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Read Coming of the Villain Boss! Chapter 1307 – The Path Of Apocalypse (30)

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Chapter 1307: The Path Of Apocalypse (30)

“So my Apocalypse was Xi Heng’s?”

“Perhaps.” Who knew what happened to him afterward.

Qi Yu frowned. “Is that how he got to my world?”

As things stood, it was so.

Xi Heng wanted to go back to the Battle at Spirit Water through the fake Apocalypse, or even before that, so that he could save his clansmen.

But he failed.

Perhaps he learned something from the failure and did not give up on the plan.

Then he succeeded.

But he was transported to another world.

Then the Apocalypse came to be in the little demon’s world.

“Well… What about Xi Heng?” Where was he?

Ming Shu spread her hands. “How do I know, I didn’t give any order.”

Qi Yu: “…” Shouldn’t these questions be clarified?!

“Don’t worry,” Ming Shu said. “If there’s an answer, it’ll always be exposed.”


They followed the path and walked out of the village.

“Pretty sister!”

The little fatty popped out from nowhere and stood on the path. “Are you leaving? Are you sure you won’t consider becoming my concubine?”

Ming Shu: “…” Wild kids surely had bad memories of bad experiences.

If Qi Yu wanted to teach him a lesson before, now that he dared to try to s.n.a.t.c.h his girl again, he wanted to beat him up even more!

Ming Shu didn’t stop him this time and watched Qi Yu give the wild kid a fierce beating.

Little fatty squatted on the ground miserably.

Qi Yu showed a cold face to him. “That beautiful sister is mine, do you know that?”

Little fatty sniffled and had tears running down his face. “Yes… I know.”

Wu wu wu!

This man was more horrible than his father.

He wanted to go home.

After teaching little fatty a lesson, Qi Yu turned around to see Ming Shu holding a plate of desserts from unknown sources and eating happily.

“Are you finished?” she asked.

“…” What does her teasing tone mean?


Why am I doing this!

“Let’s go then.”

Qi Yu took a deep breath. Calm down. My wife is just a little bad, it’s not a big deal!

Anyway, she’s only bad to me!

On the way out of the village, they met a team including a groom on the way to pick up the bride. Because their custom here was to hold the wedding in the evening, they went to the bride’s house to pick her up at this time.

The village’s road was narrow. Ming Shu and Qi Yu were blocked in the bride’s house.

Village weddings were much simpler than those outside.

But the lively and noisy scene was not inferior to the outside at all.

Joy seemed to infect everyone.

Brides here didn’t need a veil. They were escorted out by the matchmaker and faced their grooms liberally.

The bride was not very beautiful, but her joy made her look beautiful in a different way.

It had been said that the most beautiful moment for a woman was when she got married.

According to custom and after a series of etiquette rites, the bride was picked up by the groom. They left together, surrounded by everyone, heading to the groom’s home to the busy music.

Ming Shu led Qi Yu away, and the noise also faded away.

Qi Yu suddenly asked, “Wife, when should we get married?”

“We’ve been married so many times, aren’t you sick of it?” Ming Shu asked casually.

In some worlds they didn’t have a wedding ceremony, but they did have the certificate.

“Is that the same?” Qi Yu was not convinced. “I want to marry you, the present you!”

In those worlds, they used other people’s names.

That was completely different.

“Marriage is so troublesome, I’d better not.” Ming Shu refused.

“You don’t want to marry me?” All the loving relationships that were not for the purpose of marriage were just people playing rascal.

Ming Shu blurt out, “I don’t even want to be in a relationship with you.”


Qi Yu paused. Ming Shu continued walking but was pulled back by him.

“What…” Are you doing!

Ming Shu was pulled back into his arms and he lowered his head to block her following words.

Ming Shu struggled, and Qi Yu tightened his arms. Suddenly both of them rolled down into the soft gra.s.s, to the sound of a small stream nearby.

Qi Yu’s kiss was overbearing at first, then turned soft and gentle gradually.

He lifted himself up and stared down at the girl beneath him. “So what do you want to do with me?”

Without waiting for an answer, he lowered his head and kissed her again.

His voice was low. “Like this?

“Or like this?”

With a slightly complicated look, Ming Shu put her hands on his chest and pushed him away a little. “Honey, we’re outside.”

“You pushed me?” Qi Yu’s voice became even lower and he seemed to be holding something back.

Ming Shu stopped her movements.

The darkness fell on all sides quietly, and a curtain of deep blue was drawn, stars shining everywhere.

Qi Yu pressed Ming Shu’s hands on the side, his eyes dark, and whispered, “I have promised you everything. What else do you want me to do?”

Ming Shu’s hands were held over her head. He held them with one hand and unwrapped her clothes with the other.

He leaned down and whispered in her ear, “I’m sorry.”

Ming Shu: “…”

Was she going too far?

The bad girl Ming Shu had a moment’s reflection, but didn’t think she had done anything wrong!

She didn’t say she wouldn’t be with him or anything like that…

What exactly had he imagined?

When his cool hands touched her skin, Ming Shu came to her senses. “Sorry, baby, I was wrong, I was wrong. Stop it, we’re outside.”

Qi Yu lifted her clothes and said word by word, “I’ve just checked. If you stand up there and don’t get down, you can’t see anything here.”

Ming Shu: “???”

You even checked the crime scene in advance?

“Qi Yu…”

“I just want you to be mine.”


Qi Yu did not move. He waited for Ming Shu’s answer.

But Ming Shu was silent for a long time. His fingers followed her abdomen and fell to her waist.

“Qi Yu,” Ming Shu called.

Qi Yu paused. He was actually very afraid, fearing that he might go out of control and do something that really p.i.s.sed her off.

But he had really tried hard to suppress himself.

He tried very hard…

“Just because I don’t fight doesn’t mean I don’t have the ability to fight. Don’t you understand that I’m like this?”

When had she been so embarra.s.sed like this?

She presented herself to a person without reservation.

He was afraid, and she was also afraid.

In the starlight Qi Yu stared down at the girl under him. Her clothes were halfway off and her white porcelain-like skin was half-hidden.

Qi Yu loosened his fingers.

Ming Shu gripped her clothes and sat up, saying lightly, “Qi Yu, let’s go back.”

Qi Yu looked at her and reached over.

Ming Shu frowned.

“I… I’ll help you get dressed well.”

Ming Shu released her hands. Qi Yu’s fingers touched her clothes, paused, then he helped her tie the clothes, and adjusted the coat.

Qi Yu rose with his head down. He took a silent step back.

Ming Shu felt a slight stagnation in her heart and took the initiative to hold his hand.

He let himself be led by her and went back up. They left the village entirely.

From a distance, they saw Xiu Huan and the others waiting by the carriage.


Xiu Huan bowed and made a salute.

Ming Shu stuffed Qi Yu back into the carriage, then turned to give Xiu Huan the order. “You go back to Thousand Mirror Mountain first.”

“Lord, you…”

“I’ll call you if I need to.”


Xiu Huan lowered her body. Ming Shu jumped into the carriage and the carriage moved forward slowly.


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