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Read Can’t Take My Eyes Off You Chapter 799 – She owes me

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Chapter 799: She owes me

Even though he did not get what he wanted, Lu Xingzhi still slept for two hours with his wife in his arms. He was content. They only woke up when Jiang Yao’s phone rang—it was the hospital.

“Chen Feibai has woken up and wants to see me.” Jiang Yao rubbed her sleepy eyes. She had not slept well after Lu Xingzhi called her two nights ago. So, she had slept soundly in his arms the previous night.

“Nosy!” It was over. Then, Lu Xingzhi added in his heart, ‘Troublesome!’

Of course, he meant Chen Feibai!

“If you are sleepy, then continue to sleep. It’s the same for me in the past. He just wants to know about Chen Feitang.”bLu Xingzhi pushed Jiang Yao back into the blanket. Then he got off the bed.

“He wants to see Chen Feitang the most, especially after she has been eliminated.” Jiang Yao burst into laughter. “Chen Feibai’s current mental state is a little twisted.”

“Chen Feitang is currently sick. She might not rush back to Nanjiang city so quickly.” Lu Xingzhi noticed that Jiang Yao had already put on her clothes, so he did not say anything else.

He drove all the way to the Shengqi Hospital. When he saw Chen Feibai, his face was sullen. It was as if he was there to look for someone who had owed him money.

After a few days of recovery, Lu Xingzhi felt that he was in better spirits when he saw Chen Feibai. However, when he thought about how he had someone call Jiang Yao to wake her up, Lu Xingzhi’s face darkened again.

“What’s the rush? Never get someone to call my wife again in the future!” Lu Xingzhi reminded him. Then, he said, “When have I ever broken a promise that I made? I told you that Chen Feitang would be eliminated from the compet.i.tion; do you think she’d be able to escape that? Don’t worry; she was the first to get eliminated in the third round.”

“Where is she? I want to see her,” Chen Feibai said.

“She’s sick; wait for two more days,” Lu Xingzhi said. “When I saw her at the command post last night, she looked like she was dying of an illness.” He did not mince his words at all.

“Did she feel tortured by her failure?” Chen Feibai suddenly laughed. His frown and strange laughter did not betray his emotions, so he looked a little scary. “I want to see her! Immediately! Immediately! As long as she hasn’t died from her illness, then have her see me immediately. She owes me this!”

When Lu Xingzhi realized that Chen Feibai’s emotions had begun to fluctuate, he scolded him in a low voice. “Chen Feibai, don’t think that I won’t dare to beat you up just because you’re lying on a hospital bed! Behave yourself. I’m going to call the old man right now!”

After he said that, Lu Xingzhi pulled Jiang Yao out of the ward. He was unwilling to let Jiang Yao stay with Chen Feibai, that lunatic, for even a second longer.

After they left Chen Feibai’s room, Lu Xingzhi reported his situation to Old Master Chen. The older man might not be able to make it in time in the capital, but he still agreed. No matter how Chen Feibai had looked, he was his grandson; his heart ached for the younger man.

In the end, Chen Feitang, her parents, and Chen Feibai’s parents were sent to the hospital by military aircraft. Jiang Yao had already sent people to wait for them on the roof. After they arrived, she led them to Chen Feibai’s ward.

Chen Feibai must have heard the commotion outside and knew that the person he wanted to see was already there. He shouted from inside the room. “Let Chen Feitang come in alone! No one else is allowed into the room!”

Chen Feitang’s parents were a little worried. Each of them held their daughter’s hand and did not dare to let go. Lu Xingzhi sneered, but he did not say anything.


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