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It seems that I wasn’t the only one who questioned Sumire-sama’s words.

“Only about Lillina, I honestly find it hard to believe.”

Grandfather told Leon-sama that. Isn’t that right~, Hanzou-san and Sasuke-san have also said such a thing, but I can’t trust it. When I saw her att.i.tude at Rachel-sama’s tea party before, she didn’t seem to have any liking for me. I wonder if my eyes are bad?


Leon-sama was unable to reply to grandfather. No matter how much you intend to follow up her actions, I can’t believe Sumire-sama is like this.

“Leon-sama… Building a relationship like friendship with you two… I think it’ll be difficult.”

I informed Leon-sama. If possible, I would like for you to live happily together forever. I~~ sincerely wish to watch over you two getting along from far away.

Grandfather and father moved in response to my words.

“Now, Prince Leon. It’s time to return to the castle” said grandfather.

“It’s alright. On your way back you’ll have a big retinue” said father.

Just like that, father opened the door. Outside the members of the chivalric order are lined up. There are also Ange-san and Allen-kun… A, ara, are they in a bad mood? They are glaring at Leon-sama without trying to conceal it. Hey hey, stop letting out blood l.u.s.t.

The knights surrounded Leon-sama and tried to leave the room. However, Leon-sama is desperately saying something.

“Lillina! Please attend my and Princess Sumire’s wedding by all means! If possible, talk to Princess Sumire once more~~.”

In the middle of his talk, hurried by Ange-san, he was brought out of the room. … Ange-san, you are certainly manipulating knights of the chivalric order, right? Are they okay? The knights.

“I can’t believe it! Inviting Lillinoneesama to his wedding!”

“… Ah, seriously… How many times did I think of entering the room in the middle of the talk.”

Ange-san and Allen-kun are losing their temper. However Allen-kun, not entering the room was the right choice. Because, you don’t want to be like brother, right? The knights of the order seem to be able to deliver to the Royal Castle without fail even without brother. You have good subordinates, brother. I think they’ve read the air to not ask about brother’s whereabouts.

I had a conversation with Leon-sama for the first time in a long time, for some reason I feel awfully tired. I want to go hunt demons now… No, do I just want to move my body? Why did I come back to the Royal Capital…

Ah, I see! It was because brother sent Sana a letter. It was so hectic after I came back I carelessly forgot the original purpose. But now I can’t do anything. Sana is asleep, brother is… should be talking with grandmother. Yep, certainly, they should talk! Well, brother will be useless today.

“Lillina, are you willing to attend the wedding ceremony?”

Father suddenly asked. It’s about Leon-sama and Princess Sumire’s wedding ceremony?

“Eh? I don’t want to go much… Do I have to?”

Rather than ‘not much’ I ‘considerably’ don’t want to go, but how would it look to be absent after being invited to a royal wedding ceremony? I wonder if it would be a problem with father being the Prime Minister.

“No, Lillina, if you don’t feel like going, you can be absent without a problem. I will tell the king pro~~perly. It will be alright if I use Records of Aggravations to their utmost. If it’s still impossible…”

Father looked at grandfather while saying so. Grandfather who received his gaze, nodded with a smile.

“Hmm. If the king becomes unable to control the Prince Leon who runs wild… Well, there are various methods, you don’t need to worry.”

Both of them rea.s.sured me with pleasant smiles, but saying that… It’s rea.s.suring, but I’m afraid of what might happen. For now, what I know is I don’t have to attend the wedding ceremony.

ーーThe next day

“Lillinsama, thank you for giving me a day off. As I rested at ease I’m now completely recovered.”

Sana cheerfully greeted me in the morning.

“Ah, I’m glad, Sana. Your complexion looks alright too. But, as you’re convalescing, please don’t push yourself.”

“Thank you. But, as it’s uncommon for me to sleep all day, my body is sluggish, so I want to move it. Now, Lillinsama, it’s time to get ready for breakfast. Here’s your change of clothes.”

It’s the usual Sana. For the past few days she had no energy, but today she seems okay. Did you get over something a little? I was helped by Sana in getting ready and headed for breakfast.

“Good morning.”

There were grandfather and grandmother in the dining room. I couldn’t see father or brother.

“Good morning, Lillina”

“Lillina, good morning. Now, let’s eat together.”

After greetings we began eating breakfast. I decided to ask about father and brother out of curiosity.

“Um, have father and elder brother left for work already?”

Grandfather answered my question.

“Leaf-dono went to see the king to speak thoroughly about yesterday’s matter with Prince Leon, he left early in the morning. Ricardo was also summoned to an emergency meeting about strengthening Prince Leon’s security. Ah, right, Ricardo left a message.”

A message from brother? … Regarding Sana?

“Sana, Ricardo asked for some of your time to talk when he comes back today.”


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