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Chapter 90: 90

[Third Examination Area]

There were 3 examination locations in the ThunderG.o.d Academy . These 3 places represented the 3 continents of the realm, but that doesn’t mean that only people of the ‘continents] could enter the academy as even the youngsters of the central regions were all keen into entering the academy .

There were numerous kinds of people present in every examination . Especially so for the ThunderG.o.d Academy that doesn’t discriminate with its students . Whether you be a spirit beasts who achieved your human form, a devil cultivator, a human, an elf, or anyone else who seeks strength .

All can enter the ThunderG.o.d Academy as long as you qualify . However, the compet.i.tion in this place was the most intense in comparison to the other six . This academy’s compet.i.tion was so intense that it had been reflecting on their examinations for the past millennia .

The no barred examination of the ThunderG.o.d Academy was an infamous event in the central region, It was like that because many geniuses that met their death in that place were high in numbers .

The examination area of the ThunderG.o.d Academy could be considered as a forbidden grounds if you only look at its death count for the past millennia since its inauguration . But it was also seen as a holy land by those who seek to temper themselves .

That place was a place where no law existed other than to pa.s.s and survive the one week . If you die, then that only means you weren’t up to par with the challenge . But if you win? Then you will experience a change that can give you an edge against all of your peers .

The most dominant people of the third examination area were examinees who had reached the nascent soul stage . Although there were energy palace stage examinees, some of the better ones could hold their grounds against nascent soul stage examinees .

Those of the energy palace stage may seem like sitting ducks but those energy palace stage cultivators who’re on the crafty side were already ama.s.sing great numbers of thunderous spirit .

Everyone in the third examination area was running around trying to destroy the plaque of other students just so they can earn an extra thunderous spirit .

It was currently noon of the third day . The sun was hatefully glaring at everyone in the examination grounds .

Advertis.e.m.e.nt One particular examinee was wandering around the third examination grounds looking for a beast or a spirit beast she can kill to earn some thunderous spirit . She was only 14 thunderous spirits away from elevating her plaque into bronze plaque .

She was moving with great speed . However, her movements halted when a white fox cutely walking along was caught on the corner of her eyes . She stopped to look at the fox and her heart was almost instantaneously captured by the white fox’s charms .

The lady looked around to see if anyone else was in the area before deciding to take that white fox with her . Anything can be taken from the examination grounds if they can do so .

The lady runs towards the white fox . But it seemed the white fox was startled by her sudden appearance run away . The lady smiled and activated her movement techniques to catch up to the white fox .


Her explosive movement rendered the air and she reached the back of the white fox in the blink of an eye . The lady reached her hand out to catch the white fox . But as soon as she did, an explosive boom was heard and cloud-like mist erupted out of the white fox . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

The white fox disappeared and the lady became confused, “Where is it?”

The lady questioned herself . She wasn’t expected any answer for she was alone, but someone answered her in a cutesy voice .

“Over here, b.i.t.c.h!”

As those words were said, a great pressure bore upon the back of the lady . The lady was smashed onto the ground and as a black tiger pressed upon her back like a huge mountain .

The lady became even more confused . Where did this black tiger appear from? Was it working with the fox? d.a.m.n, if that was truly the case, then she was really stupid for falling for such a trick .

She felt embarra.s.sed, but the anger and infuriation in her heart were burning even brighter than her embarra.s.sment .

The lady was a level-3 nascent soul stage cultivator . She could tell that the beast on her back was only a level-2 stage beast . She was stronger .

Smirking, the lady’s body erupted with lightning . She wanted to shock the beast away and used five of her qi pillars as good measure . Sparks of lightning exploded out of her body and she began to scream .

But as she did, the feeling of helplessness appeared in her heart . Because the beast on her back was not moving an inch, despite being electrocuted with her fierce lightning .

“Stop it . That little shock of yours is not even going to match a tribulation . Now, just stop it and follow my commands . ” The black tiger spoke in an oppressive tone .

“What do you want?” The lady answered while being press down on the ground .


The ground below her started having web-like cracks as a greater amount of pressure came from the paws of the black tiger . The sharp claws of the black tiger started digging through her back .

“Arrrrggghh!!!” the lady screamed .

“Don’t speak and don’t scream . I don’t want noise, do you want to die?” as soon as the issue of death was put on the table, the lady stopped her screams . This made the black tiger smile .

“Good, now, I will let you leave once you give me all your valuables!” the black tiger lifted its foot from the ground, but still gave the lady a slap on the body to flung her into a nearby tree, making the tree sway as the lady groaned in pain .

With the black tiger’s slap, a few of the lady’s bones cracked . One of her broken ribs even stabbed into her lungs making it hard for the lady to breathe . This made the lady fall deeper into the fear of dying .

Although the lady could indeed hold out by using her spirit qi to suppress her injuries . That could only last for so long before she runs out of spirit qi and thereby dying . She needed to get out of the examination grounds altogether .

Pressing on the lady’s head with its enormous paws . Threatening to smash it at any given second . The black tiger began stating its demands .

“Now, take out your valuables or else your blood will become a decoration for this tree over here . ” The black tiger’s threats coupled with the increasing pressure on the lady’s head became a very effective threatening method .

A storage ring was tossed onto the black tiger as soon as possible . She could die if she displeased the black tiger . This action of her meant that she had some brain after all .

The black tiger took it from the ground and checked its contents . It smiled after knowing that this lady was pretty stack . The Iron Plaque was also there .

With a pleased smile on the black tiger’s dangerous-looking maw . It took out the plaque and presented it in front of the lady .

“I just need to crush this and you will be sent out of this place, correct?” the lady heavily nodded her head .

The plaque in the hands of the students was only to collect thunderous spirits . But it was also a way to escape the examination grounds .

The plaque was built in a way so it will send out any students that had their thunderous spirit taken away . That way, once the thunderous spirits were taken, the academy will know who the ones who failed .

The black tiger smile and the sounds of something breaking and cracking were heard .

However, it wasn’t the plaque cracking .

The lady began to despair as her face contorted in pain as she screamed, “You said you will let me out!”

“Well, I didn’t say you were getting out this realm, didn’t I? I only meant you will be able to leave this world . ” With a mischievous smile .


The head of the lady was smashed to bits and blood, together with bits of brain matter exploded away as the hopes of the lady were crushed by the black tiger .

Bai Xue began remembering how many times she had done this with numerous examines . But every time she sees their hopeful faces of getting out of there alive suddenly turn to great despair, Bai Xue cannot help but enjoy it .

Stretching out her back, she noticed that it was already high noon and it was time for her to come back and sleep . It had been her daily routine to sleep . First throwing a spirit plant on her mouth and then transforming into a Phoenix, she returned to the make-s.h.i.+ft cave w.a.n.g Ling created for himself .

They have been here for the last three days and w.a.n.g Ling had still yet to try and kill anyone for thunderous spirits . But Bai Xue had been doing all kinds of mischievous things . Like killing everyone that is tempted to take her away with her cute looks as a white fox .

She had dozens of stupid examinees fall for that every time she does that little trick . Bai Xue returned and found w.a.n.g Ling was still recuperating .

Shrugging her shoulders, she found a spot on top of his lap and stayed there for a while . She does not know when exactly, but she quite finds it rather comfortable to stay on w.a.n.g Ling’s lap when she sleeps .

Why? She doesn’t know . But if she had to guess, it must have been because she fit on the s.p.a.ce it had making it extremely comfortable .

Bai Xue fell asleep soon after .

Everyone in the examination grounds was doing their best . It was only given that to do so, but one particular examinee had no inkling of doing so .

w.a.n.g Ling was waiting and recuperating . And finally, on the fourth day, he opened his eyes and mumbled .

“It should be time for harvest . ” He stretched his body and was just about to stand up when he saw Bai Xue resting atop his lap .

He smiled as he caressed her fur .

“Well, it could wait for a little bit . ”


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