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Chat Group For Magicians is a web novel created by Kyosei.
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Mirai’s condition is now stable but her soul is under the state of slumber at the moment. According to Raigaki, it should be normal for now since she is recovering but her time of slumber shouldn’t exceed in seven days. She has to be awake earlier than that to survive and if she remained in slumber after seven days, it is possible that her soul is permanent damaged and cannot be saved by healing anymore. But I am hoping it’s not going to happen.After healing Mirai, Raigaki is so exhausted that he went to sleep after the deed. Apparently, he exerted most of his mana causing him to collapse. Still, he was just asleep and will recover mana eventually. After everything is done, I was called to the reception room and was made to file the mission details for the day. Since I didn’t get much valuable info at the moment that involves the job, I filled it with report of “further investigation required.”But after that, I was asked about the Body Eater. Since it was the first time that they encountered such an ent.i.ty, they decided to ask me and Leto some info on the Body Eater so that they can add the info in the database which would go handy for the future magicians and for the sake of future missions involving them.With everything done, I head to the practice room where magicians were practicing. At the moment, I was alone inside so it’s not a problem. After my skirmish against the Body Eater, I found a lot of flaws in my movement and my decision making which caused too much injury on Mirai. I might be trained by Catmod for the battle but I still lacked the mastery of it leading to poor results. Therefore, if I want to avoid that outcome again, I have to increase my magic power and practice my decision making.When it comes to magic, I have lots of magic that can be combined together but I did not really make good use of the magic power I have, therefore, the poor output I am doing right now. After becoming an expert after eating the bean from Miya, I was now a master in hand to hand combat and that was proven correct after my battle against Sou who was easily beaten alongside his lackeys. My physical prowess might be a bit lacking but with good attack speeds, I can still deal enough damage against normal people without relying on magic.I started meditating to calm my nerves and reduce the stress acc.u.mulating in my body. As soon as I concentrated a bit, I was able to rest and cool myself down, allowing me to think better. Just as I was about to start practicing magic, I was suddenly hit by an epiphany.Every time I go into a fight against enemies that are related to the magic world, I use only magic skills without letting any matters with it. When I was just starting out, I added my physical prowess together in my magic but due to my lack of mastery and my amateurish movement, that didn’t end too well and I abandoned it. However, after getting the hand to hand mastery seed from Miya, I think it is time to change my mindset in my early practice.I equipped the Flamethrower gloves to my hands. Even though I can conjure flames without relying on the gloves, I still prefer to use the gloves because you can use it easily without fussing too much and they can be comfy to wear too. After doing so, I conjure my flames out and observed them for a while. I have seen in anime that many people who use fire magic can infuse their strength into the flames. I may have used that when I was in berserk mode but I don’t think I have used it without any help. What is more, whenever they are engaged in hand to hand combat, they can unleash their flames like ignition to their fists. I haven’t done that and feel difficult. I closed my eyes and extinguished the flames in my gloves before I nodded by myself. Let’s do this.Now that my decision is done, I decided to test it out firsthand. In this practice room, there was a dummy that is prepared. This dummy is somewhat special since this dummy can move by itself. Of course, that is not the only function of this dummy. It can also fight like a normal person without giving any restraint. However, it was specifically for the magicians so this dummy is not safe from destruction. With magic skills becoming destructive as time goes by, the dummies are now able to regenerate again if they are destroyed, reduced to ash, broken to pieces, etc. Whatever method you try to destroy the dummy, this dummy would return and return and return without any spots of broken wood. Approaching a dummy that is prepared in the practice room as a practice target, I prepared my mana in my palms but I did not activate it yet.What I realized is that holding out the mana is quite taxing. It was like going to pee but can’t do so because you are not yet in the toilet? That is the feeling right now that I feel in my body. Still, practice makes perfect. When the mannequins started moving, I also started moving my body and tried dodging the dummies’ attacks. I tried unleas.h.i.+ng my magic but then, I failed to cause only to punch the dummy without any of the ignition blasts that I am imagining.The dummy responded and it unleashed a strong punch straight to my gut, causing me to cough out and curl in pain. These dummies are the real deal, they don’t care if you are practicing or not, they will attack. The dummies surrounded me and they start to gang up on me. Still, I am not someone that would allow others to dominate? d.a.m.n it all, I am not going to lose against a dummy!I unleashed my flames and throws it out to the annoying dummies trying to gang up on me. And since they are made of wood, they quickly burned to ashes. Still. I know that they will appear again so I did not bother much on it. Now that I see it, they can be easily beaten if you seriously did it. And as expected, around a few seconds after the dummies being burned to death, a new batch of dummies appeared once more. I nodded and admired the convenience of it because you don’t have to pay to buy a new set of dummies just to destroy it or practice it to burn.[Agility!]Activating agility, my movement speed increased twofold, allowing me to outmaneuver the movements of the dummies but I don’t dare to underestimate the dummies. If they are dummies made by magicians, surely they also have the power to beat you upright? As soon as I approached the dummy, with my fist ready to deal with some damage, the dummies started gathering up and they began to give out attacks all of a sudden causing me to curse.”d.a.m.n it, these b.a.s.t.a.r.d dummies are making me work harder!” I grunted and shake my fingers a bit.These dummies have a will of their own and know how to do decisions to take down the enemy as soon as possible. Every time the dummy is destroyed and replaced, the dummies’ difficulty starts rising They are annoying but it was designed so to keep magicians on track with their powers.With the Agility activated, I rolled away and made a distance, far from the dummies before activating the flames again. I didn’t bother to hurl the fireb.a.l.l.s away but let them stay on my fist blazing. I did not practice magic proficiency, I am practicing of how efficient I can be in battles.Still, it didn’t matter much. As long as I can learn from my mistakes, that would be okay for me.


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