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Read Blood Moon Hunters Chapter 146 A Trial To Test Primordial Spiri

Blood Moon Hunters is a web novel produced by Mang Guo Suan Nai Bing, 芒果酸奶冰.
This webnovel is presently ongoing.

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Read WebNovel Blood Moon Hunters Chapter 146 A Trial To Test Primordial Spiri

tThe Gates of h.e.l.l, the end of the sixth zone.

“Does this picture really contain the Taoism power of the Queen Mother of the West?”

Everyone was staring up at the picture. It was really big, bigger than the roc they saw before. It was engraved with all kinds of celestial beasts. They were all worshiping a graceful and n.o.ble woman.

Although the woman dressed like a normal person, it was easy to recognize that she was the Queen Mother of the West. She was incomparably beautiful, and at the same time, had a temperament of the motherly model of the nation. There was an oldest immortal peach tree beside her.

Surrounded by all the creatures, she was in the top of the picture. Her beautiful and deep eyes were overlooking the beings. The entire picture was vivid, demonstrating a prosperous cultivation year.

“The picture is not fully activated yet, and it needs to be watched by the power of primordial spirit,” the demonic soul slowly uttered.

The demonic soul nodded and said, “Yes. But remember, the Taoism power of the picture is very strong. If your primordial spirit is hurt as soon as you watch it, stop immediately!”

“Be careful when your primordial spirit is under the test. Once you’re hurt, stop watching it at once! This is not a common trial. So many prodigies have died here since ancient times.”

“I became the present me because I was arrogant. Half of my primordial spirit was destroyed out of my watching the Queen Mother of the West for a long time. If it wasn’t for her sympathy, I would have died. So, don’t aggrandize yourself!”

His words surprised everyone. The picture could even kill such an ancient demon! How powerful was it!?

Everyone began to fear, but they still wanted to see it, because of their curiosity, as well as their intention to strengthen their primordial spirit. After the Sage Realm, if one wanted to improve his cultivation base, he must raise his primordial spirit meanwhile.

“Okay. This matter should not be delayed, and let’s start the trial now!” w.a.n.g Bugui walked to the picture first.

The other geniuses looked at each other and walked forward one after another. They were the pillars of the future cultivation world, and they certainly wouldn’t refuse the opportunity to improve themselves.

And as the genius of their sect, although they couldn’t match w.a.n.g Bugui, Leng Yueyan, and Ning Zhe, they wouldn’t lose to the rest of the geniuses. They had the heart of comparison.

The picture was obviously the best way to compare their strengths. They all clenched their fists, and moved forward with firm steps. Everyone wanted to see who was stronger.


A golden light was released from w.a.n.g Bugui’s Shen Tang, and a small golden man who was exactly the same as him was striding out. It slowly moved forward, and the picture also began to shine.

Then all the geniuses followed to summon out their primordial spirit men to watch the picture, or explore it with their primordial spirit power first.

After a short while, even the sect leaders began to observe the picture. After all, this was also a rare experience for them. These people had been trapped in the current realm for hundreds of years, unable to break through.

Except for the demonic soul, his primordial spirit was already broken, so to watch the picture of the Queen Mother of the West was useless to him. Moreover, he didn’t want to take risks. He started to wait quietly on the side. For a time, more than a dozen beams of primordial spirit power rushed to the picture altogether.


Some of them shouted as soon as their primordial spirit power touched the picture. And the scene that everyone saw was even more terrifying. It seemed all the creatures in the picture were alive.

Their primordial spirit was transmitted to the world in the picture. All the demonic beasts and divine beasts were gathered together in the Kunlun Mountain. They solemnly walked to the Jade Lake of the Queen Mother of the West. Under the largest peach tree sat sideways a graceful woman.

Countless peach flowers were dancing in the air. The soft gra.s.s bed was also covered with crystal peach blossoms. The s.p.a.ce was filled with the intoxicating fragrance. The very dignified woman under the tree was exactly the Queen Mother of the West.

People couldn’t see her appearance, but they were told in subconscious that she was a beautiful woman. She was not a human, but she could transform into a human shape. Everyone who saw her would have a good impression on her subconsciously.

Around her, all the beasts were worshiping her, even including the n.o.blest beasts, such as the real dragons and the immortal phoenixes.

Gaining the respect of all the beasts showed that both her strength and prestige were very powerful. The cultivators suffered an extremely powerful pressure, even if they were standing on the outermost periphery.

They only felt a violent pain in their primordial spirit, as if their primordial spirit would be broken at any time. At this time, w.a.n.g Bugui and the three Big Capables still continued to move forward, followed by Leng Yueyan and Ning Zhe.

Their speed was very slow, because the pressure changed a lot as they moved forward and they dared not to be rushed. Then the members of the Blood Moon Hunters followed to move slowly. Feng Tianming was not willing to show weakness as well.

Lu Qianchen also gritted his teeth and struggled forward. The three fairies of the Palace of Hundred Flowers looked at each other and chose to move forward to challenge their own limits. The more they persisted, the more they would gain.

The other sect leaders had also walked a long way. Such a scene activated the remaining geniuses. They all began to step forward hard. Every step of them was very heavy. The Taoism power to suppress primordial spirit was too strong.

There was still a long distance from them to the peach tree at the end of Jade Lake. Along the way, the beasts would raise their heads to see them. And every gaze would add a bit more pressure on them.


Suddenly, when they had walked a tenth of the whole way, Wu Kuang’s primordial spirit was cracked. So was Lin Yang who was a few steps ahead of him. Even so, the two still clenched their teeth to continue to move on.

But after the cracks on their primordial spirit, the pressure they felt suddenly increased several times. A dozen steps later, there were dozens of cracks emerging on their primordial spirit. Helpless, they could only choose to quit.


In the outside world, the two’s primordial spirit was beaten back to their Shen Tang, and then they vomited a lot of blood and fell to the ground. Their Shen Tang got dimmed a little, and with dozens of horrible scars, it began to bleed.

“Not everyone can get over such a trial. You know when to withdraw decisively, which is also a kind of growth.” The demonic soul slowly uttered.


Wu Kuang and Lin Yang made a long sigh. It seemed that they left far behind by their fellow of the same generation.


Soon later, some primordial spirit was beaten back as well. The three sect leaders of Crazy Saber Sect, Zhenyang Sect, and Lingwu Sect were forced to fall to the ground. Then they took a look at each other and made a short sigh.

“The trial of the picture will grow harder as your cultivation base gets improved. So, it’s not easy to break through,” the demonic soul said again.

The fact was as he said. The cultivation road was getting narrower and narrower. Why was it difficult to become an immortal? Even to become a Big Capable?

It was precise because cultivation was difficult. It required not only hard work and ability to understand but also physical fitness, opportunities, talents, resources and so on. The nun-geniuses would be even slower, and it was more difficult for them to break through each realm.

Maybe they had paid a lot, but because of their poor talent, what they gained was less than half of what the geniuses got, unless they worked as ten or hundred times hard as the geniuses did.

Otherwise, hard work and perseverance couldn’t narrow down the gap. With all the conditions in place, efforts could widen the gap. w.a.n.g Bugui had made a lot of efforts, so he became the strongest among the geniuses.

At the moment, he was walking alongside the three Big Capables, and the other geniuses could only follow them. At present, people felt a much heavier pressure than the beginning. They were all very cautious.

It seemed that there would be cracks on their primordial spirit at any time. Once the pressure got a little heavier, a lot of people’s primordial spirit would be driven back. They were halfway away from the peach tree, and were locked by all the beasts behind them.


Finally, some people couldn’t stand the pressure and were covered with tiny cracks on their bodies. Then the cracks began to expand rapidly.

Crack! Crack!

The sound of primordial spirit being broken came and several people were injured. Then Xiao Fengyi made a short sigh and quit the trial. After a few steps forward, Lu Qianchen also voluntarily opted out.

So did Gu Xiaoyao and Hua Mengchen. Their primordial spirit was covered with terrifying cracks. But they gnawed their teeth and moved a few more steps forward before quitting.

“Uh ah!”

Mu Wujian was still insisting. He refused to admit that he was so weak. But the reality forced him to quit, because the horrible cracks had spread all over his body. He shook his head and quit.


A series of primordial spirits were forced to quit; the cultivators were forced to retreat or get down on one knee. They all spat out a lot of blood, and their Shen Tang was injured, beginning to bleed.

“We are old, and can’t match the younger ones!” Gu Xiaoyao revealed a bitter smile.

“All the talents and resources have been given to them. If they are not better than me, I must give them a good lesson.” Hua Mengchen sighed.

Although unwilling, they could only admit that the geniuses of this age were indeed better than the past, which was also the only thing that was gratifying. As long as the pillars of later generations were stronger than themselves, they held no regrets.

“It seems that it’s very difficult for us to improve our cultivation base. Let’s wait to see if we can understand something out of the trial.” Mu Wujian shook his head.

Xiao Fengyi and Lu Qianchen looked at each other, and shook their heads with bitter smiles. They had to admit their weakness.

In the s.p.a.ce of the picture, the remaining cultivators were still moving forward slowly. The foremost four people were a little faster, followed by Leng Yueyan and Ning Zhe.

Among the rest geniuses, there might be someone who took every step extremely slow, but absolutely no one stopped moving. They were trying to challenge their limits.


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