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Read Coming of the Villain Boss! Chapter 1271 – Yes Darling (28)

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Chapter 1271: Yes Darling (28)

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“Who are you!” Ye Tong didn’t know Ming Shu. “You stand up for such a person, do you also come from East District? Let go of my friend!”

“Me?” Ming Shu released the girl first, and pushed the two girls away at her convenience. She protected Lu Ning and smiled. “I come from the south city.”

Everyone: “???”

There were only East District and West District here, where did a south city come from?

Ye Tong showed an ironic expression. “What south city? If you come from the East District, just admit it… But I can understand. That kind of place gives a suffocating feeling just thinking about it.”

As she spoke, Ye Tong’s face was gradually occupied by disgust. “Since you’re Lu Ning’s friend, just be with her. You, go take off both of their clothes.”

“Miss Ye Tong!” someone called her from one side. “I just saw…”

Ye Tong didn’t even give a look at the person. She directly turned to scold the two girls who were pushed away by Ming Shu just now. “What are you waiting for, do it!”

The two girls looked at each other. Ming Shu didn’t use great strength, but they just felt cold all over.

But they wanted to please Ye Tong, so they had to listen to Ye Tong.

“Miss Jiang Xue…” Lu Ning pulled Ming Shu’s sleeves. “They came at me, you’d better leave.”

This was her business, and she didn’t have a habit of getting others into trouble.

Ming Shu ignored Lu Ning and went straight to throw the two girls on the floor.

Ye Tong’s eyes widened slightly.


Ye Tong watched Ming Shu walk over and couldn’t help but retreat. “Don’t come over, this is my house!”

Ming Shu reached out to pull her. Ye Tong wanted to struggle, but was soon controlled.

Her neck was choked by Ming Shu’s warm palm, and Ming Shu’s clear voice sounded in her ear. “I can make you feel suffocated right now, do you want to experience that?”

“No…” Ye Tong felt Ming Shu was tightening her grip and was panicked. “Are you crazy! This is the Ye family, if you dare hurt a hair of mine, you won’t make it out of the Ye family’s gate.”

Ming Shu said, “Then I won’t hurt your hair.”

Ye Tong: “…”

Ye Tong’s face reddened a little. Apparently the other party who seized her was also just a girl, and her strength didn’t seem to be great, but she couldn’t break free at all.

“Help… Help me… You… You pull her away!”

Ye Tong began to seek help from the onlookers.

Several males among the onlookers wanted to go up, but Ming Shu seized Ye Tong’s neck, so they were a little scared to go forward.

Ming Shu raised a smile. “Apologize to Lu Ning.”

Apologize to Lu Ning?!

Ye Tong thought she was hearing it wrong. How would she apologize to that East District garbage.

This was her Ye family, how could she apologize!

“You’re daydreaming!”

After finishing the sentence, Ye Tong began to have difficulty breathing, but not that severe to suffocate at once.

The hand on her neck was no longer warm, but as cold as poisoned ice.

An indescribable wave of fear climbed into her chest and wrung her heart out of her breast.

She heard every heartbeat in her ear.

“Don’t you mess around here!”

“Go tell someone!”

“This woman is crazy, she dares hurt Miss Ye Tong!”

The crowd began to move and some people ran to call others.

“No… No…” There was only terror left in Ye Tong’s eyes.

Ming Shu smiled calmly. “Then make an apology. Apologize, then I’ll let you go.”

Lu Ning wanted to say something. But in such a situation, she didn’t seem to know how to speak.

“…” Ye Tong remained silent for nearly half a minute and finally gave in. “I’m… I’m sorry.”

Ming Shu then released Ye Tong.

Ye Tong covered her neck and coughed heavily, staggering as she retreated.

“Untouchables! Just wait…”

Ming Shu retained a smiling face. “Untouchables? So you build yourself a kingdom and call yourself a king?”


Someone in the crowd laughed.

Ye Tong’s expression was even gloomier. She glared at the crowd with her beautiful eyes, yet didn’t see who it was, then turned to the chief culprit.

“Tongtong, what’s wrong?”

An old man surrounded by people came over, looking concerned.


Ye Tong cried and rushed over to the old man.

The old man comforted her hurriedly. “Aihh, my good granddaughter, what happened, who bullied you?”

Ye Tong pointed at Ming Shu and Lu Ning. “Them! They bullied me, she even wanted to strangle me, Grandpa, look at my neck… I was almost strangled by her.”

The old man saw Ye Tong’s naked neck where there were obvious finger marks.

The old man was immediately irritated, his sharp eyes sweeping over to Ming Shu. “How dare you! Lu Ning, it’s you again! You came to act wildly in the Ye family. Don’t you think that because Ye Wenji is nice to you, you can take the Ye family as your own house!”

Cold sweat dripped down Lu Ning’s face.

It was Ye Tong who caused trouble voluntarily…

Ming Shu raised her hand. “Hey, it was me who choked her, why do you vent your anger on her? Just come at me.”

I did it, so don’t make others take the blame!

The old man looked at Ming Shu and was even angrier. “What kind of thing are you?”

Was the Ye family somewhere that anyone could get in?

What did Ye Wenji do these days!

Ming Shu smiled. “I’m sorry, but you know, we don’t use a thing to describe a human. Your kingdom is so unique in choosing words.”

The word kingdom was just too awkward.

Perhaps the old man had never been talked back to like this before. “Who brought you here?”

“I came here by myself.” Do I need someone to take me?! What a joke!

“By yourself? Heh, how didn’t I meet you before, and how’s it possible that you could receive an invitation!” Ye Tong cut in. “Haven’t you sneaked in?”

“Miss Ye Tong, you are really not confident about your house’s security.”

Ye Tong: “…”

With the Ye family’s means, how was it possible that someone could sneak in.

Ye Tong gritted her teeth. “No one has brought you here, then how did you get in! Did you receive my invitation?”

Ye Tong was sure that she only invited familiar people here this time, and she didn’t meet this woman before at all.

And she stood with Lu Ning…

Perhaps it was Lu Ning who helped her get in.

“I believe you’ve heard of my name.” Ming Shu swept her gaze all around. “I’m Jiang Xue, the new boss of Du Ji.”


The crowd fell into a sudden silence.

They weren’t familiar with the name Jiang Xue, but Du Ji…

Even though they looked down upon the East District, the boss of Du Ji… They just didn’t dare to offend her casually.

“In view of your excellent performance today, I’ve decided to give you all a special discount in the future,” Ming Shu said slowly. “A hundred thousand for each day, I hope you’ll be satisfied and give a good comment with five stars.”

Everyone: “…”

The old man’s face turned dark. Obviously Ye Tong also knew how much value the two words Du Ji had, and her expression changed dramatically.

“Darling.” Ye Ji and Ye Wenji walked over from behind the crowd. Ye Ji directly put his hands around Ming Shu’s waist. “I’ve been looking for you half a day.”

There were silent exclamations coming from the crowd.

They knew who Ye Ji was… But, wasn’t he still in a coma? How did he heal?

And he had such a close relationship with this girl?

Ye Wenji retained a poker face and asked as if he didn’t understand the situation, “What are you gathering here for? Second Uncle? What happened, Tongtong?”

Actually, they’d made a scene here and Ye Wenji must have known clearly what was happening.


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