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No sooner had Lucifer Lucy finished her words that she suddenly flashed away from the original spot! A huge thorn made up of grains of sand surged up out of the blue!

As she moved backward, more thorns popped up one after another! They were like a spreading red carpet, chasing the woman all along the path!

Qian Wutian tightly clutched his sword whose scabbard was inlaid with colorful gems! On it, circles of magic ripples sparkled, testifying as to what a wonderful Magic Conductor it was!

“How dare you!”

A roar suddenly sounded and then a shadow flashed! It flew down from miles up and along with it a palm was aimed at the head of Qian Wutian! A mist of black Warrior Power enveloped Qian Wutian leaving him no way to run!

“Hmph…You are playing with fire!”

Golden sand behind Qian Wutian surged into the sky, and Qian Wutian drew a bright light in the air. He held his sword and directed it at the strong a.s.sault.

At the same time, Qian Wutian’s Warrior Power also broke out. While only a strike and a thrust did not hurt the opponent at all, a pair of huge bat wings suddenly appeared in the sky, and with a turn, the newcomer flew to Lucifer Lucy.

The muscles around the eye corners of Cech Flet twitched again and again! That was the Blood Bat Bloodline Warrior; they were also called the Shadow Demon because they moved faster than any other bloodlines.

“Oh… Your poor little thing! You are so p.i.s.sed! Because I said Qian Wushan were better than you? Don’t be so rude! Magic is an art! On what earth can your magic be called art?” m.u.f.fled sn.i.g.g.e.r came out from Lucifer Lucy and her b.r.e.a.s.t.s slightly shook. “Let me show you!”

The woman shook her delicate bracelet and the shadow under Qian Wutian’s foot suddenly crept up like a huge mouth.

“Fragile dark power!”

Qian Wutian bawled out as magic ripples were sent out from the scabbard once again! Suddenly the sunlight all came together to crash into the expanding dark magic.


The punctured dark magic instantly disappeared without a trace, like a bubble melting into the water! At the same time, Lucifer Lucy flashed and swung over to Cech Flet.

“Move aside…They are mine preys…”

Qian Wutian dashed out and aimed at the neck of Duren Burg with his sword pulled out in a dragon chanting sound. Not until he reached the target had his sword turned into dozens of phantoms to shroud Duren Burg!

In a critical battle, warriors should breed out any unstable factors in advance! Although this Qian warrior was just a Level 5 Demon Capturer, he must have some strange life-saving ability. He was definitely not easy to deal with! Lucifer Lucy knew for sure that she must take care of Cech Flet first! Flipping her palm upside down, Lucifer Lucy gripped the man’s throat!

When the two most powerful people on two sides fought, one with an insignificant role who had no right to speak would jump at the chance to define the outcome of the battle when these two were severely injured by each other! This occurred several times in real wars!

This was not allowed to happen! Since Cech Flet was right here but unwilling to be her toy, Lucifer Lucy decided to kill him and send the body to the idiot Elder Prince as a gift! but now, seems like the Elf King Warrior was more valuable!

The situation changed too fast! Cech Flet could not even apply any of his strength under the severe wound! Seeing this, Duren Burg launched a sweeping move, trying to reach Cech Flet.

Bang bang…

In the air came two sounds of vibrating bowstring! Two Warrior Weapon Grade arrows shot out of nowhere!

On this side, a shield made up of black shadow appeared! While the flying arrows easily pierced it! Fanta Kunge was stunned! The dark magic was truly too fragile, just as Qian Wutian had said!


However, just when everyone thought the arrows had pierced through the shield, the arrows suddenly swerved and aimed for Qian Wutian!

At the same time, another shield made by sand blocked the arrows! After a short while, the solid sand was penetrated, setting off a yellow mist! Due to the delay, the target, Qian Wutian, had long vanished!

The two ultimate bloodline warriors were too fast! As soon as Duren Burg hit Qian Wutian’s sword, the Warrior Power splashed in all directions! No sooner had he unloaded the Elf King Warrior’s power that Lucifer Lucy came to his front!


Finally, Qian Jin had broken the G.o.d d.a.m.n lock!

All of a sudden, the boiling sand behind Duren Burg suddenly rushed high into the sky like an underground pipe spurting out water that was more than ten meters high!

The long and thick sand pillar went straight up in the air and scattered all around! The sand could no longer hide the suffocating bomb! In the deep pit, a half-naked man was there!

Being able to breathe freely, Qian Jin felt the lock in his body had been completely melted by the rolling heat wave! The energy connections and reservoirs in the moment seemed to have all been melted too! As his Warrior Power moved at a fascinating speed, his energy reservoirs were restored and the connections were restored! He could feel they had become more solid than ever!

Even the two broken arms seemed to have been melted too! The potion he had taken flowed and boiled all along, which was absorbed not by the body but directly by the arms! After it was completely digested, Qian Jin felt he had returned to normal again!

After the 108 energy-reservoir lock was unlocked, the Warrior Power was stronger than ever before! In a leap, Qian Jin got out of the hole! He slightly raised his hand and felt all the heat flow about a meter in diameter around him was under his control!

How tremendous! The two bloodline warriors were so shocked that they even forgot they were in a battle! During this time, Qian Jin had left the pothole! He took over his Zhanmadao from Cech Flet and initiated an attack on Qian Wutian with one hand! The other arm which had not yet fully recovered also moved, striking towards Lucifer Lucy.

Level 4 Demon Capturer! Qian Jin had not only recovered his Warrior Power again but also made a continuous breakthrough! He had leaped up to Level 4 in one breath! With a graceful lift of his hand, the heat in the sand surged out! Lucifer Lucy took a squint at this and a sharp light sparkled in her slender eyes! “What was going on? How did he manage this?” she thought.

Heat flow rolled and converged in the desert, forming a transparent thin coat like water droplets. But with the naked eye, people could see it! How strange! The floating heat flow was so hot that the s.p.a.ce around Qian Jin was bending like the s.p.a.ce on top of the flame!

Qian Jin’s fist was like a vacuum cleaner, which collected all the heat flow in an instant! The forced in the fist was twice as strong as it used to be.

“Warrior Heart Awareness!” Seeing this, Fanta Kunge came down the hill and blurted out in surprise. “To condense Warrior Power into a seed of life for the cultivation of a Warrior Heart? With this, one can make use of the power of heaven and earth! How is this possible? You can only get it when you advance into a Demon Slayer from Demon Capturer!”

Bang bang bang…

Metals collided! Palms met each other! Warrior Power splashed! Hot waves filled the air! The sand on the ground poured down like beans under the impact from both sides!

In just one strike, Qian Wutian felt as if his arms had been hit by lightning and the chest by a hammer! It was like a giant rushing elephant! Although he had stuck both his feet deep in the sand, he could not help but be pushed back about ten meters away, leaving two deep scratches in the sand.


As a brittle sound sounded in Qian Jin’s bones, Lucifer Lucy also felt her metacarpal bone was damaged! Severe pain with raging Warrior Power hopped along the arm to the throat until a little bit of sweet blood gushed into her mouth! If not for the wings that were controlling her balance, she would have long been beaten down on the ground.

“What the h.e.l.l? I’m a level 9, he is just a Level 4! How can he do this?” Out of her pocket, Lucifer Lucy fished out a Pain Killing magic scroll! All at once, some black light enveloped her wrist! Although the broken bone could not be connected, it could numb the pain for now.

“Warrior Heart Awareness? Is it called Warrior Heart Awareness?” Qian Jin slightly raised his painful arms which had not entirely recovered and mobilized the power around! “So it is not my invention and it had a name!”

Fanta Kunge rubbed his eyes, trying to find out if it was Warrior Heart Awareness or not! He was completely stunned! It surely was! But only when a top Demon Capturer was ready to become a Demon slayer could he compress his Warrior Power into a seed and get the Warrior Heart after a breakthrough! At that time, the warrior would be endowed with the power to mobilize the force of heaven and earth.

How strong was the power of heaven and earth? No one knew it for sure! Perhaps the only warrior with Ultimate Bloodline Awakening could take a peek at this mystery! Because when they achieved the ultimate awakening, it was the time they dominated the world!

Only a Demon Slayer could obtain a complete Warrior Heart, which was an iron law, even for bloodlines! Fanta Kunge looked at Qian Jin in great shock. This ordinary warrior had performed another miracle!

“Warrior Heart Awareness? How so?” Lucifer Lucy cried out at this astonishing fact! She was becoming a peak Level 9 Second Tier Demon Warrior (Level 9 Demon Capturer) and when she succeeded, she would be able to nurture a seed of Lucifer Warrior Heart! With the force of heaven and earth, she could create a Warrior Heart in her and jump into a higher realm.

“You!” Qian Jin suddenly took a step toward Qian Wutian and the ground looked like as if a shortening spell it had been cast on it! A step, ten meters! He brandished Zhanmadao and asked, “You are here to kill me, right?”

Fast beyond imagination! Qian Wutian could see nothing but the overbearing strike! Heaven and earth were filled with the strike! He had nowhere to run!

Since nothing could be done, Qian Wutian held his sword over the head! Hitting against Zhanmadao, brilliant sparkles bloomed out! The sword squeaked as it unloaded some of Qian Jin’s Warrior Power! But Qian Jin had inflicted injuries on Qian Wutian already! The internal organs in Qian Wutian’s body startled and a mouthful of blood sprayed out! He could not take it anymore and fell down onto the ground!


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