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We lost the trail we are following to locate the Chief who managed to escape the area. Catmod healed the village from the brainwas.h.i.+ng. The villagers recovered and they realized that they were just being used as fodder and slaves for this so-called ‘G.o.d’ that the chief follows and believes in. They were so angry that they allowed us to pa.s.s and search for the chief despite that we have killed many elven soldiers. They believe that the chief is the one that caused all the slaughter and not us because we just did a self-defense in the process.

It was night time already and we have yet to know the whereabouts of the chief in the surroundings. Good thing Catmod is the one leading the search. With his cat eyes, he can easily find the right way in this dense forest. I also asked help with Itazura so that we can follow closely to Catmod, who almost blended in the dark due to his black fur.

But the Chief is quite agile and fast on his feet since we have not managed to chase him. Instead, we lost him. It should be considered a failure but it isn’t really counted as one. The forest might be wide but it’s not something you can easily use as your hiding spot. Either the beasts attack you, or the chief will be attacked by us.

Miya is already thinking straight again though she is a bit dazed once in a while. She is still angry against the guy so she is willing to destroy the remaining life of the chief.

We continue moving forward even though we have no more idea of where he went from this dark place. But when we entered a dark part of the forest, Hikari appeared once more, this time, she didn’t appear to drain the darkness. Instead, she proceeded to tug me on my hoodie on a forceful one, though she can’t even move my body a muscle.

“Huh? What are you doing Hikari?” I looked at her in confusion.

Hikari did not answer but she continues to pull the hoodie without stopping. I also realized that she is not pulling me towards the darkness but is pulling me away from the area. Even Miya and Catmod stopped as soon as they entered the dark part of the forest. Miya touched and wrinkled her nose as she looked around the area.

“This place is so negative, I feel so heavy too. This place’s dark energy already smells which means it’s really a bad situation already,” Miya murmured.

Catmod cast a Light Ball to use as light but as soon as he did so, the light ball that should produce light became violet until it collapsed. Catmod frowned seeing an effect on his skill.

“So heavy? How did I not know this place at all? I have been a guardian of the ruins for 10 years already but why does this place is not discovered in one of my surveys? This should be purified as soon as possible!” Catmod exclaimed.

“How can you do that? This place seemed to have been gathering dark energies for how many years. It will be almost impossible to purify this place without hundreds of magicians who knows the spell purify for 20 years!” Miya retorted.

“Will Hikari’s power work in this area?” I asked Miya.

“No, this is just hard to deal with and if Hikari tries to devour the darkness in this place, she will be consumed by the darkness instead. You shouldn’t allow Hikari to devour random darkness without considering the danger the darkness holds. This place is just enough to cause Hikari to get consumed and controlled by the darkness if she ever did what you suggested,” Miya said.

“You seemed knowledgeable in purifying the darkness despite staying here in the forest for quite a while,” Catmod looked at her with surprised looks.

“My Father- I mean, the chief made me do a few rituals involving Purify magic to deal with the darkness. It is quite a knowledgeable experience for me and due to that, I managed to gain the ability to use Purify too.”

“I see. So you are also a Purifier too. However, with this darkness enveloping the area, it would take a bit of time for us to last in this place. This dreadful place is just very dangerous for anyone of us,” Catmod said.

So that means, there is no actual method deal with this scenario at all? It would be really dangerous since I have already seen the capabilities of darkness due to the Mermaid earlier managed to infect a bit of the place which is purified by Hikari already.

Then, while we are talking, a few figures started rising on the ground. This made me back off a bit but when I backed off, I b.u.mped into a figure. This figure is shaped in a human but I doubt this is Miya or Catmod either. It’s just impossible because I am facing with both of them. Then, who is this behind me?

In response, I hurled a fireball to the person that I have b.u.mped.


The fireb.a.l.l.s broke the target but I was stunned to see a person being destroyed in the first attack. As I tried inspecting what caused the “clack” sound to occur, I finally noticed that the figure I destroyed earlier is a corpse made of bones.
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“Skeletons of the Sacrificed ones!” Miya shouted as she saw the figures of the shadows that started to rise back up from the dead.

I have not experienced anything or seeing a corpse returning back alive from the grave. Aside from the movies and novels, it’s frightening to see a supernatural event like this one.

“Kazuma, stick with us. You said this is your first time seeing the Sacrificed Ones. You shouldn’t deal too much as you are a ranged damage dealer. Just go on a defensive immediately!” Miya shouted.

I looked at the rising figures and I realized that this is the place where all the sacrifices for the G.o.d had taken place. Thousands of monsters’ lives and other things that we lost in real-world have no longer manifested.


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