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Read Crossing to the Future, it’s Not Easy to Be a Man Chapter 1040

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Chapter 1040: 1040

Chapter 1040 Listen To Me!

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The people heard the commotion behind them and turned around . Tang He saw Miss Seven and he hurried over . “Miss Seven, the people from Mailer Fa want to search our starship . We can’t let them in . What should we do now?”

As the prominent Beitang family, they didn’t want outsiders to intrude in their territory . However, they were on a foreign planet now . They had to consider the consequences of not cooperating with the other party .

“Elder Sister Li, look at them . How unreasonable! They’re looking down on you! Hmph,” Tang Yingying said angrily, trying to incite anger in Li Yinfei .

Li Yinfei smiled at Tang Yingying’s act . Tang Yingying looked at Li Yinfei petulantly . She seemed to be telling her that she was sincere .

“Miss Li, Mai’er Fa has a tighter security policy due to the terrorist attack a week ago . We’re inspecting all the starships in the port . This is to ensure your safety too . Please understand . ” The people from Mai’er Fa saw Li Yinfei and they hurriedly explained to her sincerely .

“I understand . You’re working hard for the past few days . ” Li Yinfei wasn’t angry . Instead, she appeared to be very understanding . The people from Mai’er Fa felt comforted . They felt that their idol was a reasonable person .

Tang Yingying’s expression dimmed . Was she planning to let them in because this starship didn’t belong to her?

Li Yinfei continued, “But this is not my starship . It belongs to my best friend, Miss Tang . I think that Mai’er Fa should respect the opinion of their guests . If the guests feel that there’s nothing wrong, they should be responsible for their decision . ” Li Yinfei appeared apologetic . She looked at the people from Mailer Fa to show that she couldn’t make a decision . Tang Yingying’s expression got better .

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“Grandpa He, tell them how safe our starship is . ” Tang Yingying raised her chin arrogantly and ordered Tang He .

“Yes, young miss!” Tang He appeared respectful towards Tang Yingying . He straightened his back and said, “The mainframe of this starship is very advanced . It has the ability to identify faces so it won’t allow any outsiders to enter the starship . There will never be any intruders on our ship . ” He looked at Li Yinfei and continued, “Miss Li said that we should be responsible for our actions, and we will . There’s no need for you to worry . ”

The people from Mailer Fa were angered when they heard that the owners of this starship didn’t allow them to search the ship . The leader of the search them coldly said, “I’m sorry . We received an order to search all suspicious starships . Your starship is on the list too . ”

The workers of the Tang family’s starship glared at the people from Mailer Fa angrily . The two domain realm masters secretly activated their domain energy and protected Tang Yingying . They were guarding against any sudden attacks from the other party .

The atmosphere got tense again . Tang Yingying shouted angrily, “Mailer Fa had always been a free planet . It’s all a lie! Lie! You’re as bad as a monarchy! I must reveal this dark side…”

Li Yinfei frowned when she saw this . Her gaze was sad . She sighed loudly .

The people from Mailer Fa felt their hearts stopping when Li Yinfei sighed sadly . They felt that they were the evil people . How could they make their G.o.ddess sad? The leader softened his tone and said, “We don’t want to force you . However, we received an order from our superiors . We must follow the order given . If not, we won’t be able to answer to our superiors . ”

Li Yinfei looked silently at the people from Mailer Fa with a worried gaze . The people from Mai’er Fa felt their hearts ache . Gooseb.u.mps appeared on their bodies . ‘G.o.ddess, stop looking at us like that . We can’t handle it anymore . ‘

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Some people who were weaker wills lowered their heads . They didn’t dare to look at Li Yinfei anymore . Their superiors ordered them to search the starship so they had no choice but to do so . But, they didn’t want to trouble their G.o.ddess and leave a bad impression on her .

“Cough . ” Li Yinfei sighed again . She said softly, “I believe that Sister Tang’s starship is safe . I know that this is your job too . What a dilemma . ”

The people from Mailer Fa heaved a sigh of relief when they knew that their G.o.ddess understood their difficulty .

Li Yinfei turned and looked at Tang Yingying . She persuaded her lightly, “Sister, if you don’t let them search, there might be bad consequences . ”

“This is my starship . What right do they have to search my starship?” Tang Yingying was stubborn . She wanted to maintain the dignity of her family .

“Sister, listen to me . ” Li Yinfei suddenly raised her voice . Li Yinfei had always been gentle and kind . Hence, when she suddenly raised her voice in anger, Tang Yingying regained her

senses .

“I’m sorry, I was too impulsive . Please say what you were going to say,” Tang Yingying said dejectedly .

“I know that you’re angry but we should try to make peace with people whenever we go out . ” Li Yinfei said calmly, “If you’re okay, let me handle this matter . I won’t let you suffer . ”

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She emphasized the word ‘won’t’ .

Tang Yingying looked at Li Yinfei intently . She saw the calmness in Li Yinfei’s eyes . Tang Yingying nodded slowly . “Okay, Elder Sister Li, I trust you! I’ll let you handle everything . ”

Li Yinfei smiled . “Thank you, little sister . ”

She turned around and walked towards the people from Mailer Fa . She said, “I’m sure you saw Miss Tang’s att.i.tude . She’s willing to make things easy for you . However, you must promise me one thing . If not, I can’t answer to Sister Tang . ”

The people Mai’er Fa saw how Li Yinfei persuaded Tang Yingying . They knew that Li Yinfei was the one who helped them to get the chance to search the ship . Hence, when they heard this, the leader said hurriedly, “Please say it . If we can do it, we’ll do it . ”

“There are some private areas . I hope that you won’t enter those places,” Li Yinfei said .

The leader appeared hesitant when he heard this . “Miss Li, we must search all the rooms . ”

“Elder sister, they…” Tang Yingying shouted angrily .

Li Yinfei turned around and raised her hand . Tang Yingying pouted and stopped talking . She was still furious so she glared at the people from Mai’er Fa . The people from Mailer Fa looked at her expression and felt a little guilty .

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