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After guessing the other person’s ident.i.ty, Luo Qingyun should’ve been hostile towards him. But it was strange, she just couldn’t hate this woman who could become her rival in love.

She looked so refined, and her small, plain, white face was painted with no harm.

A pair of dark eyes, big and full of spirit energy.

Compared to the aggressive temperament that Zheng Baozhu gave him, she looked just like an inexperienced little girl.

He was immersed in his own world, never raising his head to look anyone in the eye.

Secretary Ding, on the other hand, had been staring at her several times from her left. He seemed to want to remind her of something, but she completely ignored him.

Luo Qingyun was somewhat puzzled as she observed her. Suddenly, she felt her gaze and suddenly raised her head.

Their gazes met, and Luo Qingyun instantly felt as if she was caught in her gaze. Her expression became somewhat awkward.

However, the girl only glanced at her once before the corner of her mouth lifted slightly. She gave her a somewhat unnatural and even somewhat stiff smile, but it was not a smile filled with hostility.

Luo Qingyun returned the smile with a greeting and quickly retracted her gaze as she stared at the food on her plate.

“Qingyun, accompany me to toast Secretary Ding.” At this time, Su Qizhe’s voice rang in her ears.

Luo Qingyun turned around and glanced at him. Then, she nodded her head. The two of them raised their cups and toasted Secretary Ding.

Secretary Ding happily clinked cups with them and finished the wine in the cup. Then, he looked at Su Qizhe and asked, “Second Young Master Su, how should I address this young lady beside you?”

“Secretary Ding, my name is Luo, Luo Qingyun.” Luo Qingyun hurriedly introduced herself at this moment.

“So it’s Miss Luo. Miss Luo is also an executive of the Hautet Corporation?” Secretary Ding asked with a smile on his face.

Luo Qingyun was about to open her mouth and say no, but she didn’t expect Su Chen to directly say before she could say anything: “No, she’s one of the employees of the Housekeeper Department of our Hao Ting Hotel. I’m here, she’s in charge of taking care of me.”

“So she is Mr. Su’s housekeeper. Miss Luo looks young, so she must be very responsible for her work. That’s why she can hold such an important position.” Secretary Ding looked at Luo Qingyun without any prejudice.

As for Luo Qingyun, she felt a burning sensation on her face.

In truth, if Su Chen Hao had just introduced her as his personal butler, it would have been better.

But before that, there was an additional person. She was a member of the Housekeeper Department. This meant that she was only a temporary housekeeper.

Even Ye Fei, the general manager of the hotel, didn’t have the right to sit at this table to accompany her. Even Ye Fei, the general manager of the hotel, didn’t have the right to sit at this table to accompany him.

It was unknown if Su Qize saw the distress in Luo Qingyun’s heart, but at this moment, he spoke up, “Big Brother, you forgot to tell Secretary Ding that Miss Luo is still mine …”

As he spoke up to here, he purposefully paused for a moment before looking at Su Chen Hao. Su Chen Hao saw that Su Ming’s eyes were wide open as he looked at him menacingly.

“Where’s my good friend?” At this moment, Su Qizhe spat out the second part of the sentence with a smile.

Hearing the words “good friend”, Qiu Ye was finally relieved.

He was really afraid that Su Qize would say that Luo Qingyun was his wife, and things would become complicated.

After all, Luo Qingyun’s relations.h.i.+p with Su Qize had never been officially announced to the public.

The fact that Luo Qingyun was the second young mistress of the Su Clan was something only a few people knew. As long as everyone did not divulge this news, the outside world would not know about it.

“So she’s a friend of the second young master. It looks like Miss Luo is indeed a capable person. To be able to become Mr Su’s housekeeper, and also become a friend of the second young master.” Secretary Ding said with a smile.

“Secretary Ding, you’re too kind.” Luo Qingyun said humbly.

Secretary Ding then said, “Mr. Su is new in W City and probably doesn’t know much about this place. Tomorrow, I will arrange someone to take you around and let you know more about W City.”

“There’s no need to trouble yourself. I know you’re busy with your work and have a lot of things to do, so you don’t have to worry about me.” Su Chen Hao opened his mouth and refused.

Secretary Ding waved his hand. “It’s no trouble at all. No trouble at all. “To be honest, it could also be considered as me taking private matters into my own hands.”

After saying that, he looked towards the girl who was eating something in silence with her head lowered, “This is my daughter. She is in her fourth year and will graduate in the second half of this year. Since she was young, it’s rare for her to have such a good opportunity. I want her to study together with an outstanding person like you, Mr. Su, so please give her a chance and let her be your tour guide for two days. However, if Mr. Su feels troubled, then just pretend that I didn’t ask. “

“Secretary Ding, you think too highly of me. I’m afraid …” Su Chen Hao glanced at the girl and was about to refuse, but Su Qize spoke up at this moment, “Secretary Ding, please don’t let this beautiful daughter of yours be my guide for my big brother. I’ll tell you the truth, my big brother’s temper might not be able to teach Miss Ding anything, but it will scare her instead.”

“This …” Secretary Ding only thought that Su Qize was rejecting his suggestion on Su Chen Hao’s behalf. Although he felt a little disappointed in his heart, he didn’t show it. He only felt some regret.

Su Qize spoke up again, “Secretary Ding, you should also know that the main purpose of my brother’s visit to W City was to make a field trip to see the movie and television project as well as the surrounding environment and so on. I don’t think he had much time to play around in the city. Since you want to train your daughter, why not let her be my guide? It’s not that I’m boasting, I’m definitely more talkative than my big brother. “

Secretary Ding didn’t expect Su Qize to take the initiative to step forward and ask his daughter to be his guide. While he was puzzled, he was also somewhat happy inside.

“Then I’ll be troubling Second Young Master. If my daughter has places that she can’t handle, please take care of it, Second Young Master.” Secretary Ding immediately said.

“There’s no need for Secretary Ding to be so polite. If the one in trouble is me, then I will have to trouble Miss Ding to take care of me.” At this moment, Su Qize turned his gaze towards Miss Ding who was diagonally facing him.

He saw that the girl was looking at him with her bright and clear eyes, revealing a puzzled expression.

After the meal, Secretary Ding talked about everything from business to private. In the end, he received an important phone call. He had to settle some official matters, so he ended the dinner.

Su Chen Hao walked at the front and Luo Qingyun followed behind him as they walked out of the restaurant.

Just as the two of them were chatting softly, a clear voice suddenly came from behind: “Mr. Su, please wait.”

Su Qize heard this and subconsciously turned around. He saw Ding Ran standing behind him with a red face and a pair of beautiful big eyes looking at him innocently.

“Miss Ding, what do you need me for?” Su Qize asked.

Ding Ran nodded.

At this time, Luo Qingyun said: “Qize, I’ll go up first.”

Su Qize nodded and then turned to look at Ding Ran. “What is it? Say it. “

Ding Ran looked around and found that there were quite a few people around. He said, “Let’s find a place where there aren’t many people.”

“A place without many people?” Su Qize’s face suddenly revealed an evil smile. “Then, why don’t you go to my room?”

Hearing this, Ding Ran nodded, “Sure.”


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