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Chat Group For Magicians is a web novel completed by Kyosei.
This lightnovel is right now Ongoing.

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I checked the interior and exterior of my house and it was not just a renovation, its an actual makeover and it was upgraded from a small dilapidated house into a grandiose-looking house. Just by looking at it as the original owner who have no idea what was happening to his house would probably complain since the fact that my house has a sentimental value to it. Although I am fine with the change, but I am not fine with the fact that these guys didn’t even tell me about it! Therefore, I decided to call them all over and this discuss this sh*t.

“The heck is the problem with all of you? You did not even discuss this to me if I am fine with it! You all are powerful individuals but what’s with this logic of you all having no place to live?” I grumbled in front of them who are sitting on the brand new sofa that should be a few hundred thousand yen. I did not even know where the heck did the old sofa go.
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“Well, I am moving around here and there all around j.a.pan so I have no time to build and invest on houses. Therefore, I decided to crash here because its more convenient!” (Che! You are just too lazy!)

“I am currently training you up. I decided to stay here for a while so I decided to stay here for a while so that I can monitor your condition. Don’t get the wrong idea! I- I don’t really have to stay in your house anyway! Hmph!” Moonlight pouted and looked away from me. (Stop that tsundere look! You don’t look good on it!)

“Why? It’s because your house is a nice looking place! It just needed to have a few renovations here and there. Besides, I will be taking over here anyway so why bother?” Yaya smiled as she explained. (The h.e.l.l? Take over?! You invaded my house dammit! This is not a county you can conquer!)

“Aggh! Forget it! Your explanations are all bothersome to listen so let’s go to our problems here. Since the fact that you all of you are ‘taking’ this house of mine, then, I should say that we will have lots of problems now that you all are living here,” I scratched my head.

“Oh! Are you going to really allowing us to live here from then on?” Yaya’s eyes lit up. Moonlight looked at me with expectant look on her face while Volta just grinned. What is up with these guys? What is so special with my house for them to take it for themselves?

“Although I am reluctant but yes, I will be allowing you all from ‘taking’ over this place. Now then, I have a few matters to say about this. And one is the fact that this place had changed overnight. And the neighbors would surely come running asking me how did I managed to rebuild my dilapidated house without any money! How can I explain it to them? By saying due to magic?!”

Yaya grinned like she had antic.i.p.ated it already that I will mention this to them. She had the air of confidence you know.

“Don’t worry Kazuma. Aside from you,Volta, Itazura, Moonlight and me, no one else will notice the changes of your house except for those people who I granted permission to look on it. No one will comment your house from changing due to the magic that I cast out. I call it as my personal Permanent Illusion Magic Circle. They will still see the dilapidated version of your house outside and inside. No exception, magicians, humans and even monsters would see the illusion instead of the true state of your house.” Yaya explained.

“Wait! Aren’t you an Ice and Water Magician? How come you know how to cast Illusion Magic?” I reb.u.t.ted.

“Oh, Moonlight did not taught you yet about it?” Yaya looked at me and then to Moonlight.

“Indeed. Since there are too many kinds of things happening around him since he became a Ranked 0 Magician, my lessons about his training didn’t reach that part yet,” Moonlight confirmed.

“Okay then, I will explain. Listen well, Kazuma because its a valuable info you need to know. All humans are potential Magicians but they have not awaken their mana control yet that is why they can’t use magic unlike us magicians who managed to awaken and use it to our advantage. Remember those magic used during the Dark Age(1) by witches? It was the same principle without the power of evil that occurred during Dark Age. Now, here is the thing. Magicians surely specialize in one or two elements of magic. Like me who specialize in Ice and Water Magic. Volta who specializes on Electric and Void Magic. And Moonlight who specialize in Cosmic Magic and s.p.a.ce Magic. From what I can see in you Kazuma, you can use water and fire magic easily which must be due to your gloves, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use any magic, but that doesn’t mean you are limited to those! I heard from Moonlight that she teach the s.p.a.ce Magic Telekinesis to you right? Show it to me,” Yaya said to me and asked me to use my skill as she put down the pencil on the table.

“Alright,” And I focused my consciousness into the pencil on top of the table. Since I had already mastered how to use it, it didn’t take me a few seconds to control it out.

“See? All I can say is that, everyone are not limited to a magic or two. You can use any element without limit,”Yaya said to me.

“Alright, I am convinced,” I put down the pencil again and looked at her.

“But I am not yet done. Since you all are going to live here, I will now start asking for rent! You all cannot live here for free!” I said to them without a tinge of hesitation.

Hearing that, their faces started to twitch. Looks like they are against the fact that I proposed to them.


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