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York Nord felt increasingly doubtful about the outcome of Qian Jin’s killing of Ray Yue. Being an all-mighty Mayor with a warrior soul, was there any need for his father to be afraid of Qian Jin, even if he had the Torrent Battle Fort at his back?

“Father.” York Hons shifted forward by York Leigh’s side silently. “If the bear of the Torrent Battle Fort finds troubles with us over this…”

York Leigh’s face held a sunken expression. What bothered him most was Marc Gavin, who not only wore a bear-like face but also behaved in an imperious seeming bear-like manner.

“So what shall we do in your point of view?” York Leigh looked at York Hons with appreciation. “Shall we have Nord go to Qian Jin’s home and apologize to him? If so, the other forces in Yulee will feel that I’m afraid of the Torrent Battle Fort and Qian Jin, and it will make it harder to mediate their disputes and draw profits thereof.”

York Hons nodded his head softly. The long-standing prestige of the Mayor’s Family was to be maintained anyway. In this case, how could York Nord, the one who suffered the beating, apologize to the attacker, Qian Jin?

“Let it be. I shall talk with Qian Jin in person at my coming birthday party.” York Leigh sighed and shook his head reluctantly. To have the Torrent Battle Fort as a backup force was already th.o.r.n.y, and to make things worse, Qian Jin was the son-in-law of Fabreidis. On top of this, he himself was a powerful warrior to have killed Ray Yue.

“Yes. You are right, my father.” York Hons cast an askance look at York Nord lying on the ground. “I hear that Xander, the Vice President of Crystal Magic Tower, and his daughter have also developed hostility toward Qian Jin. It is said that Qian Jin threw Abela into the mire at Punitive Expedition Academy.”

“Really?” York Leigh released a slightly smiling look on his sullen face. “That arrogant girl won’t get even with Qian Jin easily. As for the Ray Family, if they knew that Qian Jin has returned, they would nine out of ten times attempt to take the revenge on him. After all, the death of their family leader was directly related to Qian Jin, of which Ray Yue played the indirect role.”

York Hons kept nodding his head. Indeed, the duel between different forces was not something unusual, but most of the times it was okay to defeat the opponent. Though it was not deemed as a breach of the rules of the duel, to have directly killed the rival did was unacceptable to the Ray Family. As to Ray Yue’s initial intent of killing Qian Jin which caused Qian Jin to fight back and finish off this opponent for self-defense, Ray Family chose to turn a blind eye to it completely.

“In fact, it is good for us, father.” York Hons came close to York Leigh and whispered, “In this way, you can more profit as the intermediary.”

York Leigh cast an appreciative look at this son of him and then impatiently turned to the other who was sprawling on the floor rolling his eyes, lamenting why the Stars bestowed him a clever son at the cost of such a stupid one.

“Why are you still here still? Get away from me!”

York Nord awkwardly rose up from the floor and ran across the lobby. Reaching the door at the end of the corridor, he turned back with a sinister smile. “Hmph. The Magic Union and the Ray Family. Now that you are also in rancor with Qian Jin, I can naturally go and ally with you.”

“Okay, you can also leave here.” York Leigh took the cold white towel, placed it on his forehead and waved his hand. “I want to stay by myself for a while.”

“Yes, father.”

York Hons exited from the lobby with a hunched over posture. Turning back, he straightened up and wore a gloating smile, calculating that the stupid Nord must be thirsty for ganging up with the Ray Family and the Crystal Magic Tower after hearing what he had said.

“By that time… whether it is Qian Jin or the alliance of the Ray Family and the Crystal Magic Tower that suffers from failure or a death.” York Hons sneered. If by that time the Crystal Magic Tower and the Ray Family still couldn’t get even with the Torrent Battle Fort, the York Family would profit a lot from mediating in between. It would also serve as a good opportunity for him to kill Qian Jin.

“If Qian Jin dies…” York Hons wore a satisfied smile, “Rosella will belong with me. Hmph, such a pretty woman will, by all means, be mine. All right, I forgot to tell father that the trade cavaran heading for the Demons ought to have come back the day before yesterday, but it hasn’t yet. Have they run into any adversities?”

“They have come across trouble.”

Qian Jin walked into the room with Gabriella, just to find a newly wounded mercenary reporting to Rosella with a grimace.

“Our goods are also blocked in the frontier?” Rosella’s rosy face turned a little dark. It was her first time trading with the Demons. Unexpectedly, the goods to be returned to the inland through the frontier were intercepted by the bandit groups frequenting the border.

Gomez Jane walked out of the sleeping room in a white dress. Upon hearing that their trade caravan had been intercepted by the bandit group, she also wore a sullen face. How could this be? Indeed there were a number of trading channels which were under the control of the bandit groups, but as long as enough road tolls were bribed in advance, generally none of them would take on the interception.

After all, everyone involved in this frontier business depended on these trade routes to make a living, failing which merchants would be cut off from profits and the bandit groups would also be starved.

“Haven’t we bribed the bandit groups watching over the pa.s.s in advance?” Gomez Jane slowly walked to her exclusive seat, sat down graciously and looked at the mercenary, “Do you know who did this?”

“No.” The mercenary shook his head as if pounding garlic. “The frontier is now in a total mess, being more tumultuous than before.”

More tumultuous? Qian Jin looked to Gomez Jane bemusedly. Days ago, the frontier slumped into a mess due to the Demons’ order of arrest on them, while over general periods it just took on an orderly disorder. Why had it appeared more turbulent than ever before?

“I’m not clear about the specific situation.” The mercenary twisted his face even harder. “I was just informed that the frontier was even messier than the last time. Now that it is we Three-Clock Mercenary Group’s failure to safeguard, we will compensate the due gold coins for you. For the unsettled part of compensation, we will work for you free of charge to make up.”

Gomez Jane waved her hand, “You can just take a rest in the Union first. We may talk about the compensation in a couple of days.”

The mercenary left immediately. Rosella looked at Gomez Jane and asked quietly, “Is he lying?”

“No.” Gomez Jane shook her head softly. “It seems that they have really been attacked.”

It was not until this moment did Qian Jin realize that these two ladies didn’t believe in what the head mercenary had said. They might even be wondering if the robbery was done by the mercenaries themselves.

In this era of chaos, no mercenaries completely followed the law. Every one of them had to struggle extremely hard to make a living. If a heavy bulk of goods came into their sight, no one could promise that these mercenaries wouldn’t act as hooligans and conduct a robbery.

“Is there anything unexpected happening in the frontier?” Rosella replaced her typical bashful look with an impressive commercial tyc.o.o.n’s expression. “We may need to buy the nest information from the Union of Adventurers to see which bandit group performed this robbery.”

“What about…” Qian Jin spoke, drawing the attention of all, “Asking the bandits?”

The bandits? Gomez Jane shook her head slightly, feeling that this idea was way too naïve. Though there was certain internal strife every now and then between different bandit groups, seldom would they disclose any information to the merchants. However, to give such information to the Union of Adventurers in a seeming ignorant way had become an open business secret.

“I know someone from the Black Wind Bandit Group,” Qian Jin rubbed his chin, in a way to show his uncertainty since he hadn’t contacted Hayen Brianna for long, “Who serves as a leader there.”

The Black Wind Bandit Group? Of the leader status? Gomez Jane wore a slightly curious look. As long as there was a good relationship stressed with, to secretly inquire about some information from the bandit groups was no difficult task for a leader.

“It was that leader who facilitated us with a place for recovery when Duren Burg was hurt last time.”

Gomez Jane locked her eyes on Rosella, showing her intention of inquisition. In terms of domestic affairs, it was Gomez Jane who wore the pants. But when it came to business things, it would be Rosella who made the overall deployments and decisions.

“Can you contact them, Brother Jin?” Rosella asked with worry and misgiving. “We’d better quit this idea if you have to go into the frontier at risk.”

“Needless to do so.” Qian Jin shook his head. Given that the Dean Isabella seemed to be serious about him this time, he had to get well prepared for the Hundred Battle Ranking List, and thus had no time to go to the frontier on his own. He just needed to find someone he had faith in to speak to Hayen Brianna, in which case Marc Gavin should be of help.

“Then…” Rosella pondered, “When will this happen? To be serious, we have to find the robbers and negotiate with them over redeeming the stolen goods before the bandit groups dispose of them.”

“No problem. It will be soon.” Qian Jin squinted as consent, thinking on pleading a crowd of warriors from the Torrent Battle Fort to completely annihilate the bandit group in due course.

What a shame it was, for him, the prime guardian of the Roll Family, to see the Rolls’ goods being stolen by some bandit group… Qian Jin took up the cup of tea and had a sip. Intolerable. He couldn’t tolerate this robbery, or else Rollin would mock him from the Stars in his dreams.

“What are you talking about so happily?” Marc Gavin squeezed into the door, carrying two jars of wine of the size of a water vat with him. “It’s time for dinner. Let’s enjoy our meal.”

Two bowls as big as the wash-basin were placed on the table. As translucent wine was poured into the bowls, numerous ripples mixed with foam were generated to float alongside the rim of the bowls.

For the first time in his life, Qian Jin felt like stepping back instead of dashing forward when he saw the unbelievably large wine bowls. He deeply doubted that the drinker would immediately pa.s.s out after taking one bowl of wine of this size.

Soon, one after another hot and fragrant dish was placed on the table, stimulating Qian Jin’s appet.i.te to the core. During the past while on the Ancient Desert Sea, he only had fresh water to drink when thirsty and hunted demon beasts to eat when hungry. Sometimes he even had to feed on the Berserk Cactus.

“Come on boy, let’s have a drink. I will take this all, while you can do it at your wish.” Marc Gavin twisted his thick black brows and winked at Qian Jin with a grin. “I know you’ve got something else to do tonight. So you cannot drink too much. Yeah, you can’t.”


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