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Read Coming of the Villain Boss! Chapter 181 – Marrying A Rich Lady (14)

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Chapter 181: Marrying A Rich Lady (14)

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Under the gazes of the dumbfounded crowd, Ming Shu left while eating ice cream.

Qin Che certainly couldn’t let her go to find a “boy toy,” and he followed up closely.

“OMG, so handsome and so gentle. Are they boyfriend and girlfriend?Wuwuwuwu , I want such a handsome and gentle boyfriend too.”

“When did Qin Che get a girlfriend?” People who knew Qin Che felt strange.

Their circle was small. If a person like Qin Che had a girlfriend, it would have been known by them all.

“Haven’t you heard? Qin Chen was particularly fond of a girl in recent days. He often picked her up in the middle of the night. Isn’t that a girlfriend?”


“I also heard that. So romantic, if only I was that girl.”

Those discussions faded away gradually.

Qin Che cursed in his own heart secretly. Fond of what?! That’s only because he didn’t manage to kill her, but got himself wounded!

Fine, then, what else could he choose?

Make the woman fall in love with me!

Ming Shu intended to show a woman’s master-level buying skill to Qin Che. Hence… Qin Che not only had to hold all the things she bought, but also needed to properly help swipe the card.

“What about we buy this whole shopping mall back?” Finally, Qin Che couldn’t stand it and he began to think about buying the mall.

Ming Shu: “…” Even this couldn’t irritate him? He wanted to buy a mall?

Holy c.r.a.p, this Hatred Points target is also abnormal.

Ming Shu pondered how she could get Hatred Points. When pa.s.sing a shop, she saw Nan Youyou was inside.

She stopped immediately.

Nan Youyou and another well-dressed woman stood opposite each other. The salesclerk next to them held a dress in her hand and was apologizing to the woman.

“Why did you give it to her?” The woman was not convinced.

The salesclerk felt very sorry. “I’m really sorry, Miss, but do you want to look at other styles?”

The woman didn’t agree. “But I told you to leave this for me a few days ago. How can you sell it to others? No, I’ll speak to your manager.”

The salesclerk was caught in the middle. “This…”

The woman was very impatient and glared at her. “This what? Go, find your manager. If you offend me, will you take responsibility?”

The salesclerk was afraid of offending people so she ran to call the manager.

While waiting, the woman examined Nan Youyou from head to toe. But Nan Youyou just stood there elegantly without saying a word.

The manager came over in a hurry. After listening to the clerk’s explanation, he immediately understood what was going on.

“I’m sorry, Miss. We are willing to give you priority to choose next season’s clothes. So perhaps you can choose another dress this time and leave this dress to Miss Nan?”

Discounts were rare for such shops. Hence the priority to purchase was very attractive to some rich ladies.

Many clothes were one of a kind; if you can’t buy them at the right time, then you just can’t buy them.

Usually, the best-looking ones were bought by those who had priority.

The woman started considering it, in hesitation, but she also didn’t want to give up this dress. Then she made up her mind. “That won’t work. I saw this dress first.”

The manager didn’t expect that priority of purchase couldn’t persuade the woman.

After waiting for such a long time, Nan Youyou finally opened her mouth as she took out a card and handed it to the salesclerk. “Here.”

The salesclerk glanced at the manager and was instructed by him. Then she took the card.

The woman was suddenly irritated. “What? Are you going to offend me?”

“Miss, why don’t you tear the clothes, you can afford it anyway. As the saying goes, if you can’t get it, then destroy it rather than leave it to others.”

A pleasant voice suddenly sounded in the woman’s ear. She turned back and met a pair of clear eyes. The girl was harmlessly smiling and tender-looking.

“Ruan Li!” Nan Youyou just couldn’t maintain her elegant image as soon as she saw Ming Shu.

Ming Shu said quickly, “Miss Nan, hold on, hold on, you’re n.o.ble and elegant, don’t be angry.”

Nan Youyou almost spat out a mouthful of blood.

She was angry to see Ming Shu at any time. And she even smiled and told her not to be angry.

Which was even more infuriating.

The woman probably understood that this girl also had a bone to pick with the woman opposite.

Ming Shu asked again, “Miss, are you going to tear it up or not?”

The woman puffed out her chest and said boldly, “Why not!”

She grabbed the dress from the hands of the salesclerk and tore it up immediately. The fabric was good, and it was a little hard for the young lady to tear it apart.

Then suddenly a pair of scissor was pa.s.sed to her.

The young miss didn’t think twice, she took them and cut the dress into pieces.

Ming Shu handed the scissors over in just one second, as if she’s prepared long ago. Both the salesclerk and the manager were too late to stop her, and they could only watch the scene with stunned expressions.

After destroying the dress, the miss finally vented out her anger and slammed it toward Nan Youyou. Then she locked her jaw and looked at the manager. “Do you still want to sell this dress to her?”

The manager: “…”

I’ve experienced a lot of women fighting, but never met such suffocating operations , he thought.

He subconsciously looked at the suddenly appearing Ming Shu. Who is this miss? Is she here to ruin my business? Do I need to call the police?

Looking at the tatters of the dress on the ground, Nan Youyou gritted her teeth, then glared at Ming Shu. “Ruan Li, do you have to go against me?”

Ming Shu nodded. “Yes, yes, I do.”

Nan Youyou: “…”

She just admitted it like that?

Not hiding it at all?

What does she want to do!

The salesclerk shivered. “Manager, what should we do now?” The “harem fight” of these rich ladies is terrifying.

The manager was also shivering and his voice trembled. “I don’t know… Let’s keep watching.”

These three women had super fighting capacity. They were just small potatoes, and didn’t dare to get involved in the war of bigger fish.

“What’s wrong?” Shen Yuanzhao came in from outside. They couldn’t tell his real emotions from his cold face.

The miss’s eyes suddenly shone bright. She was shocked by Shen Yuanzhao’s “beauty.” But then she immediately recognized him and her face changed slightly.

Shen Yuanzhao…

What did this woman have to do with Shen Yuanzhao?

Who didn’t know him in this circle.

Nan Youyou closed her mouth and hid away the hatred gathering in her eyes. “Boss Shen.”

Shen Yuanzhao seemed to be dissatisfied by Nan Youyou’s greeting, but he didn’t say much.

Then his eyes naturally fell on Ming Shu and the young lady who cut up the dress. He asked coldly, “Miss Ruan, why are you here?”

Ming Shu grunted. “Why can’t I be here? Is this your house?”

Shen Yuanzhao narrowed his eyes slightly and his tone got colder. “How did Youyou offend you?”

This Ruan Li. He hadn’t even had the time to punish her for last time, now she dared to appear in front of him.

Ming Shu smiled innocently. “Oh, no, I’m just pa.s.sing by.” And picking up some Hatred Points.

“Pa.s.sing by?” Shen Yuanzhao clearly didn’t believe her.

“Boss Shen, it’s none of my business, she asked me to cut up the dress, it was her idea.” The young lady suddenly spoke up and pushed all blame directly to Ming Shu.

Some people could be offended, but some could never.

Ming Shu wasn’t angry at all, though.

She studied her nails and said in a mild tone, “I just gave you a suggestion. You didn’t have to listen to me. Did I hold your hand and force you to cut it? I was just saying things.”

“You…” The lady glared at Ming Shu and tried to clear up her relationship with her. “Boss Shen, it’s really none of my business, it’s all her…”

“Boss Shen, it’s like…” The manager was afraid that Shen Yuanzhao would transfer his anger onto them so he quickly explained the matter.

Since the appearance of Shen Yuanzhao, Nan Youyou didn’t say a word. But her expression showed she felt a little bit wronged and that silence was just better than words.

What a beautiful, innocent lotus flower.


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