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Read Blue Phoenix Chapter 694: Soul-Searching Technique

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Chapter 694: Soul-Searching Technique

The white energies that flowed from the became less and less before they eventually stopped. Pei Ziqi frowned as she comprehended the information she had gotten.

It took her a minute to fully understand everything, and moments after, a smile spread on her face as she headed for the next

This was not even asked whether or not he wanted to talk, Pei Ziqi just used her soul-searching technique on him. She once again sought out all the information that the unfortunate knew while he was wailing nonstop. These sounds made the rest of the shudder, and even the surrounding audience was uncomfortable as they watched.

Soul-searching techniques were not common. Even in the major sects, only a few were allowed to know such techniques so to see that the dao protector of this young master knew this technique was enough to make their estimation of him rise quite a bit.

But knowing that Hui Yue was someone valued highly by the Celestial Sword Sect also raised the question, who were the that tried to kill him?

Were they from a rival sect trying to get rid of the compet.i.tion or was it someone with a personal vendetta? Was it someone who had been roused by greed or perhaps they just wished to throw away their lives?

While the audience made many wild guesses, Hui Yue just stood still with his arms across his chest staring at the with a cold look on his face.

He did not speculate nor did he discuss with his friends about who they might be, all he did was wait for Pei Ziqi to finish her interrogation. He would decide what to do with the information after she had shared it with him.

She quickly made her way through the line of The further she went the more the fought against their bindings, but they had been bound with immortal rope. This was a kind of rope that would tighten the more one tried to move, and eventually, if they struggled too much it would even cut into the body of the captive leaving them with no way to move at all.

Some screamed that they would talk while others begged for mercy, but no matter what, Pei Ziqi merely kept her smile that was not a smile on her lips as she made it through the line of

She showed no mercy, and she didn’t wait for any of them to speak. As long as Hui Yue did not order her to let them be then, she would let them feel the fear of having someone else invading their soul, treating it as trash and being completely at the mercy of others.

A soul-searching technique was a truly vicious method. It forcefully ripped information from the soul, and only the strongest souls would be able to survive, but even the strongest souls would be severely injured if they were soul-searched.

The soul-search technique was an Ancestral Worldpower skill, and it did not require much from the user other than the person who learned it had to be ruthless. Otherwise, they would never be able to use such a technique on others.

“Young master, they were hired to do away with you and your friends,” Pei Ziqi said with a low voice when she arrived by Hui Yue’s side. “But the strange thing was that although they were ordered to kill you and the others, they had strict orders not to touch a hair on Rong Xing’s head.”

“They were to kidnap her and kill everyone else. Their information about all of us was rather lacking. All they knew was that you were a Crowned Sovereign and that the entire group consisted of new G.o.d ranked cultivators.”

“They all felt very indignant when they learned our true strength, and they felt cheated. They don’t know anything about the one who hired them, but he paid a rather large sum of Worldpower Stones for them to take on this mission.”

Hui Yue nodded his head. “I know who it is,” he said with a frosty expression on his face. Not killing Rong Xing was enough to prove that it was either Rong Liang or An He. Otherwise, what was the point of leaving her alive if they wanted to get rid of him and his friends?

An icy expression appeared on his face, but it quickly vanished, and he smiled warmly at the

“Thank you for all the information, time to end this!” Hui Yue waved his hand, and with a single wave, windblades materialized. These windblades went straight for the and beheaded them one after another.

“They bribed the Blissful Guard to leave them alone today. They paid a rather high price for this,” Pei Ziqi said, this time her voice was not low, and everyone present heard it causing an uproar from the audience.

“To think that they really are this despicable!”

“I thought that the Blissful realm was neutral when it came to fights amongst the different factions! To think that they can be bought with mere Worldpower Stones.”

Many voiced their disapproval, and Hui Yue had a slight smile on his face. Pei Ziqi was truly crafty. Now the entire mob was on their side, and the gossip spread throughout the entire Blissful realm in mere minutes.

After executing the, Hui Yue once more used the wind to gather up the corpses, and with another burst of wind, the corpses all flew like projectiles into the Blissful Guard’s courtyard.

Without as much as a word, Hui Yue turned to leave, his destination the main keep. He had previously met the Blissful realm’s owner, and he had a decent impression of her. However, this impression was constantly getting worse and worse because of the way her guards behaved.

The first time he was here he had been stopped, and they tried to scam extra Worldpower Stones off him. The second time the Blissful Guard had decided to step away and let rampage through their city.

“This young master requests to see the owner of the Blissful Realm!” Hui Yue’s voice once more sounded throughout the entire Blissful Realm, but there was no response.

“Could it be that the renowned owner approves her Blissful Guard’s unacceptable behavior and as a result hides herself?” Hui Yue asked, feeling a bit of anger at this point but suddenly an elderly man appeared in front of him.

“Young man, please calm your anger. We do not know what happened between yourself and the Blissful Guard, but the Mistress is not home right now. Please do not cause trouble before she returns and knows what is going on.”

The man was neither humble nor arrogant, but his words made Hui Yue feel much better. Knowing that she was not in was most likely also the reason the guards could act as they had.

If Hui Yue and his friends had died then nothing would have come from this, but now they had survived, and chaos and bad rumors would spread throughout the Blissful realm. It would only be a matter of time before it spread throughout the Archaic World too.

When it spread that far, many would reconsider whether or not they wished to work with the Blissful realm. So far they had been neutral, and everyone had felt welcome, but if they had enemies, did this not mean that they would be in for it if the enemies paid enough Worldpower Stones?

“How long will it be before the owner returns?” Hui Yue asked indignantly, and the older man just spread out his hands, “I don’t know the specifics, but she should be back shortly. She has already been away for a longer period of time.”

Hui Yue nodded his head and plopped himself right in front of the mansion’s gate. He said nothing, just sat there with his legs and arms crossed and all the others followed suit. It was clear that they were not leaving before someone answered for this grievance.

“My lord, are you sure you wish to wait here? As I see none of you were injured, why not let bygones be bygones and leave it at what you have done now?”

“I was attacked in your Blissful realm and only because of my strength was I able to resolve the problem. Had my friends been alone then I dare not think about the consequences.” Hui Yue said in a cold voice. “The two options are as follows: one I wait here for your mistress to return, or two I go straight to the Blissful Guard’s office myself and seek justice.”

Hearing his words, the elderly man turned pale. It was clear that if Hui Yue went to the Blissful Guard to demand justice, it would be a bloodbath.

“If you wish, then you’re welcome to wait for the Mistress to return,” the man said meekly after which he turned back into the mansion.

As he entered, the captain of the Blissful Guard came out from within a mansion, and he looked sourly at the old man.

“He is too arrogant!” The captain exclaimed, “I know that a few of my subordinates truly did something unacceptable this time, but to demand justice like this is despicable! Why don’t we go settle this ourselves?”

“Shut your mouth!” The old man exploded with anger. “Do you know who you have offended this time? He is Pei Yue! The future hope of the Celestial Sword Sect. He also happens to be a King of h.e.l.l, so not only is he backed by the Celestial Sword Sect, but he is also backed by Yanluo!”

“This young man you decided to make our enemy? And not only that, your men broke the rules of the Blissful realm, and everyone knows it. The mistress will be very unhappy when she returns.”

The face of the captain turned paler and paler the more the old man spoke.

“G.o.ddammit those greedy b.a.s.t.a.r.ds really caused some trouble this time!” he exclaimed.

Truthfully he had not been present during the because his job was to observe the entrance guards during the day.

He was aware that they had chosen a time specifically when he was gone because he would never have approved of what they did, but he still felt that he should protect his subordinates.

However now that he heard who it was they had upset, he could only sigh. He knew that it was impossible to s.h.i.+eld his subordinates, and truthfully he no longer felt like doing so.

He liked the rules, he liked following rules, and he was eager to have his men following the rules too. Unfortunately, not all of his men were as eager to follow the rules as he was. Sometimes they would try and cheat extra Worldpower Stones from people when they were guarding the entrance of the realm, and sometimes they would overlook other things if they were paid to do so.

“What has happened here?” Suddenly a n.o.ble and melodious voice sounded out from behind the guard captain and the old man. When they turned around, they saw the woman they had been waiting for.

Both the old man and the captain opened their mouths as if to say something but the woman lifted her hand and silenced them with one move.

“I heard what you said,” she said dismissively. “I was almost home when I heard rumors that the Blissful Realm is no longer impartial. Imagine my fury and indignation when people were spreading false rumors about my realm, only when I heard it so many times did I realize that something must have happened. So I listened to the people explaining what they had seen.”

“My Blissful Guard is truly skillful,” she said, her teeth grit hard in anger. Her eyes seemed as if they would spew fire if possible, “to destroy the reputation that I spent so long building up!”


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