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Chapter 40: She had a lot of time part 1  

Back when she had married Long Xiao Yu, she did not have enough time to 

stop the marriage. If she had arrived a few days earlier, then she would’ve 

antic.i.p.ated and stopped this manipulative and loveless marriage. But since she 

had already married Long Xiao Yu, she would be true to herself and not change 

her personality.

Mu Zi Ling’s hands clasped tightly onto the keys and jade pendant. Long Xiao 

Yu, if you want me to manage the manor, then I will do so. When the day comes 

that the t.i.tle of Qi Princess is to be given to another, then I will give away my 

position without hesitation.

I would never stay obediently in the Qi King’s Manor. No matter what you think of 

me, I am still the Mu Zi Ling who had her own thoughts and feelings.


Elsewhere, Long Xiao Yu hadn’t travel very far when he found Long Xiao Ze, and 

brought him back to the You Shui pavilion

Right now, Long Xiao Ze was looking uneasily looked at the expressionless Long 

Xiao Yu. Long Xiao Ze wanted him to say something, so he could die faster, 

however, Long Xiao Yu didn’t even look at him.


“Third.. Third brother, did Le Tian finish refining the new medicine yet?” asked

Long Xiao Ze carefully. Right now, he did not dare talk about anything else, so he 

could only change the topic. Only the heavens knew, that the quieter Long Xiao 

Yu was, the more scared Long Xiao Ze got.


When Long Xiao Yu heard those words, he had a slight reaction. After thinking 

for a moment, he slowly opened his mouth, “For you to have come to the Qi 

King’s manor everyday, you must’ve been very free in the past few days.”


There were hidden meanings behind Long Xiao Yu’s words, but since he was so 

stupid, Long Xiao Ze’s brain had already short circuited, and so he wasn’t thinking 

straight. He saw that Long Xiao Yu didn’t seem angry yet, so he gathered up his 

courage and started to act pitiful.


“Aiyo. Third Brother, how am I free? I have been helping Third Sister from the 

second to sun rises, to the second it sinks, my bones feel like they are about to 

fall apart from exhaustion,” said Long Xiao Ze pitifully as he ma.s.saged Long Xiao 

Yu’s arm. The past few days as Third Sister in law’s errand boy, had been very 

exhausting. However, he was still happy to help his Third Sister in law.

“Really? What were you so busy doing?” asked Long Xiao Yu, even though he 

knew the answer. His tone was light, and one was not able identify his mood.


“What else would I be busy doing? Of course I was helping Third Sister in law 

open… Wu!” Before Long Xiao Ze had a chance to finish, he stopped himself 

and covered his mouth. He had almost revealed that he had helped his Third 

Sister in law open her medical shop. Thank goodness he did not say it out, 

otherwise, the poison used on Eldest Imperial Bother would be used on him.

Long Xiao Yu stared at him coldly once he stopped talking.

Long Xiao Ze suddenly had an idea, and started to act dumb, “Third Brother, did 

you know that there was once when our Eldest Imperial Brother came looking 

for Third Sister in law? I had originally thought that something would happen to 

her, but she ingeniously dodged it. She even poisoned Eldest Imperial Brother 

so now he has no interested in females. Third Sister in law was really happy then, 

so I too, was happy because I helped her. In fact, I was so happy, that my bones 

almost fell apart.”

As Long Xiao Ze happily talked, he was on the verge of tears inside. Because of 

Third Sister in law, he had not been obediently by Third Brother’s side as often 

as before. However, for Third Sister in law’s safety, it was fine if he told a few 

white lies every so often.


Although Long Xiao Yu did not hear the words he wanted to hear, he was not 

angry. Instead, this helped him confirm something else. Long Xiao Li’s strange 

illness was caused by Mu Zi Ling. Mu ZI Ling, if you have the courage to touch a 

tiger’s fur, then you should also have the courage to admit your doings.

Long Xiao Ze saw Long Xiao Ze go quiet again, so his heart also begun to panic. 

Did he say something wrong so his Third Brother was blaming his Third Sister in 

law? It should’ve be fine to tell his Third Brother that his Third Sister in law was 

being bullied by their Eldest Imperial brother.


“Third Brother, it really was Eldest Imperial Brother who wanted to take Third 

Sister in Law’s liberty. That’s the reason why Third Sister in law poisoned him! 

I saw it with my own eyes.. Well, I didn’t see it. n.o.body saw it!” explained Long 

Xiao Ze excessively.

He hoped that his Third Brother wasn’t blaming his Third Sister in law for her 

actions. It wasn’t her fault, their Eldest Imperial Brother ended up that way. He 

deserved it.


Long Xiao Yu didn’t care about Long Xiao Ze’s explanation, and coldly said, “Move 

to the Yu Palace tomorrow.”


Long Xiao Yu had not been distracted by Long Xiao Ze’s change of topic, and still 

remembered the reason he had been looking for Long Xiao Ze today.


“What?! Third Brother, I’m fine living in the Royal Palace, why do I have to move 

to the Yu Palace?” Long Xiao Ze was scared stupid once he heard his Third 

Brother telling him to move to the Yu Palace. What did he do wrong for his Third 

Brother to make him move to the Yu Palace?! He might as well just tell him to die!


“The Yu palace is large enough for you to mess around. That way you also don’t 

have to run back and forth from the Qi King’s Manor,” said Long Xiao Yu.


“Third Brother, the Royal Palace is a perfect size for me. Can’t you just let me stay 

at the Royal Palace? The Yu Palace is not only on top of a mountain, it’s also 

really far away. It would be inconvenient if I wanted to visit the Qi King’s Manor.” 

Long Xiao Ze’s heart had already shattered, how was he to realise his mistake 

now. If he really had to move to the Yu Palace, he might as well stab himself 

through with a sword.


“You still want to come to the Qi King’s Manor?” asked Long Xiao Yu coldly. He 

clearly didn’t have the patience to bother with Long Xiao Ze anymore.


Long Xiao Ze’s heart followed his words and trembled. Then he involuntarily said, 

“No, I don’t. Third Brother, let me stay in the Royal Palace. I’ll just stay there and 

not go anywhere else.


Once he finished talking, he felt regretful. If he couldn’t come to the Qi King’s 

Manor in the future, then he wouldn’t be able to see his Third Sister in law. 

However, why did his Third Brother not only ban him from the Qi King’s Manor, 

but want him to move to the Yu Palace? What was the reason behind this?


“There has been a lot of stuff going on in the Royal Palace lately, be careful.”

After Long Xiao Yu said those last words, he left.


Did Third Brother’s words mean that he did not have to live in the Yu Palace? Long 

Xiao Yu immediately felt happy. He did not have to move to the Yu Palace anymore! 

However, after he finished smiling, he started to feel sad. Why did he have to say 

that he would not visit the Qi King’s Manor in the future? Now, he wouldn’t be able 

to see his Third Sister in law as often.


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