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Read Crazy Detective Chapter 231 – That Important Video

Crazy Detective is a web novel completed by Kuang Hai Wang Hu, 旷海忘湖.
This lightnovel is currently Ongoing.

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Chapter 231: That Important Video

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Just when Zhai Linlin mentioned Hou Meng, an idea suddenly popped into Zhao Yu’s mind. “Oh yeah! How could I forget?! Today I got a “Zhen-Gen” hexagram. The”Gen” hexagram means that I’ll make progress on the case!” he thought. Although the Mianling Case had been closed, Qu Ping’s case was still not solved yet! With the lie detector, Zhao Yu found out that Qu Ping’s death was not related to the Mianling Case, and that her murderer was not Hou Meng! Since Zhai Linlin suddenly brought up Hou Meng, Zhao Yu was interested and listened closely.

“Wife, what are you talking about?” Zhai Linlin’s husband asked. “Are you kidding me? What Meng, I don’t understand!”

“No!” Zhao Linlin said firmly. “You forgot about my neighbor when I was a kid, Hou Meng? We looked for him when we bought the computer and car! But you complained that he was a pervert and that he always looked at my thighs. You nearly had a fight with him!”

“Oh…” The husband suddenly recalled and said, “Take a look quickly. See if he was the guy that scratched our car.”

“F*ck!” Zhai Linlin was upset. “Didn’t you see? Hou Meng was unconscious and was stuffed into the back of the car! I heard that Hou Meng was arrested a while back, and was accused of killing a police officer! That’s weird. Why would he be here?”

“Cough!” Her husband said impatiently, “Who cares! Maybe you saw it wrong! Alright, don’t worry about this! Let’s see who scratched our car!”

“It wouldn’t be a mistake! Our camera is high definition. This person is definitely Hou Meng!” Zhai Linlin was very sure. “That’s really weird. Is it that the guy who escaped prison?”

Zhao Yu realized that he could not wait any longer. He had to get to Zhai Linlin’s house to get the video immediately. If the person in the video really was Hou Meng, then this video would be the biggest clue to solving the case.

Zhao Yu immediately ran out of the office. But just as he walked past Team B’s door, he realized that if he went to go look for clues now, he would miss Miao Ying’s dinner!

No way! “If I’m not eating, no one is eating!” Zhao Yu stubbornly thought.

Zhao Yu quickly entered Team B’s office and rushed towards Miao Ying’s desk. Miao Ying was arranging her files while she saw Zhao Yu approaching. She instinctively took the pen holder and was ready to fight back.

Zhao Yu bent down and told her what he had discovered, just loud enough for her to hear. He continued to taunt her about his “supernatural powers.” Zhao Yu did not beat around the bush but went straight to the point and said, “My friend from above told me that a car’s camera shot an important video that has a crucial clue for Qu Ping’s Case. I am going to go get it now. Do you want to go with me?”

Miao Ying thought Zhao Yu was fooling around again. But she remembered that Zhao Yu had magically arrested Hao Gang, so maybe he did have some supernatural talent. If he really found a clue in Qu Ping’s Case, they could make huge progress. Also, Miao Ying did not want to be belittled. So, after some thinking, Miao Ying decided that she would go with Zhao Yu to see whether or not he was fooling around. If he was, she would beat him up!

Zhao Yu thought that since it was close to dinnertime, if Miao Ying accompanied him, the dinner at Laoqinshanzai would be called off. “So if I’m not eating, no one is,” he thought.

But Miao Ying did exactly the opposite of what Zhao Yu expected. She told Zhang Yaohui and the others that she had an important task to deal with, and said to go to the restaurant, order whatever they wanted, and have a great feast with or without her!

Zhao Yaohui was dumbfounded and said that it was inappropriate that the host would not be there but allowed the guests to order whatever they like.

Miao Ying smiled and said, “It’s okay. Go ahead and order whatever you guys want. I have a platinum card in Laoqinshanzai. Don’t worry about paying the bill!”

This made the Team B colleagues even more confused. They did not know that not only could Miao Ying fight, but she did not lack money either…

Zhao Yu was left speechless. He quickly got Zhai Linlin’s contact information from Yao Jia once he got in Miao Ying’s Phaeton. He called Zhai Linlin and said that the police needed her car’s camera because there were some important clues on there, and that she had to save it until they collected it. He warned them that they would be responsible if the evidence was damaged.

Zhai Linlin and her husband were surprised. They did not understand how the Zhao Yu knew about the video on their car’s camera.

When Zhao Yu arrived, the two of them were fully cooperative and handed over the camera’s memory card. Interestingly enough, even before Zhao Yu asked any questions, Zhai Linlin told him the time and location where Hou Meng appeared on the video.

Zhao Yu was excited when he heard that. The recording was taken on the same night as when Qu Ping had been killed! But the location was at the bar where Hou Meng had lost consciousness!

Such a coincidence! If he was not mistaken, the video should show Hou Meng being framed by someone. If so, they would be able to find out the true murderer in Qu Ping’s case!

Zhao Yu knew that this was crucial so he warned Zhai Linlin and her husband that they would need to keep quiet about this and not to tell anyone. The two of them agreed without any objection.

After retrieving the video, Miao Ying drove to a quiet corner to watch on her laptop. The video sent shivers down their spines! In the video, Hou Meng was dragged to the back of a black car and stuffed into the trunk.

The whole process was less than ten seconds. In the video, they could tell that Hou Meng had been unconscious.The two people dragging him were wearing black sports suits. They wore hoods and caps so their faces would be completely blocked. Miao Ying and Zhao Yu could not see their faces at all. The only thing that they could tell was the a.s.sailants’ height and body size. They were both men who were quite tall and muscular.

The video only managed to get a partial view due to the angle of the camera. They could not see the car’s license plate. They could roughly recognize that it was a black Sedan. Zhao Yu was into cars. From the features of the back of the car, he could tell that it was a Toyota Camry.

A black Camry was a common model and was everywhere! They guessed that the reason why the a.s.sailants had use this car was to be inconspicuous. From that, Zhao Yu could tell that the people who had framed Hou Meng knew what they were doing.

Suddenly, Zhao Yu recalled that Qu Ping’s autopsy report stated that she was stabbed to death from the back, and it seemed rather professional. Also, according to the lie detector, there were more than five people involved in Qu Ping’s murder! Zhao Yu felt that Qu Ping’s death was rather suspicious. There seemed to be a big secret behind it.

“Zhao Yu, I don’t understand!” As she watched the video, Miao Ying was puzzled and asked, “How did you know? That’s impossible! This is your first time watching this video as well. How did you know…about their car’s camera? No….that’s impossible…”

“Abracadabra, Taishang Laojun came alive.” Zhao Yu was panting as he chanted, “Friends from above, thank you all…”


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