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Chapter 39 – Chapter 6: Encounter 

He would obviously be alone after traveling through the transfer formation. 

‘Ah, a correction. I still have Carack.’ 

Felicia had vanished somewhere with her followers. There were many people lingering in the area, so it could feel overwhelming. 

Chris and Caitlin had less people but unlike the excitement and pa.s.sion of Felicia’s followers, they seemed calm and serious. Chris lowered his voice as he moved and Caitlin followed Chris silently, sending a glance to In-gong before she left. 

It might be considered as neglecting In-gong but he wasn’t confused at all. It was because he had already foreseen this situation. Felicia, Chris and Caitlin had warned him in advance that they would have to leave him alone.  

The official event schedule, including the first court gathering, would start from tomorrow. If this had been an ordinary palace, there would be a tight schedule for the princes and princesses. However, the Demon King’s Palace was different. 

Freedom – if he thought about it another way, it was neglect. 

Chris and Caitlin were busy because they had a lot of people to meet. Meanwhile, In-gong had no one. 

‘It was decided that I will meet Chris and Caitlin again in the evening.’

Thus, it was okay. Now, it was time to enjoy the freely given time. 

‘It is good that it is quiet.’ 

All the people that had gathered at the transfer formation site for various reasons, including Felicia’s and Chris’ followers, were gone. 

Carack, who was watching the view, moved his head from side to side. 

“Prince, you are a prince, right? Did I miss something?” 

“I am a prince.”

There was no one here but he was clearly a prince.

“Follow me. Let’s unload all the gear first.”


Carack replied while lifting the large bag on his back. 

“Your Highness, the 9th Prince.”

A beautiful woman appeared at the entrance. She was a dark elf dressed in the blue uniform of a lower official of the Demon King’s Palace. 

‘Oh, that’s right.’ 

No matter what the situation was, it didn’t make sense that there would be no one present for Shutra. 

“Prince’s subordinate? Then you are my co-worker.”

Carack smiled as he asked. The dark elf female remained silent as she ignored Carack and approached In-gong. 


She was a beauty with the slim body of an elf and purple hair. The short, neatly cropped hair gave her the atmosphere of a cool urban woman. 

‘It is a bit surprising that it is a dark elf instead of a gandharva.’

However, that had no meaning. The fact that he had a subordinate was more important. It was also good that she was a pretty female. 

In-gong pushed down his excitement and remained composed as he waited for the woman. The woman looked over In-gong and said words he hadn’t expected. 

“Are you really the 9th Prince Shutra?”

“Huh? Uh, why?” 

Wasn’t he Shutra? Was she truly his subordinate? 

“My name is Flora Sevensword. I belong to the Demon King’s Palace’s real estate administration. It is an honour.” 

Flora followed up with more words. 

“I heard the news. You can now choose a new home according to 9th Prince’s achievements.”


New home? 

The reason for In-gong’s confusion was simple. In Knight Saga, it was common for treatment to improve if there were more achievements. However, there had never been a case of a new home being a.s.signed.

‘Ah, that is because I was Zephyr.’ 

Zephyr stayed in a mansion that was supplied by his mother’s family. Therefore, it wasn’t necessary to receive a new place of residence. In the first place, it was doubtful if there was any place in the city that was better to live than Zephyr’s mansion. 

However, Shutra was different. There were many mansions in the Demon King’s Palace that were much better than Shutra’s old home. 

‘There is no reason not to give it to me.’ 

In-gong was convinced and nodded with delight. 

“I understand. Then should I go the Merits Department to choose?” 

“That’s correct. Should I guide you to the Merits Department?”


He already knew the location of the Merits Department. However, In-gong accepted Flora’s offer just in case the layout was different from Knight Saga. 

“I understand. I’ll take the lead.” 

Flora said respectfully before turning around and taking the lead. 

Carack gazed at her rear view and laughed. 

“Oh, you really are the 9th Prince.” 

“I am a prince.”

In-gong shrugged and started moving.




The Demon King’s Palace wasn’t just one big and terrifying castle like those commonly found in RPGs. 

There were several small castles and palaces surrounded by walls, as well as comfortable living s.p.a.ces arranged among well-kept roads that were like towns and cities. 

The Merits Department was located at the North Building after pa.s.sing through a deep path in the forest. The transfer formation was located in the same building, so In-gong’s party could arrive there quickly. 

‘The transfer formation is on the 1st floor of the building while the Merits Department is on the 2nd floor. It is the same as Knight Saga.’

However, it was different seeing it in reality compared to in the game. 

Flora guided In-gong to the Merits Department before retreating. He felt regret sending her away like this but it wasn’t her position. 

After Flora left, In-gong looked at the nameplate that stated ‘Merits Department’ on the intimidating door. His heart unknowingly became warmer. 

‘It is great to see it.’ 

The Merits Department was the place that In-gong knew the best while playing Knight Saga. He also missed the NPC Isabella who was in charge of the Merits Department. 

In-gong felt the same sense of subtle appreciation like he did when gazing at Vandal but he couldn’t delay due to Carack. In-gong opened the door to the Merits Department. 

The Merits Department wasn’t that great. It was like the VIP room of a bank with a fine desk and one staff member. 

There was an intelligent looking lamia (a species with the upper half of a beautiful woman and the lower half of a snake) with red hair at the desk.

It was Isabella who In-gong had missed. 

Isabella was dressed in a neat uniform suited for a lamia and turned around to gaze at Shutra. 

In-gong walked in front of Isabella. 

“9th Prince Shutra Agnus.” 

Isabella was surprised for a moment but she quickly restored her professional expression. She gave a faint smile towards In-gong. 

“Isabella from the Merits Department greets 9th Prince.”

She bowed elegantly and continued speaking,

“Thank you for visiting the Merits Department. I welcome 9th Prince for your first visit.” 

‘She doesn’t know about me.’ 

She said that this was his first visit, implying that he hadn’t made any achievements so far. 

It was so sad that In-gong wanted to sigh, however, he couldn’t waste time. He sat down at the chair placed in front of the desk for visitors. 

“I’ve come to check my achievements. It is said that my merits level has increased, so I can get a new place to live.” 

“Please wait a moment.” 

The somewhat excited Isabella moved her fingers in the air and something similar to In-gong’s status window floated there.


[9th Prince Shutra Agnus] 

[Merits Level 0-> 5] 

[c.u.mulative Merits: 0-> 15,000] 

[Currently Available Merits:  15,000] 


[Merits related to partic.i.p.ating in the Red Lightning expedition] 

-Dwarf cave/portal discovery. 

-Defeating the Red Lightning chief Kaichin’s army. 

-Killing Kaichin/ Kaidum. 

-Rescuing 7th Princess Felicia.

-Causing a food shortage at the base of the Red Lightning tribe.

-Found/secured the Thunder Light Anvil. 

-Red Lightning expedition’s first cla.s.s merit award. 


[The 9th Prince’s merits level will increase to 5.] 

[The facilities available to use inside the Demon King’ Palace has increased.]

[The monthly allowance has increased from 5 gold to 500 gold.]


‘Only five gold?’ 

This explained the decorations inside his tent. Five gold a month – even Carack received more than that.

Now, it was increased to 500 gold. His merits level was also five. 

That wasn’t the only thing that had risen.

“Really wonderful!” 

Isabella exclaimed with a wide smile. Her cheeks turned red as she expressed her sincere admiration. 

“9th Prince has raised so many merits on your first a.s.signment. It is shameful but I thought there might have been an error when I first received news of Prince’s merits. This is really great.” 

It was just as good as listening to Caitlin’s praise. In-gong smiled and said in a relaxed voice,

“Thank you, Isabella. Then can you tell me what new homes are available?” 

“I understand. Please wait a moment.” 

Isabella answered again as her fingers moved. This time, light gushed up from the floor to form a large map. It was so precise that it seemed like a 3D image.

“It is possible to select one of three available mansions. There is no difference in the performance because all three are grade 2 mansions.” 

As Isabella came out from the desk and stood in front of the map, a blue light flowed in three parts of the map. 

Within the Demon King’s Palace, the building rating didn’t simply mean the building and the surrounding area. It included how much magic power could be supplied, additional facilities that could be installed and so on.  

In-gong thought hard as he stared at the map. It was interesting that the location of the three mansions were extremely different. They were located at the east, west and south directions respectively.

‘I would prefer to be near Chris, Caitlin or Felicia.’ 

Caitlin’s home was in the east of the Demon King’s Palace while Felicia lived in the west. Due to this, In-gong automatically eliminated the home in the south and examined the different conditions. 

‘I want to stay as far away from Zephyr and Anastasia as possible…’

In the end, the only one left was the mansion in the east. In-gong raised his head and gazed at Isabella. 

“Over there.”

“I understand. I will contact the Real Estate Department to register this place as the home of 9th Prince.” 

Isabella then asked an additional question. 

“How would you like the compensation for your achievements? Do you want to receive it here?” 

The reason for this question was because In-gong went from level zero to level five instantly. Even if he only took one per level, the amount would be huge.

 ‘The compensation isn’t necessarily items or money.’

When he had played Zephyr, he received rides such as a griffon or hippogriff a compensation. 

“Please deliver it to the new address. Is that possible?” 

“Of course. I will handle it in the manner that you indicated.”

Isabella was just as blunt in reality as she had been in Knight Saga. 

“Then 9th Prince, I will ask one last thing. Do you intend to use your merit values?” 

Carack was confused by the mention of ‘merit values’ but In-gong understood immediately. 

The role of the Merits Department wasn’t merely to appreciate the achievements. 

As the merit level rose, treatment would improve. However, this wasn’t the end.

The princes and princess could use the merit value to buy necessary things at the stores. Even if the merit values were consumed, their merit level wouldn’t be decreased. Therefore, they could use merit values to purchase things when necessary. 

In-gong thought about it for a moment before making a decision. 

“I’ll hire additional employees. Can you show me the list?” 

“I understand. Please wait a moment.”

Isabella returned to her desk and her fingers moved quickly. Carack approached In-gong and asked in a small voice,

“Employees? Are you talking about someone like a gardener?” 

“Yes, that is one example of an employee.”

If they were simply gardeners or servants, he wouldn’t have to waste the merit value. In-gong wanted someone to manage the mansion when he wasn’t there. 

“This is the list of employees who can move to 9th Prince’s mansion.” 

As Isabella’s fingers moved, a field of light filled with people’s names appeared. Once In-gong placed his finger on a name, the face and a simple profile were displayed separately. 

‘Uhh, I want someone to manage the mansion, so should I hire a professional butler?’ 

While playing Zephyr, there was a butler attached to the mansion so he didn’t need to hire one. Therefore, it was In-gong’s first time picking a butler. 

‘Their abilities are similar. Should I do separate interviews?’

In-gong contemplated the list one by one.

“Oh, Prince. This person. Isn’t it the one from earlier?” 

Carack’s thick finger was pointing to the bottom of the list. In-gong reflexively looked down to see a familiar name. 


[Flora Sevensword] 

[Butler/ Maid function available] 

[Uniqueness: A follower of the G.o.ddess of dreams and shadows, Kayla] 


‘This is it.’

In-gong looked at Carack. Carack read his master’s mind and nodded quietly.




“It is great to see you again.” 

Approximately 15 minutes later. 

Flora greeted them outside the Merits Department but there was a little bit of confusion on her face. 

In-gong smiled brightly and asked her to guide them to the mansion.

“I understand. I’ll take the lead.” 

She coolly took the lead just like before. In-gong said goodbye to Isabella and left the Merits Department. 

Carack came out along with In-gong and chuckled at In-gong.


“Prince, you really are a prince.” 

“Yes, so serve me well.” 

In-gong and Carack followed Flora down the corridor with pleased expressions. The distance to the new residence was far, so it was tiring to walk. 

‘I’m not done with the schedule for today.’ 

He still had to meet Caitlin in the evening. 

In-gong didn’t intend to be locked inside his house. 

This was the Demon King’ Palace. It was a place of opportunity where all the children of the Demon King were gathered.

‘Should I make them look at me?’ 

There was a sly smile on In-gong’s face.


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