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Read Coming of the Villain Boss! Chapter 617 – What A Messy Circle (40)

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Chapter 617: What A Messy Circle (40)

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Lu Zhuo’s grand proposal made the headlines of the entertainment news. All of Lu Zhuo’s fans lost their love together and the entire internet was filled with resentment.

From today onwards, their husband would be someone else’s husband…

He belonged to her entirely. Once they thought about this, the fans felt even more depressed.

If it was just losing their love, it was still okay. However, the day after the proposal, they saw Lu Zhuo showing off his red booklet on his blog!

Accompanied by Lu Zhuo’s happy face, his fans decided to stop being his fans for five minutes.

As for the marriage certification, Ming Shu was quite unwilling to do it. But, Lu Zhuo managed to convince her mother and got her registered residence account secretly. He then lured her to the civil administration bureau.

He threw snacks at her the entire way and when Ming Shu came out, the red booklet was already in her hand.


Lu Zhuo kissed Ming Shu’s face.

“Let’s go back.” Ming Shu put away the red booklet calmly. Isn’t it just a certificate? The certificates I have could fill up an entire wall! What is there to be excited about? Shallow!

“Wife, are you not happy?” Lu Zhuo was in a super excited state. He took out his phone and posed. “Smile.”

Ming Shu didn’t look over at all and just pulled up the corners of her mouth.

Little Princess Lu Zhuo V: From today onwards, I am taken. Don’t call me husband anymore, my wife will be angry. [image][image][image]

President fans: Very good. The president maintained her president pose. Look at how obedient Lu Zhuo is!

Wife fans: Husband, why did you abandon me?

President fans: The president is so calm. You know that she is someone who does big things. President, do not indulge yourself in love. You should find more concubines. How can you let Lu Zhuo have all your love?

Wife fans: Husband, we promised each other that we would be together forever. How can you get married first? Do you still remember little sweetie from the banks of Daming Lake?

By the time he reached home, the comments for Lu Zhuo’s post were already sky-high.

Ming Shu opened her phone and notifications from the app kept popping out. The phone froze for a minute before it resumed working.

She opened the app and found Lu Zhuo’s post. She shared it.

Xu Bei: Okay. // @Little Princess Lu Zhuo V: From today onwards, I am taken. Don’t call me husband anymore, my wife will be angry. [image][image][image]

Once Ming Shu shared this post, her president fans couldn’t keep their composure anymore.

President fans: President, you should not encourage this pretty boy! Bring out your arrogance and refute him till he has no temper!

President fans: Why do I feel like I am being fed with dog food? I am not eating it. I am not eating it. I am not eating it. Give me back my president!

President fans: @Little Princess Lu Zhuo V did you stealthily subst.i.tute my president? Hand over the president!

President fans: President, listen to a word of advice from me. You cannot pamper a pretty boy. Once you pamper him, he will go to heaven!!

Ming Shu glanced at Lu Zhuo who was busying himself in the bedroom and sighed slightly.

Once they got the marriage certificate, they became busy preparing the wedding. Of course, Ming Shu was not needed. The Xu family and Lu Zhuo were the busy ones.

The day before the marriage, Ming Shu heard that Huo Ting’s girl got s.n.a.t.c.hed. The woman that he was really close to recently got s.n.a.t.c.hed by another big brother. Ming Shu was so happy she quickly sent a congratulations message to Huo Ting.

It was not befitting of her character profile if she didn’t add on to the misfortunes now.

In the end, after Huo Ting fought a few hundred rounds with that big brother, he not only lost his wife, he lost his right as the heir of the Huo family.

Huo Ting sold Zhishang Entertainment and then married a rich family’s daughter overseas. After doing this, he finally managed to regain his status as the heir of the Huo family.

However, his life was not smooth either. That rich wife of his stepped on many boats. The fleet of boats was very grand.

Finally, Huo Ting got a divorce and never married again. He spent the rest of his life alone.

Xia Lian’s life was even worse than Huo Ting’s. That man was like a vampire, sucking her dry. When she retaliated, she was drugged and sold to an underground organization. After that, she was sold overseas. By the time the Xia family saved her, she had gone crazy.

“Beibei, come out for once.”

Fang Qi’s voice sounded from the phone. Lu Zhuo turned on the light. “Who is it?”

“What happened?” Ming Shu sat up from the bed and started putting on her clothes. Lu Zhuo looked at her and heard her answering the person on the phone.

“Okay, I will go immediately.”

Ming Shu hung up and looked into Lu Zhuo’s black eyes. She leaned over and kissed him. “Something happened to Fang Qi. I will go out for a while. You can sleep.”

“I will go with you.” I would be kidding myself if I said that I’m not worried about you seeing a man in the middle of the night.

Ming Shu didn’t reject him. She waited for him to put on his clothes.

Fang Qi asked Ming Shu to go to Zhao Yang’s apartment right away. When she arrived, Zhao Yang’s door was wide open and there were shouts and cries coming from within.

Ming Shu entered the apartment. The scene in the main hall was quite messy. There were quite a lot of people there too.

Jiang Han sat on the sofa with an arrogant expression. Zhao Yang stood by the sofa and looked down. She couldn’t see his expression.

Yidai was held up by Fang Qi. Her face was pale as she looked at Zhao Yang. Yangyang was standing on the table and scolding Jiang Han with her sleeves pulled up.

Yangyang was always very keen about uncovering Jiang Han’s true face. Half a year ago, she finally managed to make Zhao Qian recognize how evil Jiang Han was and he broke up with Jiang Han. At that time, Ming Shu was busy with her side business so she only heard them speaking about it at their gatherings.

However, a while after Zhao Yang broke up with Jiang Han, Yidai suddenly got pregnant and Zhao Yang was the father of the child. Yidai said that Zhao Yang’s mood was really low during that time so they went to have a drink and… the child happened.

Yidai didn’t want to give birth to the child, but Zhao Yang suddenly started begging her. Yidai’s heart softened and she decided to keep the child.

Yangyang pulled Ming Shu along to persuade Yidai many times but Yidai said that she didn’t have an option. Zhao Yang had gone to find her parents and she was already pregnant. Her parents would not allow such a thing to be exposed so they would only allow her to marry Zhao Yang.

Yidai was always so indecisive when it came to Zhao Yang. This was why this scene happened today.

Jiang Han found them and said that she was pregnant with Zhao Yang’s child. She forced Yidai and Zhao Yang to divorce.

“Zhao Yang, if you are a man, say something!” Yangyang got tired of scolding and pointed at the silent Zhao Yang.

“Zhao Yang would definitely choose me, right? Zhao Yang?” Jiang Han looked at Zhao Yang.

Zhao Yang raised his head and looked at Jiang Han first before shifting his gaze toward Yidai. “Yidai…”

“Mr. Zhao.” Ming Shu blocked Yidai and cut off his gaze. “Yidai is your legal wife.”

Zhao Yang was stunned. “I…”

“Zhao Yang, the child in my stomach belongs to you.” Jiang Han reached out and touched her stomach.

“F**k, the child in Yidai’s stomach belongs to Zhao Yang too. Shut up!”

“Why do you still want to beat me? Let me tell you, I am a pregnant person now. If anything happens to the child, can you be responsible?”

Yangyang was angered by Jiang Han and leapt across the table. She raised her hand and made to hit Jiang Han.

Zhao Yang got a shock. He quickly stepped forward and protected Jiang Han. “Yangyang, don’t intrude on this matter. This is my family matter. You all can leave.”


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