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At his journey of earning points from the poor outer circle students. w.a.n.g Ling found it odd that the academy was actually letting him continue accepting challenge. Normally, if someone like him who is too unbridled and untamed appeared, the teachers of the academy will teach him a lesson.

But on the two days he duped the students on challenging him, by not only mocking the students he also beaten up Liang Xinya and broke her arm. The academy said nothing to him and turned a blind eye and acted as if nothing was wrong.

w.a.n.g Ling have three ideas why this was so: first is that the academy was using him to temper their students: second is that the empire is actually backing him as his father have connection to them: third is both.

Well whatever the reason may be, w.a.n.g Ling was thankful to the unhindered path of earning points.


Fighting, that’s what w.a.n.g Ling had been doing since he came back from the Martial Hall. Becoming public enemy number 1 and gaining the hatred of many students both man and woman. w.a.n.g Ling fought like he was a madman and continued racking up points.

One more day before the expedition, w.a.n.g Ling’s opponents begun to dwindle. They stopped coming to him for duels soon after beating some kid named Ras.h.i.+ki. No, that’s incorrect because the reason they stopped coming was because when w.a.n.g Ling beat Ras.h.i.+ki and Zhenya with overwhelming force.

Ras.h.i.+ki and Zhenya, two of the three greatest geniuses in the outer circle challenged him in a one vs one duel before fighting him in a one vs two. The fight was actually lackl.u.s.ter as w.a.n.g Ling only had to give them one hit each before they start writhing in pain.

Without any opponent willing to challenge him, w.a.n.g Ling decided to leave at that and went to some place called [Treasure Hall]. The Treasure Hall was the place where the points a student earns inside the academy can be exchanged.

From his fights, w.a.n.g Ling has 18,700 points. He fought dozens of people just to collect these points and w.a.n.g Ling was willing to part with them to gain some cultivation resources.

Upon entering the Treasure Pavilion, w.a.n.g Ling was subjected to scornful looks. With him being as infamous as he was and having a trademark of only having one arm, w.a.n.g Ling can easily be seen in a crowd.

But w.a.n.g Ling just brushed these scornful gazes. He was here to exchange for resources not to deal with unnecessary troubles. Either way, if someone challenges him, w.a.n.g Ling will welcome them with an open arm.

Inside the Treasure Hall w.a.n.g Ling was greeted by a student who doesn’t seem to have anything against him. The student who welcomed him had a smile on his face as he was asked.

“Might I ask how may help you?” this person had a smile on his face.

w.a.n.g Ling looked at the student and found rather pleasing to the eyes, “I want to exchange my points for treasures. Does this place provide any form of list that I can browse through?”

The student nodded his head and took out a scroll that contained the list of exchangeable resources in the Treasure Hall. w.a.n.g Ling accepted the scroll and said nothing any further.

He browse through a great number of cultivation and raised a brow after seeing the needed points to exchange a [Draconian Leaf] that is used by people who is on the energy palace stage.

-Draconian Leaf: 3,000 points

-Raging Tempest Fruit: 3,500 points

-Geocentric Lotus: 5,000 points

w.a.n.g Ling knitted both his brows and frowned at the sight of the point requirement of the cultivation resources. w.a.n.g Ling have over 18,000 points and he had thought that it was enough. But from the looks of it, he was wrong.

He needed large amount of spirit qi in order to form his energy palace. Meaning, he needed an astronomical amount of resources. Actually, he actually needed at least 10,000 spirit stones to fully build his energy palace.

However, w.a.n.g Ling also wanted to exchange something that is flame attributed so he can lower the difficulty of forming his Chaos Spark. He had seen two such treasures that matches his preferences.

-Phoenix Flame Flower-10,000 points

-Infernal Salamander Magma Essence: 8,000 points

Two different treasure that have the flame attribute he needs. Although he can get them here and now as he has over eighteen thousand points. w.a.n.g Ling was hesitant.

He can break through tonight if he only buys the Infernal Salamander Magma Essence and 10,000 spirit stones. The exchange of points and spirit stones is 1 for 1. One point for a spirit stone.

But w.a.n.g Ling wanted both Phoenix Flame Flower and the Salamander Magma Essence. He knows that if he can get his hands on this two items, he will be able to completely prepare his body for the Chaos Spark’s appearance.

[Should I save my breakthrough for a later date?]

w.a.n.g Ling was thinking for a while but in end, he gave up the idea of taking two treasures.

[Breaking through energy palace stage is more important. The White Dragon Valley is riddled with Savage Beasts that is on the border of evolving to Spirit Beast.]

w.a.n.g Ling was strong, but his limit was a middle-energy palace enemy. If he wants to have the chance of winning over stronger opponents. Then breaking through is a must.

He decided to just get Infernal Salamander Magma Essence and 10,000 spirit stones. He exchanged the points and went back to his dorm. It was still noon but w.a.n.g Ling was already going to enter deep into seclusion to break through the next stage.

Upon returning, w.a.n.g Ling closed his doors and immediately sat in a cross legged position on top of his bed. He then took out the 10,000 spirit stones and started piling them around him.

It took him a while but he eventually managed to set it up in the end. w.a.n.g Ling then took out the Infernal Salamander Magma Essence that was inside a jade bottle.

The jade bottle was not big. It was only about five inches big and was fully filled with the Infernal Salamander Magma Essence. The Infernal Salamander Magma Essence was liquefied and was boiling inside the jade bottle. But oddly enough, w.a.n.g Ling felt no discomfort handling the jade bottle.

The jade bottle was made to hold treasures that is liquid state. The inside of the jade bottle is no reflected on the outside. The Infernal Salamander Magma Essence was hotter than magma, it could burn the dorm w.a.n.g Ling was staying in to the ground.

But because of the jade bottle, no such thing will occur unless w.a.n.g Ling starts pouring it out intentionally. w.a.n.g Ling adjusted his state of mind and opened the jade bottle.

Instantly after opening the bottle, the searing heat escaped. w.a.n.g Ling immediately made his move and circulated his supreme spirit qi to guard his body both inside and out from the heat.
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Without any hesitation, w.a.n.g Ling ingested the Infernal Salamander Magma Essence with a big gulp and the explosive heat suddenly burst. A heat so extreme pervaded all over his body, he could feel it both inside and out.

His body convulsed as his pulse began to rise. His sweat fell as if it was a waterfall with no end. w.a.n.g Ling’s body that had already been used to the heat of different flames was trying to cope with the explosiveness of the Infernal Salamander Magma Essence.

With the presence of the Infernal Salamander Magma Essence inside his body, w.a.n.g Ling began to use his supreme spirit qi to work and started a.s.similating it with his body.

The heat from tyrannical flames was damaging w.a.n.g Ling’s body but at the same time nouris.h.i.+ng it by reshaping it.

As the a.s.similation of the Infernal Salamander Magma Essence was happening. w.a.n.g Ling also used the momentum of the tide of spirit qi that was pouring inside his body

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

He started attacking the last barrier of the sky root stage. He wanted to pierce the barrier as soon as possible and quickly form his energy palace. Both his supreme spirit qi and h.e.l.lish qi was put to the test as w.a.n.g Ling started to circulate his qi to its limits.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Crack!

The first crack was heard. w.a.n.g Ling was ecstatic and quickly began a brutal onslaught of attacks on the barrier without rest. Soon, the cracks began to spread and multiplied at a rapid pace.

w.a.n.g Ling didn’t let up as used this opportunity to make the final push that he needed!

“Break! Break! BREAK!” w.a.n.g Ling bellowed as the final barrier that limits from creating his energy palace was destroyed.

w.a.n.g Ling had broken through sky root stage and can now be considered as a half-step energy palace stage. Most cultivators will be happy now that they have reached this stage, but w.a.n.g Ling was unsatisfied and continued onwards.

With his roots piercing both the earth and the sky, w.a.n.g Ling’s senses has achieved synergy. Above his spirit ocean, mist started to form. The mist overtook everything and hid the roots that pierced the earth and skies.

The nine qi pillars that was suspended above the spirit ocean descended. The nine qi pillars descended and little by little, w.a.n.g Ling’s aura was rising as its descent continued.

The formation of his energy palace was beginning. The mist surrounded the qi pillars and it began to congeal. The vague image of a palace was beginning to form. With the nine qi pillars standing tall at its entrance, the palace glowed a dark golden light.

w.a.n.g Ling circulated the Overturning Nine Heaven Art and the h.e.l.l Dominator Body at the same time and mixed his two qi that was present inside his body to form the unique energy palace.

His spirit qi was quickly drained out of his body, the nine qi pillars that held his spirit qi were all empty but a continuous flow of spirit qi kept flooding his body.

The 10,000 spirit stones that was on the physical world was quickly being drained by w.a.n.g Ling. As if he was a whale that had opened its mouth on the ocean, the gush of spirit qi coming in to his body was enough to make any normal human implode.

His body was being filled with to the brim with spirit qi yet his Cosmic Energy Palace does not seem to have enough. His body was slowly getting reformed by the gushes of spirit qi and was experiencing a cleansing and purification.

The endless flow of spirit qi did not only formed his energy palace but also his body. From his bone marrows to his muscles: from his veins to his meridians: to his internal organs to his skin. w.a.n.g Ling’s every nook and cranny was being reformed.

The tattoo of the Devil Wings on his back began to s.h.i.+ne a dark golden sheen. A terrifying qi of slaughter that originated from h.e.l.l came out of his body.

His bloodline was roaring as it too began to absorb the spirit qi of the surrounding.

Bloodline, body, and Cosmic Energy Palace was being refined and being formed. The three took time before settling down as it finished what they ought to achieve.

His bloodline had been purified to some extent. His body that was being refined by both the excessive spirit qi and the Infernal Salamander Magma Essence was nearing completion.

His body started to itch as an icky black substance started coming out of his pores. The impurities that had remained in his body started coming out making his body all the more perfect and stronger.

w.a.n.g Ling did not care about the foul odor of the impurities as his attention was in his energy palace. The energy palace was the house of his soul that will lead him to the path of the saints and celestials.

The cosmic energy palace gradually formed. The overbearing aura of the palace that was meant to exist to house the whole cosmos was immense. Made from the pillars that could hold the cosmos and even the universe, the energy palace that w.a.n.g Ling was creating was going to become the strongest.

The 10,000 spirit stones at this moment was drained but w.a.n.g Ling had yet to finish the formation of his energy palace so he began absorbing the surrounding spirit qi.

At a fifty meter radius, w.a.n.g Ling began absorbing the sprit qi. The fifty meter area radius of his became a vacuum as he absorbed and used the spirit qi being drawn by him to form his Cosmic Energy Palace.

The energy palace glowed brighter and brighter. The aura of his supreme spirit qi and h.e.l.lish qi made the Cosmic Energy Palace look like a tainted golden palace. The spirit qi of the world and himself began coalescing and as energy peak, a m.u.f.fled explosion happened and the mist that was surrounding the spirit ocean was sucked in by the nine qi pillars and then the energy palace.


The s.p.a.ce that was inside w.a.n.g Ling’s body began to rumble as the Cosmic Energy Palace is created. w.a.n.g Ling had finally reach energy palace stage.

[I’m finally here!]

w.a.n.g Ling said as he celebrated.

As he was celebrating, an unnoticeable tear appeared on the s.p.a.ce of his spirit ocean. The tear on the s.p.a.ce was just like how w.a.n.g Ling’s body came to possess the h.e.l.lish qi as it was connected to some other plane of existence.

The h.e.l.lish qi came from the depths of h.e.l.l, as for this tear: the answer is still unknown.


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