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Now that things had progressed to this point, Huo Zui was still sitting there as steady as Mt. Tai, as if he was waiting for something.

Throughout the entire auction, he had not called out a single bid. She Meixin didn’t even know how he managed to sit at the first table in the very front. Not only that, she was the sole ruler of a region.

As for Wu Wei, he seemed to have no interest in this auction either. Other than bidding for He Yunmeng’s book at the beginning, he didn’t bid much either. Instead, Guo Caimei bought some priceless items.

“Angel’s Temptation” had a slight pause at fifty million.

The auctioneer wasn’t in a hurry to shout it out. He knew this was not the price this necklace was going to be auctioned for.

Sure enough, not long after, when Ye Rong saw that Wu Wei did not bid, he could not hold himself back anymore. She raised the number plate in his hand and shouted, “505 million.”

This five hundred thousand yuan was a bit disgusting. He Mei could not help but look down on him in her heart. If you want to buy this kind of thing and you can’t scare others by raising the price, you can just wait to be exhausted to death.

“80 million.” Sure enough, Ye Rong had only raised the price by 500,000 and someone immediately raised the price to another price range.

This price was too high, and it made anyone who had fantasies about this money chain lose all hope in their hearts.

However, He Meixin never expected that the person who would suddenly raise the bid would be Huo Jianji, who was standing by her side.

Did this guy have his head caught by the door? Other people would raise the price by several million and several hundred thousand, but he, the old man, would immediately raise it by several tens of millions … Is this thing really that good? The person who made him spend so much, even willing to buy a few million books for his son, was actually willing to spend so much money to buy a necklace. It was best not to let it be Lily. If that little witch received this gift, she would definitely die from smugness.

“80 million. The president of the Huo Group offered 80 million. Is there anyone else willing to bid?” This time, even the auctioneer was excited. He could not not get acquainted with others, but he had to get acquainted with Huo Jianji.

“One hundred million.” Just as the auctioneer finished his sentence, Wu Wei spoke indifferently. His voice was not loud, but it attracted everyone’s attention.

That’s right. In this venue, the only ones that could compete with the Huo Group were the Green Light Corporation and the other leading industry companies. However, they seemed to be uninterested in this necklace.

He Mei thought that Guo Caimei said she was going to give this thing to Ye Rong as a present. Seeing that Wu Wei actually spent so much money to buy this necklace, she became angry, s.n.a.t.c.hed the number plate from Huo Jiu’s hands, and shouted, “200 million.”

‘Relax, I’m going all out! d.a.m.n it! I still have three hundred million, I just can’t let that woman succeed! ‘

As soon as she called out her price, it immediately attracted everyone’s attention. It was as if she could hear everyone’s discussion.

“Who is this woman?”

“It doesn’t seem to be a lily.”

“Did Young Master Huo change a new pet?”

“Really?” Didn’t they say that the Huo Corporation was going to get married to the Star-Moon Corporation? Could something have happened? “

“I bet it is. No wonder Lily didn’t come today …”


Everyone was discussing it arrogantly, but in He Mei Xin’s eyes, it was just a necklace. She was feeling very excited.

At this moment, because of her earlier heroic roar, it was as if she could see Ye Rong Rong’s distorted face.

Inexplicably, he felt a little refreshed in his heart …

“Two hundred million. This lady has offered two hundred million, is there anyone willing to offer a higher price?” The auctioneer was excited as well. His voice sounded as if he had been drugged.

After a long silence, He Mei turned her proud gaze towards Ye Rong Rong. Weren’t you from the Wealthy Cla.s.s? Don’t you have a family? Putting up a price, aren’t you trying to flaunt your wealth? Shout …

Ye Rong Rong was also scared by this price. She almost had no hope of getting this amount of money, but when she saw He Mei Xin’s face, she couldn’t stand it any longer and stood up abruptly. She raised her sign and shouted, “250 million.”

At this point, the eyes of the entire world were focused on Ye Rong, He Mei’s ears were p.r.i.c.ked up as she started gathering information from all around.

“Isn’t that the gold of the Ye family? Weren’t their shares plummeting recently? How could there be so much money left to buy such a luxury item? “

“That’s right. It is said that the Ye family is being suppressed by a few new businesses that have emerged. Their output value has been falling year by year. I heard that many banks have stopped their lending business.”

“But that’s hard to say. No matter what, the Ye family is the elder brother of the domestic j.a.panese companies. The banks that you talked about must have stopped borrowing from them because this is a company under the protection of the government. How could it collapse so easily?” “Even if it breaks down, there are still three kilograms of nails left on the broken boat.”

“I really didn’t know that the Ye Clan’s daughter still had that much money to spend on jewelry …”

“You’re dumb, didn’t you see her sitting with Young Master Wu of the Green Light Corporation? “With the Wu Clan’s support, who knows, this necklace might be the Wu Clan’s bridal gift …”


The gossip continued to spread like wildfire. However, He Meixin was no longer excited.

She thought sinisterly, “Hmph, with only an empty sh.e.l.l left, how dare you make it so public, I’ll let you buy the necklace and see where you can get so much money.”

Wu Wei definitely wouldn’t spend so much money to buy her a necklace. Although he knew that his parents didn’t want them to be together, she still had a lot of confidence in him.

Without another word, her face brimmed with the smile of someone who had succeeded in his evil scheme. That smile grew bigger and bigger, until it almost broke out into a smile.

“Mommy, are you okay?” She Yimeng asked in horror when she saw He Meixin’s smile.

“Darling, Mommy’s fine. Mommy’s really too smart, hahahahaha …” He Meixin covered her stomach with her hands as she laughed unsteadily.

The auctioneer was very calm. He waited for two minutes, and seeing that no one was bidding, he started hammering.

“250 million going once.”

No one paid any attention to him.

“250 million going twice.”

No one paid any more attention to him. By then, Wu Wei had already put on his coat and was about to leave.

Seeing this, Ye Rong Rong became a bit anxious.

“250 million going thrice. Deal.” This “Angel’s Temptation” is yours. ” This hammer strike was too valuable, 250 million, ah! He Mei’s heart trembled.

Wu Haotian and Guo Caimei also put on their coats and got up to leave the venue.

She Meixin was feeling very happy when she saw Ye Rongrong’s stupefied expression.

In fact, if Ye Rong had only added 10 million or even a few million, She Meixin would have fought her, but she was too impulsive, too anxious, and added 50 million in one go. This miser, He Meixin, would definitely not lose her mind, she only had 300 million in total, so if she had to spend 200 million just to buy this thing, she would probably lose her mind.

Impulse is the devil…


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