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Read Coming of the Villain Boss! Chapter 543 – Peach Blossom Tao Xian (32)

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Read WebNovel Coming of the Villain Boss! Chapter 543 – Peach Blossom Tao Xian (32)

Chapter 543: Peach Blossom Tao Xian (32)

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Ming Shu could also hear Lu Jiu’s voice.

Jian Ying died.

Ming Shu: “…”


Lu Jiu continued, saying that Jian Ying died at four o’clock in the afternoon. Hua Jian was still lying in bed at that time, so he didn’t kill her, but then who did?

Which little goblin killed my snacks coupon?

What happened to the protagonist’s aura? She was killed so easily, this doesn’t seem scientific…

Ming Shu climbed up and looked directly into Hua Jian’s eyes. “Did you do that?”

Thinking over and over, if this little goblin wants to kill Jian Ying, he actually doesn’t need to do it by himself. He can hire a killer!

Hua Jian hung up the phone and shook his head calmly. “I’ve been with you the whole time.”

Yes, I did it, so what!


You can prevent me one time, but can you prevent me forever?

Hua Jian strongly denied it, and Ming Shu strongly suspected it was him. It’s just like the last world. Do I need to pay close attention to my snacks coupon’s safety?

Ming Shu turned over and got down the bed. Hua Jian felt empty in his arms and he hurriedly rushed over to hold her again, resting his chin on her shoulder. “Aren’t you hungry? I’ll order takeout.”

Ming Shu: “…”

Don’t think I’ll believe in you then!

Jin Dongyi didn’t say anything important in the letter he left to Ming Shu. He just told her to cultivate hard and to not be with Hua Jian. She shouldn’t waste her talent.

Even if she wanted to be with Hua Jian, she shouldn’t do that thing with him.

Otherwise it would cause uncertain changes to her cultivation progress.

Ming Shu was really impressed by Jin Dongyi. He doesn’t care about his own grandson but cares about me? Is it because I’m more good-looking than him?

Jin Dongyi was the person who proposed that experiment in the beginning, but he backed out in the process. Then Sun Guomao used the data he left behind and began to do evil things…

Hua Jian bothered Ming Shu a lot, so Ming Shu left the courtyard right on that night. She took her little demons to destroy the Evil Spirit Offices everywhere and gain Hatred Points all around the world.

Ming Shu’s willful behavior troubled those superiors a lot, and finally they decided to initiate a negotiation with her.

Now her demon team grew bigger and bigger. The demons were originally more powerful than humans; if they gathered together and wanted to do something big, perhaps they could manage it.

So it was necessary to have a negotiation.

But Ming Shu refused it.

The other party didn’t give up and tried to persuade her many times.

Finally, Ming Shu agreed.

The meeting place was in Jingshan Mountain.

Other than the responsible people in the Evil Spirit Office, a strange face also appeared in the negotiation team. The man wore a pair of black-rimmed and looked kind.

The chief introduced that he was sent by the upper administration. They called him Director LV.

It sounded like a director of some certain bureau.

Ming Shu didn’t care, though. “My request is simple. Dismiss the Evil Spirit Offices and from then on, we’ll live by separate rules and won’t interfere with each other.”

Director LV adjusted his “Miss Tao Xian, have you ever thought about humans? What should we do then? The original intention of setting up the Evil Spirit Office was to protect ordinary humans, but if it is dismissed, what should we do when demons disturb the human world?”

Ming Shu raised her eyebrows. “The original intention was to protect humans, but what’s the result?”

“That was an accident. Sun Guomao did it individually and we didn’t know.” Director LV sounded a little angry. “The Evil Spirit Office will never do such things. We’ll punish Sun Guomao and we promise that it won’t happen again.”

“Sun Guomao managed to do business in secret for so many years and you never found out. It’ll be very easy for another Sun Guomao to do the same thing.” Ming Shu shrugged. “Demons and humans are different, we shouldn’t allow you to govern us.”

Ming Shu didn’t listen to anything, and Director LV frowned. “Miss Tao Xian, how can you promise that the demons won’t harm humans?”

“You don’t need to worry about that. I’ll handle it.”

“How will you handle it, Miss Tao Xian?” Director LV looked kind but his words were as sharp as a blade. “Do you know how many demons there are in the whole country? You can lead these demons here now , but can you lead all the demons?”

Ming Shu smiled calmly and confidently. “Yes, of course.”

Director LV: “…”

The negotiation broke up.

Big Bao had turned back into his national treasure shape and was now nibbling a bamboo shoot. He said to Ming Shu with a vague voice, “King, they’ll come again.”

Of course Ming Shu knew they would come again. It was not easy for them to decide to dismiss the department set under the government.

Ming Shu found the rich demon in her team and asked him to buy Wan Yue Village.

The rich demon was rich and he immediately took action.


Ming Shu pushed the courtyard’s door open.

The yard was quiet, and peach blossoms covered the bluestone floor, heaping up in a thick layer. Ming Shu stepped on them like stepping on cotton.

Hua Jian sat at a stone table under the peach tree, asleep on the table.

During the seesaw battle between the Evil Spirit Office and Ming Shu, Hua Jian had left the Evil Spirit Office.

Ming Shu stepped on the peach blossom petals and came to him. After standing still for a long time, she reached out to draw along his eyes and brows with her fingers.

“Tao Xian.” Hua Jian held Ming Shu’s wrist and pressed her hand onto his face, without opening his eyes. “I missed you so much.”

“You killed Jian Ying.”

“I didn’t.” I can’t admit it. I don’t know why, but I always feel that if I admit it, I’ll be dead.

It’s definitely not because I’m scared of her.

It’s that if I admit it, the task won’t be completed!

“How did she die?”


“You can cheat anyone but not me.” Ming Shu took back her hand and walked under the peach tree.

Hua Jian opened his eyes. “You don’t like her, why do you care?”

Ming Shu leaned on the trunk and turned her head to smile. “You’re not against her, but why do you have to kill her?”

The two looked at each other in silence. There seemed to be an electric current darting in the air, and it seemed whoever averted their gaze first would lose.

For one instant, Hua Jian almost spilled out everything.

But he pinched himself and suppressed those horrible thoughts.

“Someone is killing the demon!”

“Help! Help me!”

The little gra.s.s began to scream outside the wall. Ming Shu smiled, and then averted her gaze calmly. She tapped on the trunk lightly with her fingertips, then Hua Jian saw the peach blossom begin to wither quickly.

“What are you doing?” Hua Jian frowned.

“Moving house.”

Hua Jian stood up with a rush. “Where are you moving?”

F**k, you move house, but what about me?

Ming Shu didn’t hide anything, though. “Wan Yue Village.”

The peach tree turned into points of light and flew into Ming Shu’s body, then all the peach blossoms in the courtyard disappeared, without leaving a single petal.

Ming Shu lifted her foot and walked toward the outside. Hua Jian suddenly held her from behind. “Tao Xian, I like you.”

I like you.


I don’t know…

I just know I like you…

Hua Jian held Ming Shu in his arms and didn’t know what else to say at this time.

He wanted to deny something, but he didn’t know how. He felt a little lost, listening to his heart beating clearly.

Hua Jian held tighter and raised his voice. “I like you.”

Ming Shu forced apart his hands and walked outside in silence. Hua Jian stood in place, staring at her back quietly.

Ming Shu walked to the door then turned her head slightly. “Are you waiting for me to pick you up with eight wedding sedan chairs?”

Hua Jian couldn’t help the smile curling at his mouth. “If you want to.”

“Yoh.” Ming Shu exclaimed a little and then kept silent.

Hua Jian was horrified and he walked over with his mouth closed tightly, trying to correct the words. “I will marry you with eight sedan chairs.”

Ming Shu hit him in the heart. “You’d better find a job and then buy the sedan chairs.”

Hua Jian: “…”

I have a deposit!

I won’t starve you even if I don’t work!

Hua Jian stepped out of the courtyard and closed the door, then caught up with Ming Shu. “So did you just accept my love confession?”



Where is my knife!


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