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Chapter 76: Extinction

Zhou Wenwu was worried and came to ask for support. Fang Yuan consoled him with a few sentences and sent him back.

After all, Fang Yuan was quite busy at that moment.Where would he have the free time to attend to Zhou Wenwu’s needs?

Back in the Green Peak.

The peak of the mountain could be seen vaguely in the cloud of fog. There was gra.s.s grown there and there was a Red-eyed White Bird flying around.

“Finally I’m here!”

Fang Yuan was wearing tight clothing. The Flower Fox Ferret and the Iron-tailed Black Eagle followed behind closely and they were all tensed up.

Even since he reached this place, Fang Yuan had been eyeing this piece of spiritual land for quite a while. However, there were huge Red-eyed White Birds guarding this piece of land and his plans on the further development of this land were all useless.

Currently, the numbers of the Red-eyed White Birds had decreased by a lot and Fang Yuan was now a [Martial Artist (11th Gate)]. He was capable to remove the Red-eyed White Birds!

“I am quite familiar with the movements and the activities of the Red-eyed White Birds already…..”

Fang Yuan hid in the cloud of fog and focused on observing any movements on the cliff.

“The Red-eyed White King Bird should be back from its hunting now….”

“Chirp! Chirp!”

After a few hours, a sound made by the Red-eyed White King Bird was heard through the strong wind.

Fang Yuan had seen the Red-eyed White King Bird flying through the cloud of fog many times. Its giant wings spread through the cloud of fog and its claws were holding onto a giant python. It then landed smoothly on a platform.

“What a great opportunity for me!”

At that moment, Fang Yuan’s eyes glittered.

The Red-eyed White King Bird was able to fly and could escape from Fang Yuan easily even though Fang Yuan was powerful enough to defeat it.

After all, even with the Iron-tailed Black Eagle’s help, it was hard to say whether he could defeat the Red-eyed White King Bird in mid-air.

“I will go to the entrance of the hole to trap the Red-eyed White King Bird later. You both will deal with the rest of the Red-eyed White Birds outside. Understand?”

Fang Yuan gave instructions to both the Flower Fox Ferret and the Iron-tailed Black Eagle.

Both spiritual beasts had become smarter as they had been drinking the spiritual tea for quite some time. Both

of them nodded to acknowledge the instructions given by Fang Yuan.

“Very well!”

Fang Yuan did not hesitate and went to the peak right away.

“Hoo! Hoo!”

At the top of the cliff, one would be mesmerised by the beautiful scenery of the Green Peak. The cloud of fog surrounded the cliff and the place suddenly felt a little smaller.


Fang Yuan breathed in hard and jumped out from a bush. He then jumped down from the cliff and landed firmly on a platform.

“Chirp! Chirp!”

Many of the Red-eyed White Birds started to make noises and came attacking with a few other spiritual beasts leading the group.

“Get…..out of my way!”

Fang Yuan exhaled a long breath and shouted loudly. Many white feathers fell to the ground and many Red-eyed White Birds became unconscious.

If Gui Wusheng was here and had witnessed that his Paralysing Scream was able to produce such effect, he would be very surprised.


On the platform of the entrance of the hole, a big silhouette appeared and it was actually the Red-eyed White King Bird. It glared at Fang Yuan and its eyes were filled with anger.

The Red-eyed White King Bird still remembered Fang Yuan for stealing its spiritual objects!

Not only did Fang Yuan come here to steal on a regular basis, he was also killing its own species.

As the leader of the Red-eyed White Birds and a spiritual beast, the Red-eyed White King Bird was very concerned about the survival of its species.

It would be much more hostile towards its enemy!

It then let out a strange noise and did not hesitate to pounce on Fang Yuan.

“Haha….we meet again. I shall send you back!”

Seeing that the Red-eyed White King Bird was charging right towards him, Fang Yuan was slightly eager to fight against it. His Iron Skin Technique was at its peak and his right palm became black and hard like iron. He then went forward and grabbed forcefully.


There was a loud noise and the platform shook. A few pieces of small rocks then fell from the walls of the hole.

The Red-eyed White King Bird then flew back to the hole quickly as it lost the battle.

It did not expect a human would be that powerful. On normal occasions, humans ran away once they see it!

“That was not satisfying enough for me, fight again!”

Fang Yuan shouted as he stepped into the hole.

Even though a spiritual beast can become stronger on its own without any training, the

the time needed for that to happen was at least 10 years and sometimes a few hundred years!

However, humans could train on their own and become stronger also.

As heaven’s movement was ever vigorous, so must a gentleman ceaselessly strive along. That was the beauty of the training!

“Chirp! Chirp!”

The Red-eyed White King Bird rolled and got up. It shook its feathers and a few pieces of rocks fell off. Suddenly, there was a loud chirp and the edges of the feathers started to become red in colour.

It became mad!

Fang Yuan triggered the Red-eyed White King Bird and caused it to become mad.

“So what if you are mad?”

Fang Yuan glanced at it and his miniature elemental force quickly surged. His muscles became bigger and he grew slightly taller. He then charged right at it.



Back in the hole, pieces of rocks were flying around and there were many shock waves.

“Chirp! Chirp!”


Outside the hole, the Flower Fox Ferret and the Iron-tailed Black Eagle were working well together. They sealed the entrance of the hole and dealt with the incoming Red-eyed White Birds.

In the past, both of them would not have been able to defeat the whole group of Red-eyed White Birds on their own. Now, with the ambush technique that they had learnt from Fang Yuan, the decreasing numbers of the Red-eyed White Birds and the benefits both of them got from the spiritual objects, their skills had improved tremendously. Not only were they able to hold the entrance of the hole on their own, they were able to defeat the large group of the Red-eyed White Birds as well.

This resulted in a big battle on the platform. Many white feathers fell onto the ground and the whole place looked as if it had just snowed.


The Flower Fox Ferret lifted it claws and smashed through one of the opponent’s head. It then jumped and managed to broke another opponent’s neck.

“Chirp! Chirp!”

The remaining Red-eyed White Birds saw what happen to the dead ones and let out a sorrowful chirp. They then retreated.

How could the Iron-tailed Black Eagle let this chance go? Even though it was of no match for the Red-eyed White King Bird, it was able to deal with the other Red-eyed White Birds and chased after the remaining ones. It managed to kill the rest in the end.

Not long after, dead Red-eyed White Birds were seen everywhere in the Green peak with a

with a few exceptions. A few remaining birds were seen hiding in their nests as they were too scared to come out.

Seeing this, both the Flower Fox Ferret and the Iron-tailed Black Eagle looked at each other before entering the hole.

The shock waves stopped and when both of them reached the end of the hole, they saw a small lake. There, a few bamboos were growing beside it and there was a huge bird’s nest.

There was a pile of rocks at a corner of the hole and a big white feather could be seen there.


Fang Yuan spat out a long breath and he reverted to his original size. His clothing was already torn into pieces and there were 3 obvious claw marks on his chest.

“The Red-eyed White King Bird is indeed powerful. It can fight a martial artist at the peak of the 12th Gate after it got enraged…..Luckily I was at an advantage and had a stronger body, if not I would not have been able to defeat it!”

Fang Yuan reflected on his battle with the Red-eyed White King Bird and swallowed a bamboo fruit to recover his power.

He sighed upon seeing the nest.

Even though the spiritual plants were precious, why would both of them be even concerned about the spiritual plants when they were fighting to the death against each other?

Hence, many of the spiritual plants in the hole were destroyed during the battle.

“Chirp! Chirp!”

The Iron-tailed Black Eagle did not consider much and flew to the pile of rocks. It then stared at the Red-eyed White King Bird.

“Oh? You can feel it too?”

Fang Yuan was surprised and went to the pile of rocks as well. “It is actually not dead. It fainted because of its injuries and its madness. Now it is definitely no match for you…..”

“Caw! Caw!”

Seeing this, the Iron-tailed Black Eagle then happily patted its wings and went off to look for spiritual objects with the Flower Fox Ferret.

Fang Yuan had a thought when he saw the Red-eyed White King Bird was now held captive.

There was no need to mention the advantage of spiritual beasts who could fly. The Red-eyed White King Bird was more powerful than the Iron-tailed Black eagle at its peak. It could become mad as well. If it was not in such a state, it would be difficult to defeat it.

Or maybe, Fang Yuan was no match for it and could probably not
could probably not be able to escape from it if the battle was in a piece of clear land!

With such power, it was ideal for the Red-eyed White King Bird to be guarding the Green Peak regardless of anything.

A Red-eyed White King Bird that was alive was way better than a dead one.

Also, even though many of the Red-eyed White Birds were killed, the young ones and the eggs remained.

“Even though the chance is slim, one has to keep on trying with that glimpse of hope!”

Fang Yuan decided not to bother it anymore and went to the nest.

This Red-eyed White King Bird was addicted to collecting objects. Most of the spiritual objects in the Green Peak were moved to its nest.

However, most of the spiritual objects now were destroyed during the battle and Fang Yuan was in distress over this.

“Besides the bamboo, there is an unknown wisteria which is still in good condition…..”

Fang Yuan then picked up a half-smashed fruit which was red in colour and had a few cracks on the surface. There was a look of distress on his face when he saw it.

How many types of spiritual objects were there in this world? With his limited knowledge about spiritual objects, he was not able to recognise all of them.

After much discussion, both the Flower Fox Ferret and the Iron-tailed Black Eagle could only give up a seed of a fruit and no one knew whether this seed could still grow into a plant.

“This spiritual land is not too big and it is sufficient to hold the whole farm….”

Fang Yuan had decided that it was necessary for the Questioning Heart Tea Tree and the Flame Jade Rice to be relocated to the Green Peak.

“I shall leave a portion of the land to try and grow the Vermillion Fruit. It should be able to grow….”

Fang Yuan felt happy about the plans that he had made for the new spiritual land.

With the removal of the Red-eyed White Birds, no one would be stopping him from making good use of this piece of spiritual land in the Green Peak.

“I should continue digging further to see if I can save a few of the other spiritual plants!”

After much calculations, he was in distress and started digging.

‘Kacha! Kacha!”

At that moment, a wall which had no cracks on its surface finally collapsed and crumbled into pieces of rocks. A secluded and dark tunnel was then revealed.


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