will you shut it, Berci . . . “

Berci: “Wait till I kill them all . . . “

Apacci: “Kill your a.s.s!!!!”

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Remove Ads?Sun Sun: “You will never win!!! And even if you do somehow defeat us he will make you wish you were dead . . . “

Pepe: “Oh?? Is this what the power of her lover will do?? Kill us??”

??? : “Unfortunately this won’t happen as Sora is busy defending the Human World . . . “

Apacci: “And who are you, to know so well about him been busy . . . ??”

??? : “Me?? My name is not that important . . . “

??? : “However despite all the difficulties he will face with the power of Love, he might create a miracle . . . “

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