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Chapter 448: 448

Xue Wei looked to all directions, but no matter where he looked, all he could see was a plain that stretched for as far as the eye could see .

No matter what direction they looked, they could see the lush gra.s.s, there were no forests, mountains, or anything else in their sight . Only if they turned around would they see the sea, everything else was a green haven .

Xue Wei looked around and felt a little confused . Had Lan not said that they were close to a military camp?

It seemed as if they were far away from everything here, and he turned to look at Lan, who smiled happily . “If we travel for a week, we will reach the military camp,” he said .

Xue Wei was at first annoyed when he thought about how they had to travel for so long before they would encounter anyone, but he soon understood why .

They were new to the Xiyang Continent . Although they were good at fighting, they had to get used to the new continent, and if they were too close to the camp, then they would easily be targeted without any time to adjust .

Now they could easily adjust to the surrounding environment while moving towards the military camp, and on the way, they would encounter some soldiers they could battle it out with .

Lan had taken everything into account, and Xue Wei had no reason to scold him, so he nodded his head instead .

The group began moving towards the direction that Lan had pointed out, and while they were not slow, they did not rush either .

They kept up their vigilance . The gra.s.s was up to their knees, so it was not only humans they were on alert for, but also animals, such as snakes .

If they got poisoned by a snake, depending on the strength of the poison, they might not be able to survive it .

The Luan Birds were flying in the air, working as scouts . While their intelligence was still low compared to most beasts, they were not to be underestimated .

From time to time, they would sweep down into the gra.s.s, and when they were flying back up, snakes and rodents could be seen caught in their talons .

The unfortunate beasts that were caught by the Luan birds had no chance of survival as they were gobbled down swiftly .

While their size was quite small, these cute birds managed to consume much more than their own weight worth in food .

It was as if their stomach was a big black hole, it was never full, no matter how many rodents and snakes that the birds caught, and stuffed into their mouths .

The birds did not actually need to eat . They were so highly ranked that they were able to sustain their bodies with the heaven and earth essence around them .

However, they soon found joy and thrill in hunting down these mortal and ferocious beasts and consuming them . Their taste was also not bad .

The sight of the Luan birds frolicking in the air, and hunting down beasts was enough to make them smile and happy . Although they were in enemy territory, much of their hesitation had been removed by observing the birds’ actions .

Like this, the group continued onward . They traveled for two days without a break before they saw a forest appearing on the horizon . Although it was far away, it was the first change in the environment they had seen since they had arrived, and they could not help but be excited .

But although they were excited, they also knew that they could not just rush towards it, they had to be alert . Although the plain they had been walking on was straightforward, it was impossible to be ambushed; hence their vigilance was slightly lowered .

However, a forest was perfect for hit and run battles . It was ideal for hiding and attacking when no one was prepared . And they could not forget that they were getting closer and closer to the military camp that was their goal .

Although they had not encountered any enemy soldiers so far, it was merely a question about time . The closer they got to the military camp, the more likely they were to meet soldiers, but Xue Wei was puzzled as to why they had not met any so far .

Looking at Lan, he contemplated asking him why, but knowing Lan’s personality, he was not likely to tell him the truth .

As such, he decided not to ask, and continued forward .

Soon, they reached the forest . It was a big forest, and looking into it, they saw that the thicket was so dense that no sun reached the forest floor; the entire forest was shrouded in darkness, and seemed extremely looming and dangerous .

Xue Wei frowned . He had a feeling that this forest was not what it looked like, but he did not understand where this feeling came from .

It was as if there was something dangerous within, a threat that made him feel a chill going through his heart as he looked at the forest .

It was not only him who felt like this, everyone was frowning as they looked at the forest; it was too silent and eerie .

Xue Wei was not willing to enter, so he went to Lin Xiao and made him summon the Scarlet Bee Queen from the beast tag .

She then summoned around a hundred of her normal scarlet bees, and they were sent scouting into the forest, one after another in different directions .

Xue Wei had thousands of such normal scarlet bees, so using them to scout was not a problem .

At the same time, every single bee had a connection with the Scarlet Bee Queen, who was a Primordial Beast, and she could see what they saw . As such, she could tell them what was happening inside the forest .


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