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Read Crazy Detective Chapter 79 – I Can’t Stop You if You Want to Die

Crazy Detective is a Webnovel created by Kuang Hai Wang Hu, 旷海忘湖.
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Read WebNovel Crazy Detective Chapter 79 – I Can’t Stop You if You Want to Die

Chapter 79: I Can’t Stop You if You Want to Die

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

“Alright,” Miao Ying smiled at Zhao Yu, “how should I approach you?”

“Anyway you want. Go ahead and just hit me! Right at my face!” Zhao Yu gestured. “That way I can do a reverse elbow lock!”

“Oh, I was wondering,” Miao Ying said curiously, “what’s your name?”

“Zhao Yu!” Zhao Yu laughed. “From the Rongyang Branch Office, what about you?”

“Oh,” Miao Ying nodded, as if realizing something, “so you’re new?”

“Yep, I started recently!” Zhao Yu bowed. “Please take good care of me!”

“Miao Ying!” Miao Ying smiled. “From the Ruyang Branch Office! Some people call me Miao Renfeng, have you heard of that?”

Zhao Yu shook his head and laughed, “Miao Renfeng is a man, right? That’s…”

“Alright, quit the chatter!” Miao Ying quickly interrupted Zhao Yu’s attempt at conversation. “Didn’t you want to teach me elbow locks? Should I punch you now?”

“Uh…” Zhao Yu paused then said, “Right, right! Come!”

Miao Ying’s fist flew straight at Zhao Yu’s face. Zhao Yu followed the instructions. First he blocked Miao Ying’s wrist, then followed with a grab and quickly locked Miao Ying’s elbow behind her. Having her elbow locked and forced down, Miao Ying was forced to bend down.

Zhao Yu saw that the elbow lock was successful and quickly let go. He mimicked the instructor, ” Hehe, and that’s that. The key is when you grab their hand!” As he said the word hand, Zhao Yu grabbed Miao Ying’s pale smooth hand and stroked it shamelessly.

The investigators watching all nervously shrunk back. Lan Bo gulped and thought, “My dear Yu, goodbye! I can’t stop you if you want to die!”

“Mister Zhao Yu.” Miao Ying did not seem to mind as she smiled. “Thank you so much! But I have a way to break this lock, do you believe me?”

“Oh?” Zhao Yu was surprised. “Really?”

“How about we try again?” Miao Ying blinked her large eyes sweetly, looking very cute and personable.

“Alright!” Zhao Yu said, and prepared himself.

“Then I won’t hold back!” Miao Ying then aimed at Zhao Yu’s face. Zhao Yu ran through the routine again, first blocking her wrist, then locking her elbow. It seemed like it had gone smoothly again. But just as Zhao Yu relaxed his grip slightly, Miao Ying suddenly swung her other elbow over, drawing an arc through the air, then smacked Zhao Yu’s face.

Pah! The back of Miao Ying’s hand landed harshly on Zhao Yu’s face, causing the man to stumble in surprise. His grip loosened, Miao Ying immediately struggled free, then swung her head up. The back of her head hit Zhao Yu’s chin!

Zhao Yu was pushed back by the force of the attack. He felt a whoosh of wind in front of him, and reflexively guarded his face with his elbows. Miao Ying’s spinning whirlwind kick landed straight on it.

Zhao Yu stepped back from the force, and almost fell to the ground. When he finally stabilized himself, his face, chin, and elbow all burned in pain! To have been a.s.saulted so suddenly left Zhao Yu stunned. He never would have imagined that the beautiful female police officer in front of him was so fierce! Good thing he reacted fast; if that kick had landed on his face, his appearance would have been ruined!

Zhao Yu quickly scanned the crowd and noticed everyone had stopped practicing and was looking at him with a pitiful gaze.

“Oh…Holy sh*t!” Zhao Yu finally understood why this woman did not have anyone around her. It was not because she had some sort of problem, but because everyone was afraid of her, and did not dare to approach her!

“Jesus!” He had finally approached a girl, but why was she amazing in such a wrong way? Miao Renfeng! After all, she was good at fighting…

But Zhao Yu was not someone who could swallow his pride. After getting attacked by Miao Ying, he was instantly enraged. If he did not fix this situation, the humiliation later would be unbearable!

“Oh! I’m so sorry, mister Zhao Yu!” Miao Ying feigned an apology. “I got too used to restraining criminals, so I was a bit heavy handed back there, don’t get angry, please! How about you teach me neck locks now?”

“Wait!” Zhao Yu quickly came up with a plan. Suppressing his anger, he smiled and said, “Miao Ying, I actually have a way to break elbow locks as well! Do you believe me?”

“Oh? Is that so?” Miao Ying rolled her eyes, already guarding against Zhao Yu’s attack.

“How about I attack you?” Zhao Yu gestured. “You can lock my elbows and see if I can break it, how about it?”

“Sure!” Miao Ying was skilled and knew it, so she was not afraid at all and immediately prepared herself.

The investigators surrounding them did not care about practicing anymore, and everyone crowded around. They mainly wanted to see the fearless Zhao Yu get pummeled!

“Watch out, I’m coming!” Zhao Yu aimed a punch at Miao Ying’s face. Miao Ying quickly grabbed his wrist and put him in a solid elbow lock. Miao Ying purposely pressed down hard, almost trying to break Zhao Yu’s arm. Even if she did not break it, she wanted to force Zhao Yu to beg for mercy.

But Miao Ying had underestimated Zhao Yu’s capability. Just as Zhao Yu’s elbow was restrained, he stomped on Miao Ying’s feet.

Miao Ying loosened her grip, and Zhao Yu threw his head back heavily onto Miao Ying’s chest! The force caused the her to stumble back a few steps, nearly tripping over herself!

“Ah!” The audience was shocked and nearly cried out.

Zhao Yu also was very strong. Miao Ying’s feet were swollen from the stomp, and her chest also felt like it was about to fall apart!

“Aiya, aiya!” Zhao Yu was a master at acting, and put his hands together to apologize. “My bad, I never know when to stop! Miss Miao Ying, how do you like my move? I call it ‘pig feet stomp’.”

Hearing the line “pig feet stomp,” the crowd erupted into laughter.

Miao Ying’s face instantly turned red. She never would have thought that Zhao Yu would use such shameless technique, but Miao Ying was also a great actress. She acted calm as she spoke, “Pretty good, pretty good! Mr. Zhao Yu, I still have one ultimate technique for breaking elbow locks that I haven’t used! Do you dare to try it?”

“Fine!” Zhao Yu had no fear, and gestured for her to begin.

Miao Ying did not care to chat, and with a single stride, she rushed forward and raised her hand! But the embarra.s.sed Miao Ying already had a plan in mind. She did not even plan to let Zhao Yu grab her wrist. Just as Zhao Yu raised his hand to grab her, she pulled back her fist, then raised her leg and kicked at Zhao Yu’s stomach.

Zhao Yu was equally prepared. He had guessed Miao Ying’s plan and did not even try to grab her hand, but slapped at her face! As a result, both of their plans succeeded. Miao Ying’s kicked Zhao Yu right in the stomach, and Zhao Yu successfully slapped Miao Ying’s face!


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