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“Sure, Why not? Just a minute.” Mo Lingtan instantly agreed. After that, he parked the car at the sideway and turned to Lee Xuiye and coldly said to Lee Xuiye “You are on your own now.” 

Mo Lingtan swiftly got down from the car before Lee Xuiye could say anything.

Lee Xuiye was shocked that what had happened just now. 

How come Zhuo Ziyao got a favor from Mo Lingtan while she, his girlfriend, got a cold distant shoulder from him?

How could the situation turn around so swiftly?

Even, Zhuo Ziyao was shocked to see that kind of reaction from Mo Lingtan, however, she was shocked because of happiness, unlike Lee Xuiye who was shocked because of sadness.

Mo Lingtan swiftly went towards Zhuo Ziyao and was startled for a moment, when he saw Zhuo Ziyao’s dress.

Even Lee Xuiye, also got down from the car to chase after Mo Lingtan. She knew that he was angry and because of that he agreed to be Zhuo Ziyao’s partner, but if he would be Zhuo Ziyao’s partner then who would be her partner?

However, as soon as Lee Xuiye saw Zhuo Ziyao’s dress, she was also stunned for a moment.

Not only Mo Lingtan and Lee Xuiye, but Zhuo Ziyao was also shocked to see Lee Xuiye’s dress.

Zhuo Ziyao and Lee Xuiye’s dresses were looking very similar.

Zhuo Ziyao was wearing a silver floral applique gown which had an off-the-shoulder sweetheart neckline and short sleeves. The gown had a fitted bodice and sheer over-skirt.

Whereas, Lee Xuiye was wearing a silver floral appliques Line gown which had a princess high neckline and three-fourth sleeves.

Zhuo Ziyao’s make-up was done glamorously while her hair was set free with a front puff making her look very s.e.xy.

Whereas, Lee Xuiye had done simple make-up while her hair was done with a backside bun making her look more elegant.

However, if we were making some set of boys (Excluding Mo Lingtan) to choose with whom they wanted to go to the engagement party as their partner then all of the boys must choose Zhuo Ziyao.

Even Zhuo Ziyao and Lee Xuiye knew that with their similar kind of dresses, Zhuo Ziyao was looking more beautiful compared to Lee Xuiye.

Nevertheless, Lee Xuiye was also looking beautiful and elegant as she purposely dressed like this because she wanted to set a good image in front of the Mo Family.

Mo Lingtan disregarded Zhuo Ziyao’s dress and went towards Zhuo Ziyao and extended his hand to her “Let’s go, Ziyao.”

When Zhuo Ziyao saw Mo Lingtan’s hand in front of her, a bubble of happiness blasted in her heart. If she would have known that her wish was going to be fulfilled then she would have wished to marry Mo Lingtan.

Zhuo Ziyao was about to put her hand on his hand, but suddenly, she heard Lee Xuiye’s objection.

“Brother Lingtan, how could you be the partner with any other girl?” Lee Xuiye didn’t hide her detest towards Zhuo Ziyao.

Mo Lingtan retreated his hand back and said to Lee Xuiye “It is my choice with whom I want to go with.” 

“You…I am your girlfriend. You should be ONLY my partner!” Lee Xuiye exaggerated said.

“Really??? Fine, I will be your partner. Then let’s go, we will be entering together from the front side, are you okay with it?” Mo Lingtan squinted at Lee Xuiye.

At that moment, Zhuo Ziyao’s heart sank as she thought Lee Xuiye would agree with Mo Lingtan right away. Lee Xuiye was his girlfriend so how could she allow another girl to be her boyfriend’s partner?

Moreover, if Lee Xuiye accompanied Mo Lingtan then she would gain a lot of publicity, but along with publicity, Lee Xuiye would also gain a lot of criticism because there was a huge difference in Mo Lingtan and Lee Xuiye’s status.

Everyone would say that Lee Xuiye was with Mo Lingtan mainly because of his money and she was a sl*t who only knew how to sell her body like all of the other low-level models. If a low-level model tag was put on Lee Xuiye then no big reputed companies would agree to take Lee Xuiye as their brand amba.s.sador.

Whereas Zhuo Ziyao was also a part of s…o…b..z as an actress, but if she would accompany Mo Lingtan then she would gain a lot of publicity as well, but along with publicity, she would also gain praise for being a perfect match with her partner, Mo Lingtan. Zhuo Ziyao had a stabilized career in s…o…b..z because of her family background and everyone would tag her as a perfect match for Mo Lingtan because both of their fathers were friends.

Society was always biased towards riches and no one wanted to know about the real situation.

When Lee Xuiye heard Mo Lingtan, she was startled. Obviously she was hesitating and seeing her hesitate, Mo Lingtan felt a sharp pain in his heart. He thought Lee Xuiye wouldn’t let him go with Zhuo Ziyao, but she…


Now, Mo Lingtan’s anger shot up to the top of his head as he got Lee Xuiye’s answer! 

Mo Lingtan held Zhuo Ziyao’s hand and went towards the hotel.

However, Lee Xuiye stopped him again “Brother Lingtan, let’s go from backside!”

“If you don’t have the guts to come with me from the front, then don’t you dare to stop me again.” Mo Lingtan sternly said and walked away with Zhuo Ziyao.

When the reporters saw Mo Lingtan and Zhuo Ziyao were coming together and were hand in hand, their jaws dropped! 

No one had expected Zhuo Ziyao who was an list actress and G.o.ddess of many fans had a relations.h.i.+p with the next heir of Shaan Industries, Mo Lingtan.

The reporters immediately snapped their camera shutters as they didn’t want to miss any of Mo Lingtan and Zhuo Ziyao’s postures and expressions. Some reporters came forward for an interview, sadly, the bodyguards stopped them right away as interviews were not allowed.

However, Zhuo Ziyao was blus.h.i.+ng and her eyes were showing happiness and love for Mo Lingtan which couldn’t be hidden from anyone and that had cleared the doubt of reporters.

Finally, the reporters got a piece of juicy information that Mo Lingtan and Zhuo Ziyao were in a relations.h.i.+p!


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