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Chapter 72: Love Birds

“Anything can happen, and no one can guess what others are thinking…”

With his robes fluttering, Fang Yuan ran out of the Lin Mansion and heaved a long sigh.

Even though he did not listen to Elder Han’s entire plan, but from his tone and att.i.tude, it seemed that the Spirit Returning Sect was guarding against Fang Yuan, and was trying to restrict his movements.

Of course, Fang Yuan had already guessed this. Furthermore, he was already suspicious of Elder Han, and as of now, it seemed like a challenge as to whose plan would be the better one. This was not definitely a bad thing for Fang Yuan.

“The powers of Spirit Returning Sect are now reduced, and coincidentally, Leiyang County is in a mess right now. s.h.i.+ Yutong should be occupied trying to deal with the situation in Shaoyang City… This is the best opportunity for me!”

Within the entire Spirit Returning Sect, Elder Yan and Elder Han’s inner powers were the strongest and both were martial artists of the 4 Heavenly Gates. However, both of them were injured now.

“It seems… Elden Han’s recovery would have to be delayed again…”

Fang Yuan mulled, his eyes deep in thought.

On their side was a Wu Zong and a spiritual knight, and it would be unwise to go head to head.

Of course, since Elder Han would still need Fang Yuan to heal him, while he was recovering Fang Yuan would still be safe.

“Half a year… Hehe…”

Fang Yuan shook his head.

With his current progress, who would know how much he could achieve in half a year?

“From how Elder Han looked just now, it seems that there is no problem with the Xuan Yin Heart Technique, but there might be repercussions in the future… Heh Heh… Spirit Returning Sect? Spirit Returning Sect!”

Fang Yuan’s eyes narrowed and a mysterious light glowed from them.

After returning to the secluded valley, Fang Yuan settled down. His daily routine included training with the Yin Yang Jade, farming in his spiritual farm, drinking the spiritual tea, consuming the spiritual rice, and occasionally would send Zhou Wenwu out to bring back news to keep himself updated of the outside world.

The Flame Jade Rice was re-planted by him many times, and it seemed different from the usual Vermilion Jade Rice, as it required a different method of growing.

“The good thing is that the Flame Jade Rice evolved from the Vermilion Jade Rice. I could follow this lead, and maybe it would be recorded in the book Master left behind…”

In the field of botany, Fang Yuan was undoubtedly the expert.

He slowly placed a few ruby stones around the seedlings, and nourished it with spiritual fertilizer. Fang Yuan took a step back and was relieved as he noticed the Flame Jade Rice grew a little.

“Flower Fox Ferret, you will be in charge of protecting it from now on, do you understand?”

Fang Yuan stroked its head, as though he was instructing him, and gazed into the sky.

As the sun set, the crimson sun rays filled the secluded valley, making everything appear orange.

“Today is the 6th day. Elder Han will return tomorrow to beg me to heal him…”

Fang Yuan had a cunning look, and suddenly a shriek was heard.

“Chirp! Chirp!”

A strong gust of wind came as the Iron-tailed Black Eagle landed, with its back facing Fang Yuan.

“Good job!”

He chuckled, climbed onto the back of the Iron-tailed Black Eagle, hugged its neck and steadied himself.

“Chirp! Chirp!”

Fang Yuan lifted off together with the Iron-tailed Black Eagle, and as the wind howled against his face, he could not open his eyes.

Once he got used to the wind, he peered open his eyes and realised that he was high above the ground!

In the fluffy white clouds, a black silhouette flashed past. It took aim at a direction and flew towards it like an arrow shot at a target board!

“This is… The feeling of flight?”

Fang Yuan look

ed down, and through the thin clouds, he could see the entire Qingye City, as though it was a sandcastle, and the people were like ants.

From a different angle, the feeling was entirely different.

This view made him feel like he was a G.o.d!

“One day… I will become like this! I must reach this level!”

Fang Yuan tighten his grip and was determined.

The Iron-tailed Black Eagle was quick. In a few moments, it had already flown past Qingye City.

“Chirp! Chirp!”

As the sun fully set, the moon rose and a large black shadow landed just outside a city.

Fang Yuan looked at the large city and felt that it was a pity. “Oh, Qinghe County… The previous time I took so much effort just to come here, but this time it was effortless to reach here on the back of the Iron-tailed Black Eagle. Uncomparable!”

That’s right. Qinghe County, or rather, the headquarters of Spirit Returning Sect, was his target!

Fang Yuan wasn’t a person who would not retaliate. Since the Spirit Returning Sect had plotted against him, he wouldn’t mind creating trouble and confusion for the sect.

And in his plan, the Iron-tailed Black Eagle played a big part.

“If we succeed, we can return to the secluded valley tomorrow to prove that we were not here… If my prediction is incorrect and if s.h.i.+ Yutong did set up ambushes around the Sect, I can still escape with the Iron-tailed Black Eagle!”

Fang Yuan stroked its feathers and fed it a bamboo fruit. “Wait here, and hear out for my signal!”

“Chirp! Chirp!”

The black eagle nodded its head and a.s.sured Fang Yuan.

‘I have finally tamed this beast!’

The truth was that only this time after breaking through the Yin Gate and defeating the Iron-tailed Black Eagle would the eagle allow him to ride him and fly with him!

Before that, the black eagle was still proud of itself and did not really allowed Fang Yuan to touch it.

If not for that, Fang Yuan would have brought it along for his previous journey to Lieyang County.

“It really boils down to fate and skill to tame a spiritual beast!”

He knew that luck played a part too for him to tame this black eagle.

Firstly, he was lucky to have the Flower Fox Ferret to allow him to communicate with the black eagle. Otherwise, both of them could never have communicated.

Afterwards, he was lucky to have the bamboo fruit, which was exactly what the black eagle wanted.

Furthermore, with these two factors, the black eagle would still not listen to him, until he proved his worth by overpowering both spiritual beasts.

All these factors had to exist before this was possible.

Seeing how the Sect controlled the county, and even if s.h.i.+ Yutong was powerful, no one knew if she did tame any spiritual beast on her own.

The Spirit Returning Sect was a big sect, and with its headquarters here it could rule over Qinghe County.

Fang Yuan changed to a darker clothing, wore a mask, hid from the disciples on patrol and entered the sect.

He was now a martial artist of the 4 Heavenly Gates and could have his own way in Qinghe County. How would the disciples be of any match against him?

Furthermore, even if he was discovered, any Elder who came would also be no match for him.


Fang Yuan was like a headless housefly, and even almost triggered a few traps. He realised the biggest enemy in the entire headquarters was the complicated arrangement of the interior.

“Is it better for me to fight my way in, or would it be better to burn this entire place down?”

Fang Yuan did not want to resign to fate. “If this is so, I will only hurt the surface, there won’t be any pain!”

The entire Sect was huge, and based on his strength alone, even if he was a martial artist of 4 Heavenly Gates, he could only do so much damage, unless his life was in danger!

“I’ll grab the tongue first!”

He took a few steps forward, entered a large courtyard; it was like a small garden.

The night was peaceful and a few fireflies danced around.


Fang Yuan exerted his magical energy like a web, and suddenly, his expression changed and he smiled, as he approached a corner.

“Brother Tian!”

A woman’s voice was heard. “I’ve missed you!”

“Sister Ling, it was the same for me… The sect’s rules were strict, how would I dare to enter your bedroom? Luckily, the Sect is undergoing a big change now with a lack of manpower, so they chose me as the law enforcer. This was why I had the chance to visit you…”

A deep voice was heard, and it was a familiar one. “Sister Ling, I’ve missed you so dearly… One day of not seeing you felt like 3 seasons…”


Fang Yuan felt like vomiting as he heard it, and jumped out. “Ha! Who would’ve known that I would encounter two lovebirds here!”

“Who’s this?”

The couple who were sitting in the pavilion were shocked. The male disciple, without thinking, struck his palm out at Fang Yuan.

“For someone who has yet to attain inner force, you dare to challenge me?”

Fang Yuan tried to cover himself up. He had his voice deeper, and with a flick of his finger, a few stones with the strength of inner force flew towards the disciple. As he was struck, he spat out blood and fell to the ground, bringing the female disciple with him.

“Who are you exactly?”

The male disciple looked at the man in black with shock.

He was after all a [Martial Artist (5th Gate)], and was one of the leading ones among his fellow disciples, and yet he was so easily defeated over here. His opponent was indeed strong, and even his master might not be able to match up to…

“Alright… Both of you. Do you want to live or die?”

Fang Yuan tried to drag time.

After all, since this person was the law enforcer, he could take advantage of him and aid Fang Yuan in his mission. This place was a dead corner and it would take a while before anyone would come by here.


These two disciples were not hard to deal with, and after witnessing Fang Yuan’s skill, they had no other choice.

“Alright, I have a few things to ask. If you can answer me truthfully, I will leave and will not harm you two. Otherwise… Hehe…”

Fang Yuan looked at the female disciple. She was wearing a pink dress, and her skin was white as snow. She had a small mole at the corner of her mouth and was rather pretty.

“Let Sister Ling go, and just take me!”

The young man exclaimed.

“Hm… I shall ask now. Your foundation seems good, so you should have gotten the true teachings of the Sect, and practised the Spirit Returning Heart Manual, right?

Fang Yuan’s eyes glittered.

“You want to secretly learn our Sect’s inner power technique?”

The young man was shocked, but at that moment, Fang Yuan struck Sister Ling and made her faint. He smiled and said, “After you have answered me, I will awaken her, and ask her the same question, and if there is any difference, hehe…”

At that moment, the young man broke into cold sweat.


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