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Chapter 52 Awake, not calm part 1


Mu Zi Ling finally finished with tending with all of the ancient poison worms.  The moment when she woke up, she felt as if she was about to collapse. She was really tired, hungry, and didn’t want to move a limb.


She didn’t know how long she had stayed in the the Stellar System, but she did know that she didn’t want to get out of bed.

She had originally wanted to sleep and wake up after she felt more refreshed. However, she heard the faint sounds of Xie crying, and felt worried. Was someone bullying Xie again? She immediately sat up on the bed.


Mu Zi Ling rubbed her sleepy eyes and saw Xie kneeling to a man who wore a very messy inner garment.


Who was this man? Was he the one bullying Xie? Was Xie begging him to stop?


“Xie, what are you doing?” Mu Zi Ling’s voice rang out.


After Xie heard her, her sobbing and crying stopped. She stared off blankly for a few seconds before she turned around to look at Mu Zi Ling, and started to cry tears of joy. At this moment, she didn’t care who was in the room.


She quickly stood up and ran over to Mu Zi Ling’s side. Xie threw herself on Mu ZI Ling and continued to cry.


“Wuuuu~ Young Miss, you finally woke up! You were about to scare this servant half to death!” said Xie tearfully.


“What happened? Did someone bully you again?” asked Mu Zi Ling lovingly as she lowered her head to look at Xie, who cried uncontrollably.


“”No, no one was bullying this servant,” said Xie as she shook her head. When she looked up, she realized that she was lacking in manners, so she immediately stood back up and wiped away her tears.


“No one was bullying you? Then who were you kneeling to just then?” asked Mu Zi Ling.


“This servant was begging Le Tian to save you because Young Miss, you’ve been asleep for three entire days. This servant was so worried for you!” said Xie while choking with sobs.


Three days? Mu Zi Ling was startled. She had been in the Stellar System for three days?! No wonder she felt so tired and hungry, and no wonder Xie was so worried.


However, Xie said that she was begging Le Tian to come save her. Why would Le Tian come here? Was the person who looked like a beggar just then, the gentle and refined Le Tian?


Mu Zi Ling subconsciously looked past the bed drapes. Le Tian had already walked over to Mu Zi Ling, and was looking at her happily.


No matter how Mu Zi Ling looked at him, she couldn’t believe that the man in front of her was the gentle and refined Le Tian.




“Princess, you have finally woke up,” said Le Tian happily.


He looked over to Long Xiao Yu, who remained expressionless. He faintly felt that Long Xiao Yu was starting to care for this Princess of his.


The Princess had already woke up, yet Long Xiao Yu could still sit so calmly. The Qi King sure could hold his cold demeanor no matter the situation.


It looked like the Qi King didn’t plan to ask any questions anytime soon, so he would ask himself.


He didn’t act rashly, or forget his manners like Xie as he walked over to Mu Zi Ling.


His highness, the Qi King, was still here, so he didn’t dare to act too rashly.


From the angle Mu Zi Ling was sitting on the bed at, she couldn’t see Long Xiao Yu. If she had known that Long Xiao Yu was here, she would not be so calm.


“You are Le Tian?” asked Mu Zi Ling doubtfully.


This voice did sound like Le Tian’s, but she still didn’t believe it. Why did Le Tian look like this?


“What? We haven’t seen each other for a few days and the Princess has already forgotten me?” asked Le Tian in disappointment.


“N.. No… Why would you be here?” questioned Mu Zi Ling as she slowly sucked in a breath.


Now she was sure that this person was Le Tian. She took another glance at Le Tian. There was a big difference in his appearance now and his appearance before. It was as if he was two different people.


Le Tian followed Mu Zi Ling’s gaze and looked at himself. He was wearing a messy and dirty unlined garment, and he was emitting a stinky body odor. Only now did he realise how disheveled and messy he looked.


His whole face started to turn red as he realized how little he was wearing and how much the Qi Princess was staring.


He secretly wiped away the tears in his heart. It was all because of the Qi King that he looked like this. Just one jar of soup had tortured him into not looking like a proper human.


However, Le Tian didn’t dare to say it out loud, and could only complain inside.


“I originally came here to study medicine with Princess, but the Princess has been asleep for three days. Even his highness has been waiting here for three days.” Le Tian’s face didn’t even turn red from lying, and his heart rate remained steady.


He didn’t reveal that it was Long Xiao Yu who told him to come here, so Long Xiao Yu didn’t have to reveal himself just yet. He would just tell Mu Zi Ling a white lie instead of the real reason he was here.


When Xie heard Le Tian’s words, she thought to herself. Why did Le Tian lie through his own teeth? Clearly it was his highness who got Gui Ying to bring him over. Why did it turn into him coming here to practice medicine with Young Miss?


However, she didn’t dare to be rude and interrupt him, because the Qi King was still here. If the Qi King didn’t say anything after hearing those words, then she had no rights to interfere.


Mu Zi Ling didn’t have any doubts about Le Tian’s reasoning. Le Tian has said before that he wanted to come over one day and practice medicine with her. She originally thought that those words were out of politeness, but now it seemed like Le Tian was serious about what he said.

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