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Chapter 44 – Injuring Others

Translated by Sugar
TLC: Choco
Editor: Sove

Special thanks to Choco and Sove for helping me for this Chapter. Finally, I got time for to do some TLing…

“People from the same family are the same, the older one does not know shame while the younger has no manners!” Rong Pei was practically pointed towards Yue Zhuang’s nose and scolded, his face wild with rage.


Jin Lan rubbed her nose with her thumb and came to stand before Rong Pei in the time it took for the crowd to blink. Within the next second, only a ‘snap’ could be heard before Rong Pei was clutching at her arm and wailing in pain.


Both Yue Fu and Yue Zhuang were stunned by this unforeseen event. Rong Qing hurriedly went up to hold onto Rong Pei. After checking her arm, he turned to glare at Jin Lan, “ How dare you injure others!”


“Why wouldn’t I dare?” Jin Lan shrugged, “ I know that Spring has come and there are several things that are hard to control. However, is there a need for you to display your envy so clearly?. I guess you’re probably not even married yet.”


Laughter echoed throughout the restaurant, Rong Pei was currently 25 and the reason her partner had withdrawn his offer of marriage had been because of her constant jealousy


“Master Hua, please don’t…” Yue Fu took a step forward and said quietly, not wishing to cause a scene.


Jin Lan paused for a moment before receiving the old fellow from Yue Zhuang, “Old fellow, how are your injuries?”


The old man’s eyes gleamed before he answered painstakingly, “Aiyo, I’ve broken at least three bones!”


Jin Lan put him aside and walked toward Rong Pei with a face full of smiles and a sinister chill in her eyes, “It’s only proper to reciprocate goodwill. Well then, I suppose I’ll just have to break three of your bones.”


Rong Qing pushed Rong Pei away carefully and stepped forward to face Jin Lan. “Cease your rampage!”


“Young one, you shouldn’t be so insincere.” The old man who was tossed away earlier, suddenly appeared before Rong Qing and grabbed his waist. “Sooner or later, you will be punished for bullying women and the old!”


Rong Qing could not care less. It hadn’t been long since they had entered Glory City and they were already injured. With the Martial Arts Meet nearing, many pract.i.tioners from throughout the country had gathered at this place, and with the situation they were in, where could the Rong family put their face!

He shook with all his strength but was startled to find that he could not shake off the old man in the least. Both his legs were restrained, preventing him from taking even a single step.

Currently enjoying the scene, Jin Lan who was clapping pa.s.sionately earlier, like a flash landed beside Rong Qing and unhitched his arms.


Rong Qing was filled with cold sweat and took two steps back and stared dead into her eyes. “Report your name!”

“Hua Jin Lan.” Jin Lan smiled, “ Always welcomes revenge and refuses noone.”

“Hua Family! Good! Good!” Rong Qing dragged his arm and Rong Pei, leaving the restaurant in a sorry state.


The onlookers cheered and applauded, Jin Lan turned to look at the old man, with her lips curled she said, “ Old man, that acting was a failure in your part.”


The old man dusted his clothes while standing up. With his hand on his beard, he beamingly said, “Lad for injuring two members of the Rong Family, I think there will be some punishment for you.”

Jin Lan cynically smiled and asked, “Name?”


“Di Wu Dao. (第五道)” After which, he put his hands on his back and left. On his way out, he said, “The medicine on the table, two pills daily.”


It was only then, Jin Lan turned and noticed the table beside her had an additional White Lotus porcelain bottle.


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