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Read Contract Marriage: Emperor CEO’s Secretary Wife Chapter 81 – A Pervert

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Read WebNovel Contract Marriage: Emperor CEO’s Secretary Wife Chapter 81 – A Pervert

Chapter 81 – A Pervert

Inches away from Lu Chen’s face were Xiu Mei’s, her eyes squeezed shut and her mouth was left slightly open. In the dark, he couldn’t entirely see her face but the moonlight slipping in from his windows was enough to highlight Xiu Mei’s features.

Etherial. Seductive. Captivating.

Xiu Mei unconsciously hugged the source of warmth that was beside her. Looping her arms on the ‘warm’ object, she buried herself even more towards the warmth and settled herself comfortably unbeknownst to the danger she was currently in.

When Lu Chen felt Xiu Mei’s arms dr.a.p.e over his stomach and as she drilled her head on his arm, he almost began chanting prayers on his head. Despite the low temperature of the room, all he could feel was the sweat behind his back and the one rolling on his forehead right now. For Lu Chen, the room felt blazing hot.

His gaze turned darker with l.u.s.t as he felt hotter. He was continuously taking deep breaths, trying to control himself. d.a.m.n, he can’t be a beast to Xiu Mei. Their relations.h.i.+p isn’t at that stage yet, he can’t force her to do something like this.

They may be married and he has the right to do that to her now, but his respect towards her still won over than his l.u.s.t.

Lu Chen didn’t move a single muscle at that time as he distracted himself by thinking about work. If thinking about the papers didn’t do the trick, let’s just think about how to win over Xiu Mei’s brothers. Good, let’s just focus on that, is what he thought.

And that’s how the cold and aloof Lu Chen got through that night. An interesting night of torture indeed.

The moment sunlight filled the room, Xiu Mei slowly woke up and shuffled on her place. Without opening her eyes, she hugged the warmth beside her even tighter, thinking that it was Lu Qiang. But as she tried to hug the boy even tighter, she finally realized that there was something wrong she was holding.

…Was Lu Qiang’s arm this thick?

Xiu Mei lightly brushed her arms upward. Hmm…that’s weird. Lu Qiang wasn’t that tall. I can’t feel his shoulders.

Xiu Mei continued to blindly crawl her hand on the person’s body beside her. She only stopped when she concluded that there was really something wrong.

Xiu Mei’s hands caressed some toned muscles…. Xiu Mei’s eyes immediately flew open as her hand paused in that area.

What the—h….h.e.l.l?

As soon as Xiu Mei opened her eyes, the first thing she was the black silk pajamas she had been hugging throughout the night. She blinked in confusion because last night, she chose Lu Qiang’s pajamas and it was a sky blue color. Not…black.

Deep in her mind, she already had a hunch of her current situation but despite that possibility, she wished, she hoped, she prayed that it wasn’t true at all.

She slowly raised her head and lo and behold, it was Lu Chen’s face that appeared before her. She felt like she was suddenly struck by lightning when she saw his face. Her gaze then stopped at where she left her hand on his body.

Oh gawd…. She was…. She was touching…. His eight pack abs. Because Lu Chen’s pajamas got crumpled and were slightly pulled up, Xiu Mei could see the perfect V-line that trails down to his lower torso.

Xiu Mei who is too dumbstruck at the image she was seeing:.…..

A second later, she quickly took away her hand from the area she was touching but her gaze stayed glued on them. She unconsciously swallowed her saliva and slowly turned her head away from the sinful image before her.

Ah… why did she suddenly feel like she was a pervert?

No that’s not it! How did she even get on Lu Chen’s bed again? Did she sleepwalk? Because if she did, then she must’ve been really a pervert! Did she unconsciously desire to touch Lu Chen when she was asleep?

Xiu Mei crazily pulled her hair as her she tried to remember what happened last night and how she got herself inside Lu Chen’s bedroom.

Since Xiu Mei was too busy with her current train of thought, she was unaware that the person beside her was already wide awake the moment she woke up. He tried peeking at the woman who was now grumbling by herself and pulling her hair and Lu Chen quickly held back the chuckle attempting to escape from his mouth.

Even though he really had a difficult time and felt tortured last night, seeing Xiu Mei’s interesting reaction, Lu Chen felt that everything he had gone through was worth it. Hmm… should he tease her even more?

“This is crazy.” Xiu Mei muttered as she continued pulling her hair. No matter how hard she tries, she really can’t remember anything last night. The last thing she remembered was cuddling with the little kid to sleep. Since she was still recovering, she felt a bit drowsy and accidentally fell asleep right then and there.

But seriously, how did she get in here!?

Ugh. Maybe her mind’s still not fully awake? Should she wash her face? Maybe she’d remember something?

Xiu Mei quickly rose from the bed and made a move to climb off the bed when a hand suddenly caught her wrist, pulling her to the direction of Lu Chen. Before her body falls towards his body, she instantly stopped the momentum with her left hand.

Her eyes widened as she gasped in surprise seeing Lu Chen’s eyes wide awake and on his face, a grin could be seen.

“Goodmorning, wife.” Lu Chen greeted her with a gentle tone on his voice. Xiu Mei, who is still not on her right state of mind, unconsciously responded.


She was still not done with her sentence when the world before her suddenly spun around. The next thing she knew, she was being pressed on the bed with Lu Chen on top of her. It happened so fast that she didn’t even have time to stop him at all. It was already too late because Lu Chen’s arms acted like prison bars that trapped her in between so she couldn’t escape.

She even noticed the burning stare that Lu Chen was giving her and grew uncomfortable.

As an a.d.u.l.t woman who knows the ways of the world, this position was too embarra.s.sing for her. Her heart pounded so hard in her chest and the burning gaze that she was receiving was bringing b.u.t.terflies on her stomach. If anything, Lu Chen’s gaze was similar to a predator staring on his prey, as if he was waiting for the perfect moment to jump on it and eat it.

And that prey… felt like it was her.

Before Xiu Mei could throw a sentence, Lu Chen raised his hand and slowly unb.u.t.toned the pajama top he was wearing bringing Xiu Mei’s eyes wide. Flushed with embarra.s.sment, Xiu Mei quickly moved her gaze away.

“What the heck are you doing?!”

“Changing.” Lu Chen said this so nonchalantly as if he was doing something normal.

“Then go change in the bathroom!”

“Right here is good.”

Hearing those words, Xiu Mei glared at Lu Chen. He was clearly teasing her just now!!!!

“Stop playing around and—” Xiu Mei quickly held her breath in shock when Lu Chen’s face suddenly lowered and stopped a few centimeters away from her face.

Their faces were so close that she could feel Lu Chen’s breath hitting her face. An unimportant matter popped out in her head. Does her mouth smell bad in the morning?

Wait, what the h.e.l.l is she even thinking at this time!

“Wife,” Lu Chen’s voice turned deeper and sounded a bit hoa.r.s.e as he called out to her. “Did you like it?”


What was he talking about?

“This.” Lu Chen grabbed the fisted hand and stretched out her fingers, uncurling it. Then he guided it back to his chest and tone muscles.

When Lu Chen did that, fireworks exploded in Xiu Mei’s head as her face flushed red like a tomato in embarra.s.sment. Inside her mind, Xiu Mei’s mind function was cras.h.i.+ng.


Oh gawd, wait, why was Lu Chen even moving her hand upwards and downwards?! Is he insane? Oh G.o.d, he’s pulling it downwards. Oh G.o.d, no.

Seeing Xiu Mei turning red even more, Lu Chen finally decided to end his teasing. If he teased the wife more than this, Xiu Mei would surely hit him and ignore him for days. And that’s not a good thing for him.

He quickly pressed a kiss on her forehead before freeing her hand and pulling himself away from her. He rose from the bed and got off.

“I’ll shower first.” Lu Chen flashed a smile to Xiu Mei’s direction before he marched towards the bathroom.

Xiu Mei whose soul almost left her:….what the heck just happened?


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