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Read Chat Group For Magicians 73 I Came From That Egg!

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Read WebNovel Chat Group For Magicians 73 I Came From That Egg!

I forgot about that egg even though its a very recent event and I should have not forgotten it so easily. Why did I ever forget it? Is that egg something that able to erase memories of people that I don’t even remember them?

Before I can completely absorb everything, I was pulled into my consciousness and once again, I saw the magnificent Mana tree. And I noticed that it is a bit bigger and taller than I remember. The tree also has two colors now on its leaves. I remembered that the tree only has the color blue leaves but now it has red leaves too which makes it look very unique and bizarre at the same time.

The seed is floating aimlessly around the place with a bored posture. It’s tilted like it was resting its head into his hands, even though this seed doesn’t have a head and an arm, only a body. I wondered why I was pulled here without entering myself.

“How did I end up here without coming here intentionally?”

“Of course, I called you here, isn’t that obvious?”
the seed said with nonchalance and boredom on its voice.

I reluctantly nodded to his answer. Now that he mentions it, he even calls me inside my consciousness when I was fighting against Onizuka. I guess the seed has the power to call me here whenever it wants.

“Then why did you call me here? What is your reason?”

“Seriously, you don’t know?”

“Of course, I didn’t know because you did not tell me what reason it is.”

“Ugh, you d.i.c.k, let me tell you then. It was about the egg that the Oracle gave to you when you meet with her!”

“Eh, really? You know where it was right now?”
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The seed went silent a bit. But then it started ranting once more.

“Ugh, you even forgot my existence during our first meeting, you even forget the egg’s existence! How forgetful are you now? You are not even an old man yet!”

“Hey! I am not intentionally forgetting everything! It’s not my fault that the egg is forgotten by me! It was all so sudden!” I said as an alibi. Yes, it’s just an alibi because I am indeed guilty of forgetting the egg. I am not a cultivator that once they get a breakthrough, they get to have an eidetic memory. In fact, I feel like my memory is failing me more and more but I think I am just imagining things.

“Ugh, you are hopeless. I don’t even know why you even became my master!”

“You just appeared out of nowhere! I don’t even know where you came from! For your information, I did not pick you up somewhere like some sort of ruins and I did not have any sort of idea how you manage to enter my consciousness!”

“Tch, let me tell you then. I did not came just out from nowhere. You just didn’t remember where I came from. Let me jog your memory then, remember the egg given by the Oracle? I came from that egg!”

I was taken aback from what the seed revealed.

“What the heck?! You came from an egg? Where did you even see a seed hatch from an egg?! Who lay down an egg like that anyway? Don’t joke around with…” then I suddenly came into a realization. “Wait, you came from THAT egg?!”

“Oh, I thought you won’t figure out with that mind of yours. Yes, yes, I came from that egg you have forgotten about.”

I was speechless. I don’t even know what to say due to the revelation. It’s not just a mere coincidence that this seed appeared out of nowhere! This seed was the one given by the Oracle herself. Who would have thought of that?

“If you hatch from the egg, does that mean, this tree itself came from the egg too and sprouted in my consciousness?”

“The answer is no. As soon as I hatched in your consciousness, I already saw the tree on your consciousness and it’s in the middle of maturing. My original task is to take care of the seed and help the owner of the tree. I won’t hatch if the tree is not present. Since it’s present, I managed to hatch and live here. I did not call you into here until the day I hatched because it is not the appropriate time. But who would have thought that you are so forgetful you did not even have any courtesy on greeting me at all. You might have a damage on your mana circuits or sealed circuits for your memory to be so easy to get wiped and blurry,”
the seed said before he sighed and flew around the Mana Tree.

I just stayed silent because the seed seems upset. It might go away if I keep on pus.h.i.+ng him on the edge. To change the topic, I s.h.i.+fted the conversation to the Mana Tree. I am also having a bit of curious side on what happened to the Mana Tree.

“What is going on with the Mana Tree? It seems to have changed a lot especially the leaves.”

“Oh, so you noticed the changes? I thought you would never notice that detail because you forgot about the first detail of the tree. Anyway, it’s a new ability of the tree. Since you managed to learn a spell on your own without any kind of tactics and tutorials from other people, the tree is changing so that your magic that is newly made will be able to manifest safely and helps you adapt to it without any kind of side-effects on your body. It’s a very convenient ability to be exact.”

I was surprised by this change. It is so beneficial to my growth and who would have thought that this tree can help stabilize my spell. No wonder the Blue flames I emit is not as destructive and out of control than the newly learned magic, Forestry Control.

“If you are wondering about your Forestry Change, it’s from a seed and it takes time to master. I suggest you master it than rely on the tree to stabilize your control. Now I am tired of having a conversation with you, I am going to rest. Go back to reality and train hard. Ask the others if you have broken mana circuits. That might be the cause of why you easily forget random things. You should have that cured soon.”


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