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Common Sense of a Duke’s Daughter is a web novel completed by 澪亜, Reia.
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Chapter 189

Bern’s travel I

“Mr. Bern, let’s take a break somehow.”

“… I’d like to arrive at my destination as soon as possible”

While stopping the horses to the words of Feng who is an escort, I refuted.

“There is also the word “persistence”, although fatigue may not come yet, fatigue will acc.u.mulate, since it is a long journey, those who take a break frequently arrive sooner. You will be fine. ”

“Well then … Should we take a day off in the next town?”

I have left my home in the capital towards the territory of Count Monroe.

As soon as Father had that accident, he became dismissed from work and it has been quite a while since I have been busy like now.

In the royal palace, Princess Elle and the Marquis are controlling all.

When they neglected to take measures against food shortage, Mr. w.a.n.g was forcibly retorted in such a way to make him take full responsibility of the problem.

There is no point in keeping ourselves there… In order to survive this difficult time a new king ought to pull the country out of crisis with a strong direction… Yes, that should be the ideal.

I wonder why, things have turned like this.

In the Kingdom, the deterioration of security is steadily progressing.

Food is an essential element for people to live.

… But even though it is, there is no food there.

There were lots of people running to the store to buy food, but the stores didn’t have the goods.

Everyone feels uneasy about the future …

There is a rumor circulating that “fake gold coins are mixed in the market”.

Of course, the people panicked.

The price of things went up like mad, and those who are troubled all try to enter the capital, they are trying to overflow the city.

Even though the royal family was trying to take measures, the stockpiles of the palace had already bottomed out due to repeated cooking and misspending.

…… As a result, the Kingdom was falling quickly.

Some grieve over the present situation and shed tears, some are indignant and furious.

That grief and anger became a large whirlpool, wrapping the Kingdom atmosphere.

As a result, all the people are shedding tears.

Everyone is full of grief.

The dissatisfaction with the n.o.bility who does not change and destroyed the kingdom is rising.

I headed to see the Count of Monroe according to Father’s instructions.

Father who awakened after a long time of being badly affected by the pneumonia and was able to get up on the bed said this as the first thing when he opened his mouth.

…If you have time to spare, go see the Countess of Monroe that is on the border.

Eventually you should report the current situation about the Twil country.

Also, my father said that he came to see the figure of an aristocrat in me now.

About the last words I just tilted my head, so now I am heading to see the Count Monroe just as my father said.

We entered a town and went to a store that was alongside the entrance. It was a tavern.

I’ve got a seat that is located outside like in an open terrace.

Because we were running all the way through until now, the food seemed delicious, we don’t know if was because of our hunger or because it was really delicious.

As Pheng said, our bodies would have been tired without having consciousness of it.

Listening to the voices of people walking on the highway, everyone had words of anxiety and dissatisfaction when they opened their mouths.

“The Duke of Almeria seems to have no problems contrary to what is seen in the capital”

“It would be a lie, in such circ.u.mstances, how could there be such a thing”

“It’s true. I heard rumors that said many people seem to be in line, hoping to emigrate one after another to that territory.”

“Nevertheless, how long it takes to go to the Duke of Almeria from here, I have a newborn in my house just two days ago.”

We heard such conversations over and over while being here.

…… The story of the Duke of Almeria has been pa.s.sed down to distant places.

To that fact, I respect and admire my older sister again and again, and at the same time worry too much about her.

What kind of things did requested Princess Elle to her by using that rumor …?

Thinking that far, I realize my helplessness to support her each time. It has repeated. I leave her alone every time she needs me.

When we finish the break I take the horses and rush again to Count Monroe with the three guards that came with me as escorts.

From there, I ran through the shortest distance at full speed.

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