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Chapter 59 – Injured Jiao Yue
Translated by: Sugar

Wu Dao burst into laughter, it was not to mock but instead filled with praise. It was to be expected that the person he had chosen to have such confidence.

“In order to create a wall of air using your body’s energy, it is essential to learn how to store and gather the energy in the abdomen. Once the energy is stabilized within your abdomen and flows through the body, only then will you be able to release the energy from within. The released energy will then form a beast-like shape outside your body and that is ascension. During your rest, I am sure you noticed. It is not the fact your internal energy is insufficient, but your abdomen is unable to gather energy.”

Wu Dao squinted his eyes and with a rather strict tone continued. “You had received some serious damage before your abilities had been sealed. Do you have any injury or wound on your abdomen?”

Jin Lan narrowed her eye, “Yes, around the lungs.”

“Similar to cracks on a jade, once it had been damaged before, it would have lasting blemishes.” Wu Dao explained. “The abdomen is unable to gather energy, hence sealing your martial abilities would be the best way to prevent any further injuries and prolong your life.”

Jin Lan became extremely angry to the extent she smiled, even during as a child there were people who did such evil deeds to the original Jin Lan.

“Old Fart, is there any way to fix this problem?”

Wu Dao smiled cheekily, “There are definitely methods to cure you, but there is a catch. You have to be my disciple.”

Jin Lan frowned and looked at him, “Imitating some grandmaster and accepting disciples? What a weirdo.”

Wu Dao blew his beard and stared, “I am a grandmaster!”

Jin Lan thought about it in her heart and responded, “You teach me the remedy first. Only then I will judge for myself whether to call you Master or not.”

“You really know how to bargain and negotiate,” Wu Dao was not even remotely annoyed. “No problem, either way, you are unable to escape.”

On her way back, Jin Lan pondered on what Wu Dao had said. Remedying the situation was very simple, one just needs to practice controlling energy within the abdomen. However, this method of training was much that it exceeds ascension in terms of difficulty. The gist of ascension is to use the body’s inert energy to mold the energy into a wall of air. Being able to use the wall of air and protect the body was a type of technique that happens after the body was capable of controlling huge amount vital energy after one practice and became proficient in ascension. This means that she would have to learn the latter first before she was able to even ascend.  

Such technicality can only be learned based on one’s understanding and Jin Lan had already tried twice. Ultimately she was not able to experience it, knowing that such things could not be rushed, thus she calmed herself and descended from the mountain.

From afar Chu Yun’s cries could be heard, Jin Lan quickly made her way to the west pavilion only to see an unforgiving sight.

The sound of whips vibrated. Jiao Yun had fainted and laid on the ground while Chu Yun was on top of Jiao Yun trying to protect her. Both were covered with blood and only sobbing could be heard.

“If you do not say where Jin Lan has hidden, I will beat you to death!”

Wan Yu wildly brandished her whip while her annoying voice made the very last vessel of Jin Lan’s brain snapped.


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