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Read Chronicles of Primordial Wars Chapter 249 – Strange insects

Chronicles of Primordial Wars is a web novel created by Lazy Cliché, Chen Ci Lan Tiao, 陈词懒调.
This webnovel is right now ongoing.

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Read WebNovel Chronicles of Primordial Wars Chapter 249 – Strange insects

Chapter 249 – Strange insects

Translated by Lesyt Team

Edited by Ilesyt

In accordance with the descriptions by the wanderers, the patroling team immediately returned to inform the others and tried their best to find the insects, which Gua Er and others may encounter.

Those wanderers with minor injuries also helped them look for the insects at the border. They could not enter the tribe, but they could still reach the border and give a hand to Old He.

Since the blurry totem patterns appeared on their bodies, they had gradually become stronger. Especially the last time, that night, they felt particularly excited, they even had the illusion that they were true totem warriors. Because they became strong, they could walk all the way here and so many of them could survive. On the mountain, some people wanted to kill them in the war, but they jointly defeated the attackers, although inevitably some of them were injured and some even died.

While the Feng tribe was panicking by the news of the wanderers, the three that went to look for the missing sheep, as everybody expected, ran into trouble.

The three children were running very quickly and out of breath.

“Hurry up! It is going to catch up with us!” Gua Er roared.

They now extremely regretted why they had not just immediately informed the others. Not long after they had left the herd, their attention was attracted by some wool on the ground. They walked for a while, but they did not meet the patrolling warriors. Suddenly they noticed something behind them. The b.u.mps on the ground were rising quickly and approaching them.

The three ran, even farther away from the residential area. At the beginning, they also ran while shouting. They hoped that someone around could hear their shouts, hoping that they could meet the patrol team. However, until now, they met none of the Feng tribe. When they focused on the surrounding area, they saw that it was empty. Although they were still on the site of the Feng tribe, they were close to the border and few came here.

The pursuers behind them seemed to deliberately avoid the patroling team and chased them here.

The three were so tired that they could no longer shout. They just kept running.

Thinking of what he had said, “If I find the one who stole livestock, I will kill him.” But now Gua Er knew he was wrong.

“Run over there. Don’t run out of the tribe!” Gua Er changed his direction with the two, but soon, they found that they had underestimated them.

Another red-brown insect climbed out of the ground and blocked them in front.

The insect was wider than their total width, and the erected earth was longer than three horses in a row. Its small and pointed head and two pincering teeth were moving. Its first two legs were like two long and soft sickles, they were swinging flexibly, inciting fear into the onlookers.

“Aah!” Duo Ya screamed, her voice was hoa.r.s.e. She was shouting for the hope that the patroling team around would come to save them. However, when she looked to the direction of the tribe, no one appeared.

On the border, there were low hills. Climbing the low hills, they left the Feng tribe.

They had never left the tribe since birth. The adults had warned them that only when they stayed in the tribe they could be safe. Once they left the tribe, they would be chased by the other tribes.

But now they had no choice.

Gua Er clenched his teeth, rapidly changed his direction, ran towards the direction away from the tribe, and shouted: “Run!”

Duo Ya and Nai closely followed him.

When Gua Er ran away, he thought of his parents’ words. If he had a sheep, he could throw it to the beast that he had encountered and that chased him. The beast would get the sheep and give up killing him temporarily. If so, he could have a chance to escape.

At the moment, two insects chased them. Duo Ya and he were the members of the Feng tribe, but Ah-Nai was a wanderer. Wanderers, in the minds of many people, were the “sheep” that were abandoned when they were in danger.

However, Gua Er remembered that two years ago he had promised the man who gave him the wood carving. Gua Er had promised to take care of Ah-Nai and he couldn’t break his promise.

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If there was another wanderer, Gua Er would push him to the pursuers behind him without hesitation, but because of his promise he could not give up this “sheep”. The ancestors were looking at him over the gra.s.slands, and the people of the Feng tribe could not break the promise.

He just recently awakened his totem power. Yesterday, he had told his father that he would become the bravest warrior of the tribe in the future and become a famous warrior on the gra.s.slands. However, he may not be able to wait for that day.

Gua Er grasped the bone knife in his hand and slowed down. Holding the knife, he turned around to look at the two red-brown insects, one behind him and the other next to him.

“Run, I will stop them!”

He had not yet finished his words as his eyes reflected the insects rushing towards him quickly.

The wo exposed teeth were like a pincet, which could easily catch the people. Gua Er could even smell the smell of blood coming out of the insect’s mouth, and he also saw the wool on its teeth.

This was the thief who ate his cow and sheep!


Gua Er shouted, closed his eyes and brandished his knife.


A sound of a body being pierced. Before this, Gua Er had seemed to have heard the whiz of an arrow flying in the air.

Gua Er’s hand holding the knife was still shaking and his legs were weak. He issued a small ‘Aaah’, but when he felt he did not cut anything, he stopped shouting and opened his eyes.

The next moment, he was shocked to see the red-brown insect that was rushing at him was pierced by a spear in the head.

The insect was still moving, however, another two spears flew into it. Its body rose because of the pain as it was penetrated. The powerful impact pushed the insect’s body backward. Blood splashed onto the surface of the insect’s body, on its very fine scales, on the ground, as well as on Gua Er.

As a gust of wind blew, Gua Er only glimpsed a gray shadow. Then, the other large insect next to him that chased them was dragged away.

Yes, it was dragged away.

A wolf taller than the tallest warriors in the tribe dodged the two soft “sickles” and bit the insect and pulled it completely out of the earth. It dragged it away to a distance, and then stepped on its body. The entire insect was directly torn apart. It was like the omnipotent wolf in the story.

The insect splashed brown liquid around and gave off the smell of rotten leaves. One of the insects chasing them was was pierced by spears and dying, while the other was violently torn apart and had died.

Behind them, the sounds of footsteps were approaching and there were voices.

Gua Er managed to look away from the wolf and looked back. Ah-Nai and Duo Ya did not run away, but stopped two steps away from him after he stopped.

In the distance, a group was running here from over the low hill. Gua Er only recognized one of them. That was the man who had given him the wood carving, and he was called Shao Xuan.


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