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Chairman Husband, Too Boorish is a web novel made by Shui Nen Ya, 水嫩芽.
This lightnovel is presently ongoing.

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Chapter 74: Who was the man from two months ago?

Confronting Liang Jingshan’s sharpness, Yan Liang just smiled lightly. “Miss Liang, since you said so firmly. Why would you come to me? In fact, it’s like you said, your fiance is totally dedicated to you. Therefore, was it better for everyone to forget about the past? Why take troubles to heart[1]? It doesn’t matter to me whether I work together or not.”

{TN: [1] 耿耿于怀/gěnggěngyúhuái an idiom mean brooding or bother}

Liang Jingshan looked at the Yan Liang on the opposite side. Facing her provocation, she seemed to be stable and proper. There was no embarra.s.sment on her (YL) face or the lonely look she (LJ) expected to see. She was smiling through the corners of her lips from the beginning to the end. She was somewhat discouraged, but without a doubt, she was not resigned to it nevertheless.

For what reason can she smile so carelessly?

Obviously, the person who lost was her. How could she still pose such a high posture in front of her?

Liang Jingshan stretched her hand and stroked her hair. She said firmly, “Yan Liang, I know that you are not convinced. I also know that even if I said to you like this, you wouldn’t want to leave. However, I’m here today. You have to leave EC. I know my elder brother is very protective of you, but it’s useless. Your position will not be yours. Even if you are following my elder brother, shamelessly now. Someone will replace you in a short time. Do you understand? At that time, it will be more humiliating. It’s better to resign now.”

Yan Liang’s heart shook slightly. Her face was still as usual, and her voice also calmed, “Is it? Let’s talk about it then. If I make any mistakes in my work, Chairman Liang will fire me. I have no complaints.”

“Bai Yan Liang, why can’t you listen?” Liang Jingshan looked at her as if she can’t sprinkle oil and salt. The fire in her heart was burning more and more. She stared at Yan Liang’s two perfectly shaped thin lips. Her eyes were like cold stars. “You think someone like you can stand together with my big brother? Stop dreaming! With your ident.i.ty and your filthy body, let alone my eldest brother. Even Zhiyuan, who was with you before, may not look at you anymore! “

Yan Liang suddenly raised her head. Her usual indifferent eyes suddenly became a bit sharp, “What did you say? Hey.”

“I said you’re not clean…” Liang Jingshan held her mouth abruptly. It was because she finally realized what she was talking about. Due to her wrath as well as her loose lips. Her face flashed indifferently

Of course, she quickly lowered her eyes and started the topic with guilt conscience, “…You, didn’t you hear clearly? Anyway, with your ident.i.ty, you are unlikely to fly higher to the branches and become a phoenix. I know you are not convinced. I said I will give you money to compensate you … “

“That’s not what I want to hear.”

She said that a moment ago. Yan Liang heard it very clearly!

She said that her body was filthy!

Filthy body!

How could Yan Liang forget it? Before they hadn’t completely fallen out, Liang Jingshan also asked her, what was her relationship with Ning Zhiyuan. At that time, Yan Liang really regarded her as her best friend. Thus, she told her everything.

“Zhiyuan and I have this kind of relationship like holding hands and having meals together. We have kissed, but we haven’t reached the last stage.” When she said these words, Liang Jingshan seemed to disagree. However, she said confidently: “Zhiyuan is not that kind of man. I want to keep the best of everything until the wedding night. Although I am not too pedantic, I think this is the best wedding gift that I can give my future husband.

How could she forget it?

That was just a few months ago… she said it to her clearly.

In other words, Liang Jingshan knew very well that she, Bai Yan Liang, was a… virgin.

However, what she said just now. She said ‘her filthy body’…

What made her say this sentence with certainty? Obviously, she must have known something. It was because two months ago, she had indeed lost the first time she had carefully treasured.

But how did Liang Jingshan know that?

“What you’re going to hear isn’t these. I don’t know what you’re talking about!” Liang Jingshan knew that Yan Liang was not stupid. In addition, what she said had slipped through her loose tongue.  If this thing went further, she was afraid that Yan Liang would know something. She quickly stood up and said calmly: “I’ll just say the words till here. Think about it yourself. I advise you to still listen to me. It’s for the best that you leave EC obediently——ah. What are you doing?”

Before she could finish speaking, Yan Liang stood up in a hurry and grabbed her wrist.

The calmness disappeared from her face. Yan Liang’s eyes were acute, and her tone was forceful, “Liang Jingshan, what you just said, I want you to repeat it again! Don’t play dumb. You know that, don’t you? “

“…You, you let go! I don’t know what you’re talking about. What do you know? I don’t know anything!” Liang Jingshan refused to admit it as she struggled, “Bai Yan Liang, what are you doing? Let go. Do you hear me? Otherwise, I’ll call someone. I’ll say you’re going to hit me when someone comes in! I don’t think you can deal with it and stay here any longer! “

She subconsciously stuck out her lower abdomen, “I’m a pregnant woman. You let me go quickly!”

Yan Liang turned a deaf ear, “Liang Jingshan, don’t hide about him. What happened two months ago has anything to do with you?”

“…W-What? What are you talking about?” Liang Jingshan’s temple was throbbing and had a bad feeling.

She knew that Bai Yan Liang’s brain was turning fast and smart, but she didn’t expect that her mind would be so clear this time. She just said the wrong thing, and she would be a.s.sociated with things from two months ago…

“Liang Jingshan! I have always regarded you as my best friend. Even if you robbed my boyfriend from me, I really resented it, but I’ve never thought about robbing you. Don’t tell me this kind of thing isn’t enough? If you really know anything about what happened to me two months ago, I hope you can tell me!”

The last sentence was almost pleading.

Of course, she wanted to know who the man was two months ago. She didn’t have any clue at all now. She was still pregnant. She didn’t know who the child’s father was. In the past two days, she had been under too much pressure. If it wasn’t for the work that made her temporarily forget the baby in her stomach, she wouldn’t know what she would do now.

But now she suddenly seems to has hope, Liang Jingshan… she might know who the man was. How could she let it go?

“Liang Jingshan, tell me. Who is that person?”

Yan Liang hadn’t thought about the worst side this time. She felt that most were what Liang Jingshan saw. She never thought that, in fact, everything that night was designed by Liang Jingshan.

“What kind of person is this person? Bai Yan Liang, what is this madness? I don’t know what you’re talking about. You quickly let go of me! Do you hear me?” Liang Jingshan was feeling guilty as a thief [2]. She won’t admit anything.

{TN: [2] 做贼心虚/zuòzéixīnxū is an idiom means to have sth on one’s conscience}

Yan Liang kept pulling her wrist tightly and refused to let it go. Liang Jingshan was anxious and struggled hard. As a result, she was too strong. Liang Jingshan accidentally touched the corner of the table beside her. Yan Liang looked at her body that was about to into it. She quickly loosened her hand yet didn’t want to let go at the same time, which made Liang Jingshan lose her balance completely. The entire person looked back——

“Ah… Don’t…!”

Liang Jingshan screamed. Yan Liang’s complexion changed. At this time, she couldn’t care about anything. She just wanted to go forward and held her but only had time to keep her in the corner. However, she was not spared. She sprained her ankle, and one of her hands was heavily knocked on the small seat. Her skin on the back of the hand was punctured and was bleeding. She gasped in pain.

“What happened?!”

Suddenly, another male voice came from the door. It turned out to be Yu Jingwei, the director of the design department that happened to pa.s.s the reception room. He heard a small movement inside the room. He pushed the door open and saw that both women fell to the ground. Liang Jingshan seemed to cover her lower abdomen with a painful expression.

Yu Jingwei dropped the material in his hand and hurriedly ran over, “Miss Liang. Are you okay, Miss Liang? Miss Liang…”

“She… she pushed me…” Liang Jingshan covered her belly with one hand while pointing her finger to Yan Liang’s nose. Her face was slightly paler, “Hurry. Hurry up and send me… to the hospital… I have a baby… My child must be fine… “

Yu Jingwei’s face was very unsightly. He looked at Yan Liang with questioning eyes, “What’s going on?”

Yan Liang’s heart was bitter for a moment. She didn’t seem to push her too hard, right?

In fact, she just didn’t think it would turn out to be like this. She was also careless…

However, if Liang Jing Shan didn’t take advantage to resolutely hit herself in this situation, then it would be letting Liang Jing Shan’s IQ down.

She pursed her lips. She hid the injured hand behind her back and lowered her eyes. “Director Yu, you had better take Miss Liang to the hospital first.”

Yu Jingwei was just a director in the end. This kind of thing, which he had achieved, was already considered as”meritorious service.” Naturally, he will not waste too much time talking about it at this time. Presently, he picked up Liang Jingshan from the ground and said in a very proper way: “Miss Liang, don’t be offended.  Now, it’s not good to move randomly. I will carry you and take you to the hospital immediately.”

Liang Jingshan, however, grabbed Yu Jingwei’s collar and said, “…Call someone. Inform my brother…”

“Miss Liang, please rest a.s.sured. I will inform Chairman Liang. I will take you to the hospital first.”

Yan Liang’s heart sank to the bottom in an instant.

She knew what Liang Jingshan’s purpose was. She had wanted to get rid of her, herself. This was simply a perfect opportunity. At that time, she just needed to shed a few tears in front of Liang Xi Cheng. Moreover, a little bit more seriously, she might be charged with “attempted murder”.

She bit her lip and watched Yu Jingwei hold Liang Jingshan out of the reception room. After thinking about it, she took a heavy step and followed them.

No matter what, she can’t escape. She didn’t know whether there would be any real problems with Liang Jingshan. At least she will follow her to the hospital to determine her specific situation.

It was just that her feet… hurt so much. She seemed to be unable to walk.

Yan Liang endured the pain coming from her ankle and stepped on it forcefully. She then walked to the elevator step by step.


Yan Liang sprained her left foot. She only needed her right foot to step on the accelerator. That was the reason why she can still drive a car.

When she parked the car, she found out that Liang Xi Cheng’s car also happened to be parked in front of the hospital.

The man personally drove the car himself, and respectfully helped to open the door. The extraordinary man bent over and got out of the back seat. He then strode toward the hospital gate.

Yan Liang specially waited for Liang Xi Cheng to enter the hospital entrance as she got out of the car.

Her ankle still hurts a lot, but walking slowly was not a problem.

She inquired about Liang Jingshan’s location at the hospital’s information desk. The nurse just told her that the patient was still in the emergency room. Yan Liang was pondering for a moment. Nevertheless, she braced herself and got on the elevator.

The emergency room for the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology was on the fifth floor. Yan Liang came out of the elevator and saw the door of the emergency room opened. She then saw Liang Jingshan lying on the bed that had been pushed out.

She paused subconsciously and leaned slightly towards the corner of the wall. Due to her distance not too far away, she clearly heard the conversation between Liang Xi Cheng and the doctor.

“Doctor, how is my sister?”

Liang Xi Cheng’s voice sounded a little anxious. Yan Liang knew that when she went to school long ago, Liang Jingshan would say that her eldest brother was very good to her when he was not strict. As long as she didn’t step on his bottom line, he would indulge her.

Her heartfelt was even more restless…

Will Liang Xicheng blame her then?

No. Blaming for what? Maybe he felt she was like a bad woman because she couldn’t stand Liang Jingshan before and pushed her…

“Chairman Liang, rest a.s.sured. Miss Liang didn’t have any trouble. She’s experiencing mild symptoms of a miscarriage. However, both mother and child are fine as long as she rests and is nursed for a few days.

The doctor’s words made Yan Liang relax a little bit.

Fortunately, she was fine.

In this way, she has one less “wicked beyond redemption” crime. If Liang Jingshan’s baby was gone because of her mistake. She believed she would have a twinge of guilt.

“Yan Liang, what are you standing here for?”

Ning Zhiyuan just received the phone call. Then he hurried to the hospital. Who knew that as soon as he got out of the elevator, he saw Yan Liang secretly leaning against the wall. He didn’t know what she was looking at. He went forward and patted her on the shoulder. He discovered that Liang Jingshan and Liang Xicheng were not far away.

And the voice he just made was clearly heard by Liang’s brother and sister that were not far away.

Liang Jingshan had not been in a coma. Her mind was very clear. When she suddenly heard Ning Zhiyuan’s voice, she lifted her head slightly from the bed with her elbows. She called him weakly, “Zhiyuan…”

Ning Zhiyuan was still a little embarra.s.sed to stand in front of Yan Liang. However, in this situation, he would, of course, run toward Liang Jingshan.

Just when Liang Jingshan saw Yan Liang standing there, her face suddenly turned pale. She grabbed Liang Xi Cheng’s side and said, “Brother, it was Yan Liang… Did Director Yu tell you?”

Yan Liang, she… She pushed me down with her own hands. If it wasn’t for Director Yu that happened to pa.s.s by the meeting room, I might have… “

 Yan Liang’s long eyelashes trembled. The phrase “I didn’t push you” seemed to be stuck in her throat. When she raised her head, she saw the look, Liang Xi Cheng had thrown at her——

All of the voices seemed to be blocked in her throat all of a sudden. She looked at the man who stood tall in a daze.

For the first time, she didn’t want to avoid his deep and bewildering eyes.

For the first time, she longed to see some emotions coming from the bottom of his eyes. At that time…

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