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Read Contract Marriage: Emperor CEO’s Secretary Wife Chapter 286 – Sir Wen and Lu Chen

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Read WebNovel Contract Marriage: Emperor CEO’s Secretary Wife Chapter 286 – Sir Wen and Lu Chen

Chapter 286 – Sir Wen and Lu Chen

Sir Wen?

Xiu Mei tried to think again whether she had heard Lu Chen talk about his relative with the name Wen but nothing came to mind. ​​

Hm? Did Lu Chen perhaps miss one person?

The man who preferred to be called Sir Wen picked up the teacup once again and drank it straight up.

“Uncle, you’re really weird.” Lu Qiang mumbled as he grabbed the pillow that he was leaning on and hugged it. Sir Wen chuckled at the little kid’s statement, even Xiu Mei turned in his son’s direction.

“am I?”

Lu Qiang nodded. “You’re the only person I know who drinks tea as if it was water.” Then he pointed at the newly prepared teapot by his mother and added, “After you finish that one, Uncle can go away so we can sleep.”

The little kid yawned after finis.h.i.+ng his sentence while Sir Wen seems to found his words entertaining.

Xiu Mei reacted quite differently and looked at her son with widened eyes. She looked at him warningly. She was okay with Lu Qiang acting a bit rude to Lu Chen since she knew that the little kid was actually doing it to tease his father and as long as he knows where to draw the line. However, she wasn’t keen on letting him act rude in front of their guests, moreover to the guests.

Even though it seems that Lu Qiang knows this guy, she wasn’t going to let him continue to act disrespectfully to his elders.

She was about to speak up and start a conversation when the front door opened. Two heads moved in reflex to look in the direction of the front door.

“What the h.e.l.l are you doing inside my house? This late?!” Lu Chen suddenly appeared and fiercely glared at the man sitting in the middle of the living room. He had even forgotten to take off his shoes and suit while he strode across the living room and grabbed Sir Wen by the collar.

“Go away.” Lu Chen expressed so strongly, picking up Sir Wen with ease and dragging him across the room.

Lu Qiang stayed unfazed, but Xiu Mei, unfamiliar with the scene, was quite stunned by her husband’s actions. A little while ago, she was still thinking about nagging her son about his manners but it seems that Lu Chen needs to be nagged about his manners as well.

“Chenchen!” She shot up from her seat and immediately grabbed his arm to stop him from whatever he was planning to do. But her arms were too short to catch up to his movements. Xiu Mei could only watch Lu Chen drag the unbothered Sir Wen out in the garden and disappear in less than a few seconds.


“Mommy, it’s fine. Dad knows what he’s doing.” Lu Qiang patted the lion’s head and stood up from his seat.

“…” Does he, really?

“Uncle is already quite used to getting kicked out my Dad, ah. It’s not the first time that this happened.” The little kid stretched his limbs while saying so.

“…” So this happens that frequently?

It’s amazing how she didn’t witness this in the months that she started living with them.

“I’m going back to sleep.” Lu Qiang said groggily and walked towards the direction of the stares.

Xiu Mei followed his movements and asked, “Do you need me to read you a bedtime story?”

He raised his hand in refusal and replied, “I’ll go straight to sleep, mom.”

“Okay, if you say so. Goodnight, little darling.”

“Goodnight, mommy.”

Then she watched his small back disappear into his room. Her eyes stared at his shut door for a couple of seconds before withdrawing her gaze. She turned to look at her left and saw nothing but the darkness with only the moon serving as the light outside the quiet garden where the two men disappeared into.

Wait, there’s still something she was curious about. Who was this Sir Wen and why does Lu Chen act like that with him ah?

It doesn’t look like he’s angry at him or something. Hey, now that she thinks about it. Lu Chen acted more comfortably with Sir Wen, ah.

This was actually the first time she’d seen him act like anyone other than his family. He normally acts coldly then if he opens his mouth, it was either because he was instructing someone or grilling some poor man with his deadly words.

So who really is that Sir Wen?

Lu Chen truly did what he said and heartlessly kicked out the midnight trespa.s.ser in the new home. Xiu Mei didn’t know why her husband took so long outside and returned alone but since he just came back, she busied herself in swiftly preparing his food just in case he was hungry.

Lu Chen finished bathing and changed into his pajamas. He sat down beside her on the dining table and started eating the ham and egg sandwich on the plate.

Lu Chen: “Qiang’er?”

Xiu Mei: “Asleep. He went back to his room on his own.”

A curl appeared on the edge of his lips. “That’s good. He’s a grown-up now.” Then he took a big bite from the sandwich.

Xiu Mei looked at him after his absurd words. What grown-up? An eight years old kid?

“Oh, I almost forgot.” Lu Chen quickly gulped down his food, sipped from the water gla.s.s, and twisted his neck to look at his wife sitting beside him. He naturally and smoothly pressed a kiss on her lips, catching her lower lips, and bit on it for a little longer before letting go.

Xiu Mei remembered the punishment she bestowed on him and immediately moved his head away from hers with her hand.

“Rogue. I’ll sue you for hara.s.sment.” She commented.

Lu Chen didn’t seem to mind her actions and continued eating his sandwich, “Oh. Then are you suing for r.a.p.e too?”

She threw him a ridiculous look. “What?”

Why did r.a.p.e suddenly get thrown into their topic?

Lu Chen flashed a teasing smile at his wife and boldly replied, “Because I’m going to press you on the bed later for hours till the next morning.”


Xiu Mei glared at him whilst moving her chair a few inches away from him. “Rogue!”

“Thank you for the compliment, Mrs.Lu. I will make sure to live up to your expectations.” The hooligan looked at her deeply as if he was really planning on doing something unspeakable to her on the bed later.

“I said you’re banned from coming in the master’s bedroom.”

Implied message: So stop dreaming, I won’t let you in.

“Did I say that I will press you on the bed at the master’s bedroom?”

Implied message: Wife, be ready for later.


Her response was to kick his ankles under the table.

Their conversation was going in a bold direction so she quickly s.h.i.+fted the topic.

“By the way, that man before called Sir Wen, is he your relative?” She directly asked the question that has been bugging her since the moment Lu Qiang called him uncle.

Lu Chen chewed and swallowed the food in his mouth, “No way. I don’t need an annoying man like him as a relative.”

So he wasn’t?

“Then who is he? The two of you seem to have a close relations.h.i.+p.”

You straight-up kicked him out the moment you arrive yet he didn’t even get angry. He even looked like he was enjoying Lu Chen’s reaction. Even Lu Qiang seems comfortable with him and unbothered with his disrespect similar to his father ah.

Lu Chen stopped and looked at her with disbelief. His expression looked like she said something so offending.

“Wife, I think we need to get your eyes checked.” He said something out of the blue that she was suddenly puzzled.

“What? Why?” She has reading but her vision is still within the normal range as per her previous check-up with her ophthalmologist.

“It’s because you must have seen it wrongly. In which eyes of yours did you see that I and that annoying man have a good relations.h.i.+p?” He vehemently refused to accept that he and that trespa.s.ser have a good relations.h.i.+p.

Xiu Mei found his words more ridiculous that she went speechless for two seconds. “…I think I really need to get my eyes checked.”

Lu Chen thought his wife was agreeing with him, “See?”

“Yes,” Xiu Mei, with her hand on his chin nodded and slowly replied, “and also with the psychiatrist. I must have been confused when I chose to marry you ah.”

“….” The man stiffened instantly.

“Wait, I need to change that. I wasn’t confused.” She narrowed his eyes at him and continued, “I was tricked, wasn’t I? You took advantage of the height of my emotions that time and provoked me to renew the contract when in fact I was signing a marriage form instead of a contract.”


The dear husband raises his white flag.


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