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Chapter 222: Mutual Deception

“What?” As SongZhong spoke, SiYu and SiYun were both startled, “How can we do that? How will you be able to fight the Black Shark King and his subordinates all alone?”

“That’s right, at the very most, let us kill all of these b.a.s.t.a.r.ds! Anyway, it will not require too much effort!” Mu ZiRong also said hastily.“No no no!” SongZhong hurriedly waved his hands and said, “You cannot attack them now!”

As Mu ZiRong heard that, she could not help but say, “Brother Song, things have already developed to such an extent and you are still going to take care of these heartless b.a.s.t.a.r.ds?”

“It is not that I want to take care of them, it is just that this isn’t the right time to do so!” SongZhong replied with a helpless laughter, “Although they are injured, they still have some ability to fight. No matter what, killing all 50 of them will require some time. That Black Shark King is not an idiot either. Once he sees us fighting, how is it possible for him to just watch silently? He will definitely make use of that opportunity to take action and we will be surrounded by enemies if that’s the case! Rather than letting things turn out like that, why not let us send away all of these parasites to make sure our hands are not tied up in battle!”

“That’s right!” Dan QingZi then said, “If that’s the case, then let us send them off! I will stay behind to accompany you!”As SiYun and SiYu heard that, they also hurriedly said, “We will stay behind too!”

Although Stone did not say anything, he stood behind SongZhong with utmost resolution. Obviously, he was a sentimental person as well and planned to repay SongZhong for saving him from the Eagle King’s hands. As for Old Poison who was from the same team, he pretended as though he could not see a thing and did not say anything at all!SongZhong expected this in his heart and did not have the energy to take care of Old Poison right now. Thus, he could not be bothered with him. He only said to Dan QingZi, SiYu, SiYun and Stone, “I appreciate your kind intentions. But if I were to be a little blunt, you guys will only be creating trouble for me if you stay behind with your strength! Actually, the only reason why I would stay behind is not because I seek death, but it is because I have the confidence of escaping! Will all of you believe me for once and listen to my arrangements?”

When everyone heard him say that, they knew it wouldn’t be good for them to persist any further and they all nodded in agreement. Seeing that, SongZhong nodded his head in satisfaction. Then, with a lightning fast speed, his arm landed at the back of Mu ZiRong’s neck, knocking her unconscious.As everyone saw that, they were immediately dumbfounded. SiYu and SiYun then hurriedly asked, “Junior brother Song, what are you doing?”

“Ah, it’s like this!” SongZhong pretended to be helpless as he explained, “You guys also know, Mu ZiRong tends to stick to me. If I am going to persuade her to leave with you guys, she will definitely not listen to me. Thus, I can only knock her out. In future, I will hand her over to you guys. Please bring her back safely for me, alright?”As he said that, SongZhong lifted up the unconscious Mu ZiRong and handed her over to SiYu and SiYun. Only then did everyone understand SongZhong’s actions, making them extremely touched from how much concern he had for Mu ZiRong. SiYu and SiYun had their perceptions of SongZhong changed as they received Mu ZiRong and said seriously, “Do not worry, we will ensure her safety, even if we were to die!”

“Haha, that’s not necessary!” SongZhong replied as he thought to himself, ‘Actually, I treasure you two much more than this b.i.t.c.h! So you two should be taking care of yourselves instead!’

The reason why SongZhong would knock Mu ZiRong out was not to protect her. Instead, it was so that he could free Mu’er to have a complete Nine Beauties Painting in battle later. Because Mu ZiRong still hated him in her heart and knew about the existence of the Nine Beauties Painting, it was impossible for SongZhong to let her go like that. Thus, he decided to knock her out directly. This way, she will not be able to say anything if she is unconscious. When he returns alive, he would just need to wake her up.

However, SiYu and SiYun misunderstood him and thought that he was cracking a joke out of them. Thus, their faces turned red involuntarily, making SongZhong stunned at this soul-stirring sight.

However, he quickly regained his senses and waved his hands with a carefree smile as he said, “Alright, that’s all. I will stay behind while you guys leave!”As he said that, he ignored the cheesy expressions of grat.i.tude from behind and flew a few feet ahead. Then, he said to the Black Shark King proudly, “Black Shark King, if you can promise to let them go, I will surrender myself!”

“Really?” As the Black Shark King heard that, he replied joyfully, “Are you serious?”“Of course I am!” SongZhong then added, “However, you must let them off first!”

“En?” As the Black Shark King heard that, he asked with caution, “Brat, don’t tell me you are scheming something?”

“What kind of scheme can there be?” SongZhong said with disdain, “Although they will leave, I will be staying here. Don’t tell me the Black Shark King with so many of his subordinates would be afraid that I will escape?”As the Black Shark King heard that, he also thought that it made sense. Thus, he shouted out, “What a joke, why would I be afraid of your escaping? Forget it, let us do as you wish. Little ones, let a path out for them!”

Following the Black Shark King’s command, everyone found out that there suddenly appeared a crack in the downpour enough for their black boat to pa.s.s through.

As SongZhong saw that, he was also certain that the Black Shark King would not have any traps at this time. If he did that, it would only make matters worse. Thus, he cupped his hands and said, “Everyone, please take your leave!”

“Bye bye!” All of them responded excitedly. As for Dan QingZi, SiYu, SiYun and Stone, they had faces full of reluctance.

As SongZhong saw that, he smiled and said telepathically, “Go, go. After you guys are out, get rid of all those baggages immediately and go back with the fastest speed possible! Perhaps, I may already be waiting for you guys when you return!

Only after hearing that did they feel more energised. Then, they all began to take their leave.Before they leave, SiYu and SiYun finally set aside their reservations and said to SongZhong telepathically, “Junior brother Song! This time we are serious, if you are able to come back alive, both of us sisters will definitely present our bodies to you!” As they said that, they looked at SongZhong deeply for a moment before running away.

As SongZhong heard that, he was elated, and he could not help but reveal a smile.The Black Shark King who was monitoring the situation was taken aback by SongZhong’s smile as he thought to himself, ‘Why is this darn fatty still so happy even though he knows he is dead for sure?’ As such, he asked in curiosity, “SongZhong, you are already about to die, what are you so happy about?”

“Can’t be helped, I am just such an optimistic person by nature!” SongZhong replied with a laugh.

As the Black Shark King heard that, he replied with distrust, “Optimistic? I don’t think so. Don’t tell me you are scheming something?”“I am in the Ten Thousand Mile Downpour Formation surrounded by ten thousand sharks. Do you think I can have any plans?” SongZhong replied with a smirk.

“This~” As the Black Shark King heard that, he was immediately at a loss. He just could not imagine what kind of a plan SongZhong would have, thus being at a loss in that instant.

Seeing that, SongZhong could not be bothered with him and floated in the air with a smile, enjoying the downpour around him while waiting silently.After an hour pa.s.sed, the Black Shark King began to grow impatient and said, “SongZhong, the time is about right. They are definitely long gone by now, it is time for you to surrender.”

“Why are you in such a rush?” SongZhong replied with a smile, “As the name suggests, this Ten Thousand Mile Downpour Formation of yours spans over a distance of 10,000 miles. Even if we are in the centre of the formation, they will have to fly 5,000 miles at the very least in order to escape. With their tortoise pace, an hour definitely isn’t enough. At the very least, they would need two hours! No matter what, you are the famous Black Shark King of the Eastern Ocean Surveillance Corps, don’t tell me you don’t even have the patience to wait for two hours?”

“Hmph!” The way SongZhong argued made it impossble for him to be too overbearing. Since he had already waited for an hour, another hour would be over soon if he were to just bear with it. Thus, he just snorted coldly and did not say anything else.

Very quickly, another hour pa.s.sed and the Black Shark King shouted out again, “SongZhong, now a whole two hours has pa.s.sed already. They should be out of the Ten Thousand Mile Downpour Formation already. It is time for you to fulfil your promise right?”

“No rush, no rush!” SongZhong shook his head and said again, “They are just too slow, they are so much slower than the speed at which your Ten Thousand Mile Downpour Formation moves. What if I surrender now and you chase them down immediately. If that’s the case, then wouldn’t I have died for nothing?”

As the Black Shark King heard that, he scolded, “SongZhong, you dare to look down on my reputation as the Black Shark King?”“This Big Brother!” SongZhong only retorted with a cold laughter, “There is no law in the Eastern Ocean. Being the Black Shark King of the Eastern Ocean Surveillance Corps, you can also be considered to have a name for yourself in the Eastern Ocean. You actually have the cheek to mention something like reputation to me? This is obviously insulting my intelligence! Can you please spare me that nonsense?”

When the Black Shark King heard that, not only was he not angry. Instead, he burst out into laughter, “Good, good, you have a way with words. In all honesty, I did indeed have the thought of taking care of you first then chasing the rest of them down. Since you are so familiar with how things work, I shall not put on an act any further. Forget it, I will just let them go!”“If that’s the case, thanks!” SongZhong replied without surprise.

“You don’t need to thank me. After all, it was only a trade between us! However, since I let them off already, you have to give me an accurate time of when you will surrender right?”“Of course, of course. I estimate that you will not be able to catch up to them in another half a day. At that time, I will surrender myself!” SongZhong replied calmly.

“Half a day? Are you serious this time?” The Black Shark King asked with doubt.

“Definitely the truth!” SongZhong said with an honest look.

“Alright, I will give you another half a day!” The Black Shark King said as slapped his thighs.

“If that’s the case, thanks!” SongZhong replied with a smile.

“No need for thanks. I only hope that you will not play with me any games half a day later!” The Black Shark King said.

“I won’t, I definitely won’t!” SongZhong said with a smile.

He replied without any hesitation at all. However, when half a day pa.s.sed and the Black Shark King asked him again, SongZhong replied while shrugging his shoulders, “Half a day? You must have heard wrongly! I said three days!”


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