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Read Boss Mo’s Predestined Love Brought By Surrogacy Chapter 271

Boss Mo’s Predestined Love Brought By Surrogacy is a web novel made by Qiu Ming, 秋名.
This webnovel is presently ongoing.

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Read WebNovel Boss Mo’s Predestined Love Brought By Surrogacy Chapter 271

Chapter 271 Being jealous
Everyone was busy stuffing their clothes into the car.

When Gu Yan, Mo Yichen and Mo Xiangyan were chatting at the gate of the shopping mall, Jiang Jingcheng received a call from Chen Qian.

Jiang Jingcheng cast a look at a.s.sistant Liu and found her attention was completely on the clothes in store. Jiang Jingcheng relaxed and said, “a.s.sistant Liu, I need to answer a call. I will come back very soon. You can rest here for a while.”

“Ok”, a.s.sistant Liu nodded and said. She didn’t find anything abnormal.

“Qianqian, what’s the matter?” Jiang Jingcheng answered the phone when he walked farther and made sure that a.s.sistant Liu couldn’t hear.

Chen Qian lowered voice and said, “Jingcheng, can you find a way to let Gu Yan go back to her studio now?”

“Do you forget our plan? I am about to implement the plan. What happened to you? Where are you? Do you need me now?” Jiang Jingcheng was a little puzzled and kept asking. He felt that Chen Qian was a little strange. He was so worried and kept asking for her location.

Chen Qian sobbed, and didn’t speak another word, like she was suffering a great grievance.

“Where are you? I am very worried about you. Just tell me where you are, OK? Don’t cry. I will be with you in a minute.” Jiang Jingcheng was more anxious. He raised his voice and became more impatient.

He was worried. Was Chen Qian in trouble? Or why did she lower voice just now? Was she bullied? Where was Chen Qian? Jiang Jingcheng was even more anxious when thinking about these.

“I…I’m in the mall. I saw you just now. Don’t worry about me. I’m fine. You must follow our plan, OK?” Chen Qian hesitated in her speech, and sobbed.

Hearing that Chen Qian was also in the mall, Jiang Jingcheng was relieved. He looked around, but didn’t find her. He began to worry again.

Maybe she saw him hugging a.s.sistant Liu, so she felt heartbroken. Seeing beloved man flirting with other woman was indeed a blow to every woman.

But Jiang Jingcheng was a little glad. He thought that Chen Qian was jealous, for he was close to a.s.sistant Liu, which meant that he was irreplaceable to her. Thinking about this, he was extremely satisfied.

Unexpectedly, his beloved woman also loved him. Though Chen Qian had said she liked him before, he was doubtful. But now he was sure Chen Qian really liked him, for she would be jealous when he was with other women.

How exciting! Jiang Jingcheng was a little confused at first, because everything went weird.

But now, Jiang Jingcheng was relieved. Things confusing him before became clear now. He immediately felt that the black clouds above him disappeared, and sun shone again.

“Qianqian, where are you?” Jiang Jingcheng asked again. He looked around to seek for Chen Qian, but in vain.

“Jingcheng, I’m OK. Don’t come to me at this key moment. To achieve the current situation, we paid too much. You can’t be impulsive now, or you will arouse the suspicion of a.s.sistant Liu, and ruin everything. Listen, you send a message to Gu Yan now, make her go back to her studio immediately.”

Chen Qian was explaining the importance of the matter, but Jiang Jingcheng was absent minded. He just wanted to stand by Chen Qian, hugged her and gave her comfort.

“Are you really OK?” Jiang Jingcheng asked with doubt.

“Of course. Don’t worry. You keep hanging out with a.s.sistant Liu. Don’t be too rush, in case she find out our plan.” Chen Qian continued to talk to Jiang Jingcheng, hoping he could separate Mo Yichen and Gu Yan.

“Got. I’ll send a message to Gu Yan right now. You should go home and rest. Don’t cry again. Drink more water.” Jiang Jingcheng said so gently that Chen Qian couldn’t help crying. She wanted to lean against the strong shoulder of a man she loved, and murmured her mind to him.

Jiang Jingcheng sent several messages to Gu Yan after hanging up the phone. Then he went to find a.s.sistant Liu, who waited for a long time.

“What take so long? Who call you? Why you avoid me to answer the phone? Is there anything I can’t know?” a.s.sistant Liu questioned.

“You wrong me! I have an important client. But I’m new in the studio and can’t decide on something. So I called President Gu. That’s all.” Jiang Jingcheng explained patiently to a.s.sistant Liu. He was so sincere that a.s.sistant Liu couldn’t help believing him.

“All right. I’m just afraid that you will get away as before and leave me here alone again.” a.s.sistant Liu said. Tears were in her eyes.

“Stupid girl. I am sorry. It’s my fault. I will never leave you again. I promise.” Jiang Jingcheng said. He squatted in front of a.s.sistant Liu, lowering head and holding her hands, like a child who made mistakes.

“All right. I’m just joking. I’m not that vengeful. I have forgotten this. You are so considerate and sincere, how can I continue to be angry with you? What a fool!”

“Let’s continue to go shopping.” a.s.sistant Liu stood up, held Jiang Jingcheng up, held his hands, and went shopping happily.


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