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Read Cinderella Did Not Leave Her Shoe Chapter 19-20

Cinderella Did Not Leave Her Shoe is a web novel made by 小山内慧夢.
This webnovel is currently ongoing.

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Read WebNovel Cinderella Did Not Leave Her Shoe Chapter 19-20

Macoto Takahashi via Pinterest

I had done this two already, and I wanted to prove you guys wrong about our ero-oyaji, heheheheh. I’ll put the last part of this up later, I’m just editing it.

19 Moonlight Gra.s.s
Night 3

I was happy that General Brennan listened
to me, but as soon as I was showing him the necklace, the carriage rocked hard
and I was flying.


I sounded like a smashed frog, but
I tried to swallow the sound. I need to ask mother how to scream in a lady like
manner when next I get the chance and I have to master it quickly!

But I didn’t hold on to anything.

I fell on something hard.

I could feel two hands on my waist,

A teasing unknown scent hit my

How refreshing. The smell of soap
and an earthy smell; like a green forest. (Zuben: He thinks your eyes are like
a forest, she thinks he smells like a forest. Made for each other TM!)

I looked up right into hazel eyes.
He looked a bit awkward. What a strong looking nose…I want to touch it.


I was held by the General the moment
the carriage rocked and sent me flying. And now, I am sitting a half way onto
the General’s lap.

What is this miracle?

While trying to hold my balance, it
seems I wrapped my arms around the General’s neck. I quickly took my hands off,
and checked myself.

‘It’s a bit
unsteady.’ He said over my head, holding my waist closer and tighter as the
carriage rocked again.


Oh no! Not another strange scream?
Well he suddenly held unto my waist tight, it couldn’t be helped, right?

‘…’ was all the sound the general
made. He turned and I could see a blush across his face and ears.

A strange tension filled the air.

The carriage stopped, and the
coachman came over to the door.

‘I’m sorry, sir, we went over a few
stones. Are you alright?’

The General cleared his throat and
said, ‘We’re alright. You can continue.’

A little while the carriage rocked
gently as the coachman got on and we were on our way again.

I should get off the General’s knee
now, but, I felt like I couldn’t move or say anything. I was listening to the
carriage wheels rattle on the stone paved road.

But even the General doesn’t seem
to want to let me off. Letting me sit on his lap, didn’t his leg hurt, or numb?
I should get off soon,

‘General Brennan. I must be heavy.
I should sit down now.’

It isn’t a problem of lightness, it
was impolite to be sitting on someone’s lap and embarra.s.sing.

However, General Brennan didn’t
seem to be bothered. I thought he would let me go,

‘You’re really
not heavy.’ He said looking down at me, it was nice that he finally looked at
me but he looked at me like he wanted was hungry for some…thing…but isn’t he
going to put me down?            ‘It will not be good if you fell if
we run over another stone.’

But the General looked thoughtful
for a moment, then picked me up so I was sitting with my legs on the carriage

‘So my leg doesn’t get numb.’

His face was still a little red.

‘Yes…’ I replied in a mosquito like

There was no way I could argue. 

20 Night of the Moonlight

I had been nervous sitting across
from the General in the carriage earlier. But now, I was sitting on his lap.
One hand held me at my back and his other hand held my left hand. It was
impossible to move. It couldn’t be helped. I had no choice but to try and relax
and unclench my b.u.t.t cheeks. [1]

The places where his warm hands
rested were tingling. I wanted him to release me, yet I wanted his hands on me
still. I don’t know what to do; I’m so confused.

In addition, when he talks to me,
his deep voice causes tingles to run down my spine, and I get a sense of
frustration. (Zuben: Jump him!)

Honestly he takes my breath away. I
can’t bear it. No one can blame me. As a Lady, I cannot do anything
embarra.s.sing in front of the General, but I think I will collapse.

With all the thoughts chasing each
other in my head, I peered at the General Volker, he had a smile on his face.
He looked like he was in a good mood I became hesitant about asking him to put
me down.

Maybe he liked to put children on
his knees? My mood plummeted at that thought. Did he really think of me as a
child? But when we first met he addressed me as Lady. Or is it because I was
his friend’s daughter? 『hekon』[1]

I guess
because he sees me as a child that’s why I can sit on his knees, but I cannot
say that he has treated me badly. (Zuben: He wants to eat your tofu!)

I sighed

As I tried to
shake off the negative thoughts, the carriage came to a stop.

The steward
came to the door, ‘We have arrived.’ He announced.

The general
carried me off his knees and put me on the seat. Because I was so nervous, my
b.u.m had gotten a bit sweaty and sticky. The general, on the other hand, did not
look nervous at all. He got off the carriage and held a hand for me to come
down. Once I safely alighted, he tucked my hand in his elbow and escorted me
into the theatre.

Amazingly, I’m
already exhausted.

The grand
foyer of the theatre was filled with people milling about. Gorgeously dresses
ladies and gentlemen chatted and mingled with each other. The scent of a
thousand perfumes filled the air. The theatre could be said to be a microcosm
of society. You could see new fashion trends, hear the latest rumours, and
learn the flow of societal leanings. So when father and mother came to the
play, it wasn’t just about the play.

When I entered
the foyer on the General’s arm, there was a noticeable drop in the din of
conversation before it started again. I could not enjoy the atmosphere, but I
gave a small smile.

You know my
hearing isn’t bad right, you person whispering about me over there, I thought
as we walked past. Most of the people who looked at me were looking rather
derisive, even though I was with General Brennan. (Zuben: gossip folks)

I’m sorry I
have put you in this uncomfortable situation, General.

I wish I could
go home, but I want to see the play. Yet, I don’t want to ruin General Brennan’s
reputation (Zuben: the little kitten wants to protect the bear. Cute!). So I
took a deep breath and began to say,

Brennan, I…’ but the general put his arm around my waist and pulled me closer,

‘Lady Fredericka,
is your throat dry?’ he asked, ‘Let’s have a drink at the bar before we go in,’
he said with that deep voice, I could only nod like a doll and let myself be
steered away.

The theatre’s
bar was a room with lovely décor; the ambient light was golden and dim. It had
an air of intimacy. Patrons sat close together in their booths speaking in low
tones. A pianist played a soft tune that did not intrude on the atmosphere.

I don’t drink
alcohol much, so I was a bit overwhelmed by the mature atmosphere of the bar.

‘Would you
prefer something sweet?’ he asked.

‘I’m not
sure,’ I replied

I don’t know
much about alcohol, and I don’t have much of a tolerance to it. The general
nodded and asked the bartender for a light fruit c.o.c.ktail. I wonder what kind
of drink it would be.

‘I once had a
sip of my mother’s drink before’ I said to General Brennan, ‘it burned my
throat and made me feel dizzy and weak.’ He chuckled at my story.

The general
seems to be sparkling to me, so beautiful.

Earlier, he
had a dark expression with a murderous intent, but now, his expression was relaxed
and he was smiling. The world faded around us and I could see no one else but

The bartender
placed our drinks before us. His was amber coloured and mine was orange.

‘It’s mostly
juice, but have a little sip just to be sure you like it.’ He said.

As he
instructed, I took a little sip. The first blush was bitterness that made my
tongue numb but immediately a sweet fresh fruity flavour neutralised it.

delicious.’ I said.

The general
smiled widely, his hazel eyes narrowing. I felt my face begin to warm up. Was I
getting drunk? So quick? Am I okay? (Zuben: You are drunk. Drunk on lurrve)

‘Well, well,

My gaze was
pulled reluctantly from the General by the loud voice that interrupted the
bar’s intimate ambience.

[1] That’s her
depressed moue I guess.

Zuben: The author
was concerned that some readers would be offended by Fredericka drinking
alcohol. Her message is simply: different world-different common sense. My
message to people who might upset by this: you have time o~


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