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Chat Group For Magicians is a web novel completed by Kyosei.
This webnovel is currently Ongoing.

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The Tribe Chieftain smiled a cruel smirk to us. Just by looking at his smug look makes me want to bash his head to the wall. However, due to the pain after I scanned the tent earlier, I am still suffering for a bit. Moonlight is chained which is also bad for us.

“I don’t know what your purpose is but I am quite sure that all of you are quite something to be able to pa.s.s through a place full of guards,” and then he looked at Leto. “Well, no wonder, it’s due to the help of a dryad. This is the first time I have heard of humans and dryads helping each other. This is rare indeed.”

I groaned a bit before I managed to recover a bit of my energy to move again. I tapped Itazura and commanded her to hide. If this chieftain is hard to defeat, I would be making sure not a single familiar of mine will get harmed.

Just as I was about to unleash my magic, I saw a familiar person appear on the crowd of elves. It’s no other than Toram. When Toram saw me, his face turned ugly all of a sudden and he back off involuntarily.

“Its the f*cking demon! F*ck get me out of here! I still don’t want to die!” he shouted and started running away like a dog with his tail between his legs. But with the chief, he just waved his hands and with a slight pull in the air, Toram was dragged back like a ragdoll. The chief looked at us with a fake apologetic look on his face.

“Excuse me for the way this b.a.s.t.a.r.d showed you just now. It was a disgrace of him to run away like that in front of the enemy.”

Toram squirmed as he saw me glaring at him.

“Ahhh! Let me go! I still wanted to live! I don’t want to die yet! Ahhh!” He shouted and tried to escape from the grasp of the chief.

The chief looked at Toram with weird looks before he snapped his fingers. A magic circle appeared below Toram with a dark color of violet. Toram, who is still having a scared look on his face, scampers away from the magic circle, running away. But to the chief’s eyes, running is impossible.

The violet magic circle activated and violet chains appeared on it while the magic circle itself spin so fast. The chains were like homing missiles and shot out from the magic circle and followed Toram.


The chains bind Toram’s legs without making him able to escape. He squirmed but due to the strong build of the chains, his struggles are useless. The chains tighten and Toram did not get to move. He squirmed one last time but in the end, he still failed and he fainted.

“What a useless person. I never expected the person whom I thought to be my next successor would be this coward. I have no needs in cowards and traitors at all,” and he snaps his finger again. It all happened in a split second. 

Toram’s body tightened and veins started to form on his face. His eyes are bulging out and his mouth is bubbling with saliva and blood altogether mixed. And right before my eyes, Toram’s body exploded. His body is torn in pieces and blood rained down in the sky. Due to this, I feared on Moonlight’s safety after seeing the execution of Toram. In just a snap of the chief’s fingers, he can kill Moonlight without lifting a finger.

Bloodl.u.s.t builds up on my body and even Leto has to step backward from my aura. The chief raised an eyebrow and squinted his eyes on me.


After saying that, I activated my two flames on both hands, one blue and one red. I don’t care how weak I am right now. This person has to pay if he ever did something to Moonlight.

“Oh… two colors? That was very unusual for someone like you mortal. I didn’t know a person like you can master two variety at once. Impressive for someone as weak as you. Still, I am not really into keeping a degenerate human like you even with your talent. To avoid having a human being like you grow into a dangerous individual in the future, you need to be eliminated as soon as possible. And that means… now.”

He snaps his fingers immediately and just like Toram’s execution, a dark violet magic circle appeared beneath my feet.

“BREAK!” I shouted and stomp my feet on the ground. A pillar appeared beneath my feet and destroyed the magic circle prepared for me. One of the effects of the Pillar of Doom is that it can destroy any existing magic circle being used against me.

“Not bad, but it’s a pity you will die today,” the chief said and raised his hands.

The elf guards quickly move with their swords and spears with them. I wanted to take action because those soldiers might harm Moonlight and Leto. However, Leto waved her hands.

“Don’t worry about us! I will stall them! Fight against that man and defeat him!”

Leto rea.s.sured me that nothing will happen to anyone, especially Moonlight. I have to stall time for Maple, Catmod, and Miya to arrive as soon as possible in the area and discover that we are in a conflict with the chief.

“Untie Moonlight right now old man!” I stomp my foot again to the ground and the hybrid version of the Pillars of doom appeared.

“And what if I say no?” 

“Then I will force you to do so!” With a quick snap on my fingers, blue flames appeared on my palms like a ball. Without second thought, I hurled the fireb.a.l.l.s to the chief with fast reflexes.

“What a brash young man.”

The chief just stood there without doing anything. I thought I was going to be able to hit him with that, however, a figure suddenly dashed forward and blocked the fireball, after that came a scream.


That sound wasn’t a man’s voice at all. Instead, it sounded like a woman instead. As the smoke dissipated, I saw a figure standing behind another figure. As I slowly see them, I gritted my teeth in anger and bloodl.u.s.t starts to fall out of my whole aura. Moonlight is there, blocking the fireball using her own body. However, that was clear that she didn’t intentionally do it.

“Do you like how I manipulate her as my meat s.h.i.+eld? I wouldn’t be surprised if you end her life accidentally due to that.”


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