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Chapter 240: Meeting A Baldie At Night

Seeing Song Zhong exuding killing intent, the Naked Skinning Witch could not help but break into cold sweat, hurriedly saying: “I don’t dare, don’t dare!”

“It’s best you don’t dare!” Song Zhong snapped, “Since that’s the case, then we shall set our objectives on Jade Bamboo Island. After we get hold of it, I will be the island master, and Naked Skinning Witch shall become the Vice Island Master!”

“Ah! Can I really?” The latter asked, obviously in high spirits.

To which Song Zhong replied gleefully, “ Of course! Since when did I, Song Zhong ever went back on my words!” Shortly after, he raised his cup of liquor and exclaimed “ Come! Let us  toast to our foreseeable victory by finishing our wine!”

“Cheers!” To which everyone harmoniously replied, followed by a swift guzzling of their wine.

After days, a black boat emerged within just a thousand li from the island’s east coast. On this bamboo-filled circular island, a mountain at its centre which measures over many thousand feet resided in the centre. On the snow-encrusted mountain peak, lay countless bamboos sprouting ever so much more than those residing around the island.

Though the island appeared safe, no living person has been spotted there. However, as the black ship approaches the apex of the mountain, streaks of light swiftly appeared with groups of men of mysterious origins immediately surrounding the ship.

One of the men dressed in a black cloak pointed to the black ship and shouted, “ Who are you death-seeking b.a.s.t.a.r.ds who dare trespa.s.s bamboo island? Do you people have a death wish?!”

Shadows were detected lurking around on the boat. Soon, theses shadows materialised into human figures, of which, four beauties stood upon the boat with two men standing alongside them. One of these man, about 2.7 meters tall, with a masculine build, floated across to the black cloak man and said with a cold grin: “Such bold words from a mere being like you, eh?”

The person who said this was without question, Song Zhong.

The black cloak man went into a daze after being scolded by Song Zhong, thinking that Song Zhong was someone with a notorious reputation. Upon his realisation, what stood in front of him was a mere completed foundational cultivator, much weaker than himself who was a middle JinDan cultivator.

“Such insolence from a youngster!” Replied the black cloak man, as he shivered in anger. “Where did this fatty come from who dares to show disrespect to I, the master?” added the black cloak man.

Unsatisfied by being scolded as a fatty, Song Zhong replied with a face filled with anger, “With a person of such trash standards, you call yourself a master? Hmph. For a person of such sub-par skills, you sure know how to act big! But do you know what kind of a miserable outcome you will have from acting big in front of me?!”

The black cloak man only saw red, and exclaimed, “The only thing I know is you are about to die!”

The black cloaked man created a meteor and directed it to Song Zhong, All Song Zhong saw was a scarlet-red palm filled with a foul aura.

With a distance of a few hundred feet from Song Zhong, a palm-print emerges from the trembling hands, viciously being pointed at Song Zhong’s forehead.

Unfazed, Song Zhong avoided it with a grin. Just when the red palm was about to touch Song Zhong, a green glow suddenly emerged from Song Zhong to block the attack. With such a divine light, it has effortlessly avoided the black cloak man’s attack.

Based on normal logic, the difference between a foundational and JinDan cultivator was insurmountable. However, Song Zhong defied all logic to actually block an attack from a JinDan cultivator, such a weird scene made the attacker stare in shock.

He did not even have the chance to recover as Song Zhong rushed in like a bolt of lightning, appearing in front of him before ruthlessly slapping him. 

As the JinDan cultivator saw that, he did not dare to be careless. He quickly raised his hands, shooting out a strong red light to block SongZhong’s attack. However, he had still underestimated SongZhong’s strength. He had never imagined that SongZhong’s body was even stronger than a peak 5th grade demonic beast, capable of beating the peak 5th grade Black Shark King to death.While the red light shield of this JinDan cultivator was also mystical, how could it be compared to the strength of the Black Shark King’s body? Even the Black Shark King was not able to endure SongZhong’s fists, how would he be able to block SongZhong’s slap?

Thus, under everyone’s witness, SongZhong’s slap had demolished the red light in an instant, with the remaining force of the slap continuing towards the JinDan cultivator. Following which, with a crisp ‘piak’, the JinDan cultivator was sent flying like a top by SongZhong’s slap. Finally, he landed on the ground in a miserable state. Not only was his body filled with mud, his face was swollen with blood flowing down from the corners of his lips. As he opened his mouth, he had to spit out a few teeth before speaking.

But right at this moment, SongZhong’s sarcastic voice sounded, “Brat, let me tell you, this is the pitiful outcome of acting big. Just like you, acting big to the point you become a fool!”

As the black dressed cultivator heard that, anger attacked his heart. Together with the internal injuries from SongZhong’s slap, he spat out a mouthful of blood and fainted on the spot.As the cultivators by the side saw that, they were all taken aback. They never imagined that such a strong JinDan cultivator would be slapped into submission by a darn fatty. This, isn’t this too much of an exaggeration? Since when was a foundational cultivator even stronger than a JinDan cultivator?

The commotion here naturally alerted everyone else who was hiding in the Green Bamboo Island. A short while later, a few sword lights shone and more JinDan cultivators arrived. An old man dressed in red then took a step forward with a frown. “Can I ask if you are the famous SongZhong?”SongZhong turned and sized up the opponent, realizing that he was a completed JinDan cultivator who looked like he was 70 to 80 years old. With a face full of wrinkles, he still applied on make-up and dressed in blood red, looking extremely disgusting.

With a single look, SongZhong became extremely unhappy. Thus, he did not even bother with the pleasantries and sneered, “It is I!”

As SongZhong said that, everyone present were startled. SongZhong’s reputation was just too huge recently. As such, they all could not help but pay more careful attention.

As the red dressed old man heard that, he first frowned. Then, he said with a smile, “So it is younger brother Song. For you to come here from afar, I wonder what you need?”

“Of course!” SongZhong did not say anything else but take out his Eastern Ocean Island Head Warrant with pride, “I have taken a liking to your Green Bamboo Island. All of you scram immediately!”As the cultivators around heard SongZhong’s impolite words, they were all angered. The red dressed old man then scolded, “SongZhong, don’t go too far! You have to know that our Thousands Desire Sect isn’t easily provoked!”

“Haha!” SongZhong then burst out into laughter, “With just all of you repulsive fellows present, what’s so difficult about provoking you? If I want you to scram, that is already giving you a lot of face. If you guys are smart, you will scarm immediately. If not…”

“If not what?” The red dressed old man asked with anger.

SongZhong then floated up and said with arrogance, “Hmph, if not, I will kill all of you useless things here! It can also be considered to be removing evil for the world!”At this moment, SongZhong finally had the charisma of an expert. While he was only a foundational cultivator, he was able to force the Lightning Eagle King to retreat, kill the Black Shark King and push back the Eastern Ocean Three Demons. There was an unexplainable imposing aura which he gave off.

While everyone around were all powerful cultivators with a dozen of foundational cultivators and JinDan cultivators present, they did not dare to step up in the face of SongZhong’s imposing aura. They were all suppressed by SongZhong’s aura.

But just at this moment, when SongZhong was pressuring the crowd, there was a loud laughter which came from afar.

“Jiejiejiejie~”Following this ghostly laughter, the whole Green Bamboo Island was surrounded by it. The might of the laughter made the Naked Skinning Witch and gang all become unsteady, before finally falling flat on the black boat.

Even SongZhong was also shaken to the point he grew dizzy, unable to support himself.

Thankfully, this laughter lasted for a short period of time only. Following which, a black figure appeared behind SongZhong, akin to a ghost.

Then, a vicious voice sounded, “Ai yah yah, isn’t this the darn fatty, SongZhong, from the Mystical Sky Yard? I have missed you to death!”While others would feel unfortunate when they heard it, SongZhong was almost frightened to death as he heard it. He could not help but tremble as he heard the voice. Taking a deep breath, he mustered the courage to look turn around and take a look.

Indeed, this person who was dressed in black was just the person SongZhong was thinking about, Old Devil Feng from the Thousands Desire Sect!

The moment SongZhong saw that him, his face turned green from fright. You have to know, Old Devil Feng’s hatred towards SongZhong was something which would never be erased.

At the battle outside the Jade Green Screen, as a YuanYing cultivator, a finger of his was sliced off through the combined effort of the XianTian SongZhong and Han Bing’er. This already made him lose a great deal of face. However, SongZhong ambushed him at that time and had the 9th grade spiritual artifact to a.s.sist him. While it was embarra.s.sing, it was still acceptable.

But the previous time, he was completely unable to explain himself. Because of a single Wind Essence Rock, SongZhong used a Lesser Movement Talisman hidden within it to send him to the Shifting Towers of the Mystical Sky Yard. He was then beaten half dead by the three YuanYing cultivators and then captured alive!

This was something that was far too embarra.s.sing. A YuanYing cultivator was actually being played in the palm of a foundational cultivator junior. When this matter was spread out, Old Devil Feng became the laughingstock of the whole Vast Mountain, unable to lift his head up.

As such, he made an oath to kill SongZhong when he left the Mystical Sky Yard.

However, SongZhong was also not a fool. Ever since then, he did not leave the Mystical Sky Yard, not giving Old Devil Feng the opportunity to kill him. But after so many years, when SongZhong was only in the Eastern Ocean for a few months, this old man actually chased followed him here.

Right at this moment, Old Devil Feng looked at SongZhong with excitement, “Brat, are you happy to see this old man?”

“Happy?” As SongZhong heard that, he said with bitterly, “Your appearance reminded me of an unfortunate event in the secular world!”

“En?” As Old Devil Feng heard that, he asked with an interested smile, “What event?”

“A little monk knocked on the door of a widow’s house at night. But instead of the widow opening the door, it was a bald man!” As SongZhong said that, he almost wanted to cry.

He was trying to narrate how he thought that the whole Green Bamboo Island was filled with a bunch of insignificant characters. He thought that he was able to capture the Green Bamboo Island as easily as destroying the door of a widow. But, he never imagined that in the insignificant characters, there was actually an old baldie. In the end, he ended up being the prey!“Hahaha!” As Old Devil Feng heard SongZhong’s interesting a.n.a.logy, he burst out into laughter,

After waiting for Old Devil Feng to finish laughing, SongZhong suddenly thought of a matter and asked, “Senior Feng! I have only been in the Eastern Ocean for two months! How did you rush over so quickly?”

“Hehe, brat, this is all thanks to the beauty behind you!” Old Devil Feng said with delight.

SongZhong was first stunned. Then, he turned behind to see the Naked Skinning Witch leaving the black boat and appearing in front of Old Devil Feng calmly as she paid her respects, “Paying my respects to senior granduncle!”

“Quickly get up, good child!” Old Devil Feng laughed, “If not for you informing me, I would not be able to find this darn fatty up to now!”

As SongZhong heard that, how would he not understand what was going on? It was obvious that he was betrayed by the Naked Skinning Witch. The Green Bamboo Island was nothing more than a trap!

After he understood this, his face turned black as he almost fainted from anger. He then looked towards the Naked Skinning Witch and sneered viciously, “Good, good, good. I was still fooled by you in the end!”

“Haha! Who asked you to be so stupid?” The Naked Skinning Witch said with delight, “Even a fool will know that no one will easily betray their sect. That was akin to being chased to the death by both the righteous and evil. You will actually believe my lies? Haha! It can be seen just how big of a fool you are!”

“HAHAHA!” As Old Devil Feng and the others from the Thousands Desire Sect heard that, they all could not help but burst out into laughter.

After SongZhong heard that, he laughed in anger, “Ha! Naked Skinning Witch, you are good! But, you shouldn’t be too happy. I will remember you! If I do not die today, I will definitely make you regret being born in this world!”

Despite having Old Devil Feng behind her, she could not help but tremble in the face of SongZhong’s vicious curse.

As Old Devil Feng saw that, he slapped her shoulders, “What are you afraid of? SongZhong is only capable of saying those words. Do you think he is still able to escape?”

“Haha, of course not. With you here, he will not be able to escape even if he has wings!” The Naked Skinning Witch said with an apologetic smile.

“Of course!” Old Devil Feng said with delight.

The Naked Skinning Witch then had an idea as she said to all those who were shocked in the boat, “All of you, if you are smart, come over. I will still keep you in on account that I know you. If you guys don’t know how to recognize the situation, then die with SongZhong!”Old Poison was the first to run over. With a face full of smile, “Elder sister, I knew that you would definitely be able to turn the tables around. With a mere brat like SongZhong, he would still be played in your palms no matter how strong he is!”

“Haha!” After the Naked Skinning Witch heard the flattering Old Poison, she was also elated.

As though he enjoyed to see the pitiful appearance of SongZhong being betrayed, he also followed, “Are you guys still not coming over? Don’t tell me you plan on dying together with SongZhong today? Let me tell you guys something, he will not die so easily. At the very least, he will not die in the next 100 years. I will prepare an array of torture equipment for him to slowly enjoy them one by one. I will definitely not let him die! Will any of you be interested in accompanying him to enjoy it?”

As they heard the vicious threat of Old Devil Feng, the remaining four of them were shocked. The first to crumble was Mu ZiRong as she said to SongZhong, “Husband, a couple is akin to birds living in a nest. When tragedy strikes, they will fly on their own. At such a time, do not blame me!”

As she said that, she quickly flew over, leaving behind a SongZhong with an ashen face.

As Old Devil Feng saw how frustrated SongZhong was, he was ecstatic.

Following which, the next to leave was Stone. He lowered his head and left the black boat, silently appearing behind the Naked Skinning Witch.

SongZhong knew that he was an emotional person as well. But at such a time, there was no need for stone to die together with him. As such, he only laughed bitterly but did not bother about it.But right at this moment, SiYu and SiYun who were left behind looked towards each other and said with resolution, “Brother Song, no matter what, us sisters are yours!”

After a series of betrayal in the face of a powerful enemy with almost no chance of survival, he heard the confession of these two beautiful ladies. The feeling in his heart could be imagined. SongZhong felt his nose turn sour as tears almost fell out from his eyes.

As SiYu and SiYun saw that, they immediately approached him with heartache. Wiping away the tears, they sobbed, “Brother Song, don’t cry, us sisters are completely willing!”

“I know!” SongZhong forced a smile, “Actually, I am not crying. I am just touched!”

After which, SongZhong grew serious and let out a long breath. Then, he said with determination, “For me to have such companions, it makes this life of mine worth living! However, while I am not talented, I am not someone who is easily slaughtered! Even if I need to sacrifice my life, I will ensure that the both of you are safe for sure!”


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