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Chapter 158: Divine Sword Origins

Since things have already developed till this stage, what else could Little Fatty possibly reply? He shook his head helplessly, “Why not I give it a try?”

“That’ll be the best!” ShuiJing smiled and looked towards Han Bing’er, “Will junior sister release her spiritual artifact?”

“Alright!” As Han Bing’er heard that, she did not say anything else. With a wave of her hands, a 3 foot long transparent Divine Ice Soul Sword appeared.

Seeing this legendary spiritual artifact, everyone present could not help but inhaled a deep breath; especially Gong YuHan, he stared so intensely to the point his eyeb.a.l.l.s almost fell out. As such, when Little Fatty was still hesitating and afraid, Gong YuHan stepped out first. As he attempted to grab the Divine Ice Soul Sword, he shouted, “I don’t believe that I am not able to suppress this treasure!”

As everyone saw that, they were astonished and could not help but frowned at his actions. Since it did not concern them, they all did not stop him. As for Han Bing’er, she only maintained her cold demeanor and only laughed coldly.

Only ShuiJing could not help but be worried and shouted out of goodwill, “Be careful!”

The overconfident and blinded Gong YuHan completely ignored what ShuiJing said. Using his hands which were already filled with a chilly Qi, he grabbed the hilt of the Divine Ice Soul Sword with confidence.

Just when his hands were a few feet away from the Divine Ice Soul Sword, the Divine Ice Soul Sword trembled and emitted a white divine light.

The divine light which the Divine Ice Soul Sword emitted and the chilly Qi from Gong YuHan’s hands collided with each other. Everyone saw the chilly Qi on Gong YuHan’s hands dissipate, and the divine light rushed towards Gong YuHan’s hands without any obstruction like wind sweeping through the leafs.

At this moment, Gong YuHan’s felt despair in his heart. The moment he touched the divine light, he understood just how scary the divine light was. The strength of the chilly Qi was not something which he could stand up against. His own chilly cultivation was completely insignificant in the eyes of the divine light. If the light were to penetrate his body, he would probably die.

Gong YuHan was scared out of his wits and did not dare to flaunt any longer and retreated. At the same time, he began shouting, “Junior sister Bing’er, hurry up and ask it to stop!”

Gong YuHan was after all the young temple master of a large sect. It also wouldn’t be good for Han Bing’er to allow him to die under her sword. After hearing his pleas, she hurriedly suppressed the divine light of the sword with a snap of her fingers.

Despite that, it was already too late. The divine light of the Divine Ice Soul Sword was just too quick. Despite both their quick reactions, Gong YuHan’s right hand was still struck by the divine light and a wave of cold air infiltrated his arm.

Everyone then saw Gong YuHan’s right hand slowly become transparent. His bones, muscles and everything slowly became an ice crystal with his clothes being reduced to dust instantly.

Not just that, the cold air was not satisfied with merely a hand. It still continued to work its way up his right hand. Everywhere it pa.s.sed, clothes was reduced to dust and bones transformed into crystal.

Despite Gong YuHan fully activating his cultivation method, he was still unable to stop the divine light. If this were to continue, he would definitely end up becoming an ice sculpture.

Thankfully, ShuiJing reacted quickly; with a snap of her fingers, a golden light flashed by. A World Coin then amputated Gong YuHan’s right arm.

This was really a close call, the moment ShuiJing amputated his arm, the divine light had already spread to the place where his arm was amputated. If she was any slower, the light would have infiltrated his body.

The unfortunate right arm was completely infiltrated by the divine light and smashed into ice dust the moment it landed on the floor. Even a magical artifact ring on his right hand wasn’t spared and became ice dust.

Seeing this, everyone could not help but take in a cold breath of air. They never expect that the automatic retaliation of the Divine Ice Soul Sword would be so frightening, scaring everyone silly on the spot.

Only Han Bing’er was completely unsurprised and said, “Just now, I had released my control over the Divine Ice Soul Sword to make it easier for senior brother Song to use it. But when I did that, the might of its retaliation is no longer under my control. The strength of it was completely at the level of a spiritual artifact. It wouldn’t be too surprising for it to destroy magical artifacts!”

As Gong YuHan heard that, he almost fainted from anger and thought to himself, ‘Why couldn’t you have said that earlier, then I wouldn’t have taken such a risk.’

But, no one forced him to take the sword, thus it was his just desserts. No matter what, Gong YuHan was also an outstanding disciple and still possesses some good demeanor. As such, he did not make a fuss out of it and said with a bitter laughter, “Just take it that I’m unlucky! Thank you, junior sister ShuiJing for saving my life!”

“It’s a small matter not worth mentioning!” ShuiJing said with a smile, “Senior brother also do not need to be too sad. The Lesser Cold Temple had countless of precious medicine. I believe that regrowing an arm of yours isn’t anything too difficult!”

“Ah ah, that’s also true! Thank you for your consolation. I will go and dress my injuries, you guys please continue!” Gong YuHan replied with poise and went to the side to treat himself. At the same time, his eyes were fixated on Little Fatty as he said to himself inwardly, ‘Even I who cultivated a chilly cultivation method isn’t able to do it. This darn fatty like you wants to control the Divine Ice Soul Sword? I don’t believe it. Just wait for you to be the same as me and lose your arm!’

In actual fact, Gong YuHan was not the only person who thought that way. Almost everyone present also had the same thought. Thus, they stared at him as though they were looking at a dead man.

The usually calm Little Fatty had also lost his cool this time. No matter how confident he was, he wouldn’t dare to easily try and control a berserk spiritual artifact. Especially when this spiritual artifact had just crippled someone!

Thus, Little Fatty said to ShuiJing in worry, “Junior sister, are you sure you want me to grab it?”

“Yes, don’t worry. Everything will be fine!” ShuiJing said with a smile.

“It had already become like that, how can it be fine?” Little Fatty could not help but point towards the ice dust on the floor and say with a bitter laughter, “Junior sister, if you want to toy me to death, please change a different method. At let me have a complete corpse.”

Seeing the usually ferocious Little Fatty scared witless, ShuiJing also didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Thus, she took out a World Coin and played with it while saying, “Senior brother rest a.s.sured, you will definitely be fine. Even if anything happens, I will save you immediately. At the very most, you will lose a finger!”

As Little Fatty heard that, he almost fainted and complained, “Junior sister, even a finger is still part of me.”

“Senior brother, what kind of a time is this already. Why are you still hesitating? If you still continue nagging, all of our lives will be lost!” ShuiJing then said seriously, “Don’t tell me you want junior sister Bing’er to risk her life to save you? Then what kind of man would you be?”

“This~” As Little Fatty heard that, he was immediately at a loss for words. He naturally could not bear for Han Bing’er to die. Thus, he could only say helplessly, “Alright, then let me try it. But please pay careful attention, so you can save me if something goes awry!”

“Don’t worry senior brother, this little sister is prepared!” ShuiJing said with a smile and showed Little Fatty the World Coin in her hands.

As Little Fatty saw that, he felt a little more relieved. Then, he took a deep breath and slowly reached out his right hand towards the Divine Ice Soul Sword.

At this moment, everyone stared at Little Fatty’s right hand nervously. Especially when his right hand was only 3 feet away from the Divine Ice Soul Sword, everyone held their breath. When Gong YuHan tried previously, he was attacked at this distance.

But this time, the Divine Ice Soul Sword did not have any reaction, allowing everyone present heaved a sigh of relief. Especially Little Fatty, he became relieved and slowly reached out to the sword.

2 foot, no reaction. 1 feet, still not reaction. Half a feet, just when he was about to reach, the Divine Ice Soul Sword began to tremble and everyone’s heart trembled with it.

But, the Divine Ice Soul Sword did not emit a divine light like previously. Instead, it let out a gentler white light reaching out towards Little Fatty’s hands. It made it seem as though it was a small child reaching out towards a foreign object.

Despite Divine Ice Soul Sword’s tranquil approach, Little Fatty was still frightened by Gong YuHan’s plight. The moment he saw the white light approach him, he immediately withdrew his hands back.

But at that moment, Han Bing’er shouted out in surprise, “Senior brother don’t be afraid. It does not have any malicious intentions. That is not the ice soul divine light, it is only its spiritual sense!”

As Little Fatty heard that, he was relieved and allowed the white light to touch his hands. After coming into contact with it, Little Fatty immediately entered a mysterious state. He suddenly felt his brain filled with a scene of a completely frosted world. A world where there were endless ice mountains spreading out over thousands of kilometres. After millions of years, it finally had a sentience and began cultivating on its own. Then, it slowly shrunk in size until it became a sword, the Divine Ice Soul Sword!

At this moment, Little Fatty completely understood the origins of the Divine Ice Soul Sword. This was a sword formed by thousands of kilometres of mountain ranges! No wonder it had such a frightening might and could be considered a 9th grade magical artifact!

As Little Fatty was admiring the formation of the sword, he also felt the majesty of the mountains, the coldness of ice and the real mysteries of the ice soul divine light. In it contained the heavenly laws and obscurities of nature, allowing Little Fatty to have a deeper enlightenment.


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